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    Freesync 144hz 27" or more recommendation?

    Hi guys. With the Amd Vega 56 graphics card incoming in the late august I'm planning to change my initial i5 7500 + gtx 1070 + gsync 165hz build for a ryzen 5 1600 + vega 56 + freesync. Therefore, the thing now is... Which Freesync monitor do you recommend me? For sale in Europe please...
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    27"/xx" AMVA+ G-Sync 144-165hz monitors: 7 FACTS AND KEY POINTS ANALYSIS

    Hello everybody! 0/ INTRODUCTION I've been researching about monitors during too much time without success and finally I decided to join this forum in which I found deep knowledge in many users. I wanted a new 27" AMVA+ G-Sync 144-165hz monitor, for my future PC, but I want to buy already the...