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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    And from today a few of my newly rearranged desk.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Yeah I figured as much. It was more of a joke. Damn I really need to find one, I want it haha.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    I can't even find one on eBay.. Where are you looking? Hahah
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    I think I may just go PC-9F, and then in the future, at some wonderful point get a V1000Z.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Figured I could ask this question here, and find out from you LiLi guys. What should I get a PC-9F or a V1000? I love the way the V1000 looks and have wanted one for all of forever, but they cost a lot and are hard to find.
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    Midtower Case?

    I love the look of them, but they are hard to find right now, and damn expensive. I think that the PC-9F may be a better option right now. I don't like the look of the 600T there is something about it that just bothers me and I am not sure quite what it is.
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    Midtower Case?

    I really like the look of the PC-9F from Lian Li and looks like it has what I need. What are your guys' views on getting a PC-v1000 if I can find one? I loved the look of those chassis, and they seem to be really good in the cable management department as well.
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    Midtower Case?

    So I am going off to college in the fall, and I really want to bring my new rig that I am building with me. I want to keep it classy, I was thinking something along the lines of a Lian Li or a Silverstone. I want something with good cable management, but looks sleek and unassuming. You know...
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    In Search of a New Monitor for Photography.

    Where does 2560x1440 come into this? I'm not getting a 27" its way too expensive. 24" seems to be the limit here. The LP2475w looks interesting as well. How does it compare to the U2410 for those of you that have had experience with both.
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    In Search of a New Monitor for Photography.

    Component isn't that big a deal, but HDMI so I can hook up a PS3 to it. It will be in my dorm so I need something to hook my system up to.
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    In Search of a New Monitor for Photography.

    I would get the 27" but I can't really find one that is in my price range (which I just added to the original post). The HP looks good but the lack of HDMI and component inputs is a turn off. I guess I am being really picky.
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    In Search of a New Monitor for Photography.

    Ok so basically I am in the market for a new monitor, I would look at matte IPS monitor, but so far (and I haven't done that much research so far) I have only really found the Dell 2209wa which looks great but its only 1680x1050 and I would much prefer 1920x1200 or something to that extent...
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    Ikea desk gallery

    How did you make the speaker shelves? I would like to do something similiar on my Jerker so I can have more room on the desk.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    @Sandman Saw your post over on MR too. Very nice setup. @ Gordyhand that is an amazing setup. Looks really really nice.
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    Bad Company 2

    Ok I have a question about the campaign. I have been stuck on this mission "No One Gets Left Behind" for several hours. You are looking over the cliff, you kill everyone in the camp, but for what ever reason I can't advance from there even after everyone is dead. What the hell am I doing wrong?
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    Just Got My MacBook Pro What Apps to Get?

    +1 for the sticky idea.
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    How is this thread still not a sticky...
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    I haven't logged in, in a long while and I really wish I had paging through posts I missed was a chore but there sure are some hot setups in here.
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    The official "clean desktop" club v2010

    Link to wall?
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    I just wanted to say before this thread is closed in favor for the 2010 workstation thread, thanks to everyone who posted their amazing setups here, and it has really inspired my setup. Thanks for making my thread what it was. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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    If it is like any new Apple product other than the Apple TV I am sure that it will be hugely successful for them and sell like hot cakes. I personally think that this will do quite well if it is anything like any of the speculation has been I am sure that this will be the E-Reader, netbook like...
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    Thought I would bump this thread up with my latest desktop. Why is this still not a sticky?
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    How many times have you used your apple care?

    On my 13" MBP I had a screen replacement for a discoloration spot and another screen replacement because that is the only way to fix a creaking hinge.
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    Question about new HDD and transfer

    You could just get carbon copy cloner (its free), and image your disk over to that disk, after that its just plug and play... And as far as TM backup the problem is that you need to have an existing SL install for that to work, and it would take FOREVER especially if you have a lot of data, in...
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    How much useful life would you say my PowerBook G4 has left?

    Its purely because of the resale value, like why do VW cost so damn much even though you can get a newer used car that is better for less? It makes little sense on the surface, but with OSX things last longer because the OS is so completely different than Windows that it can run flawlessly on 5...
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    Show off your OSX desktop

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    Win7 through Boot Camp: 32-bit or 64-bit?

    I would go with 64 bit there are no differences, and if you ever decide to upgrade to 4/+ gigs of RAM, you will be able to use all of it no problem. There is also no difference in the installation process, and all of the BootCamp drivers work in 64 bit.
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    Can I install Snow Leopard, Bootcamp Win7?

    You're bad feeling would be correct you are going to need a second serial for the MacBook, its not like OS X where you can keep using one disc for however many computers you want. (Even though it is against Apple's EULA).
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Did you have 4 legs on each table? I am concerned about having the corner under the desk open the only reason I ask, if there is room under there with the 4 legs that would be great because I would really rather not have to worry about losing stability, I was going to do 3 legs on each table.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Are those two Vika's? I was planning on doing almost that same thing this week, do you have any other pics?
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    iPhone 3GS vs. BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Onyx)

    Not to be a burden, but can we get back on topic please?
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    iPhone 3GS vs. BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Onyx)

    Ok so, I am due for an upgrade this month, and I currently have a Blackberry Bold 9000, and I really love it, I really do, but the web browsing is just well, not great, to say the least, but I really love the physical keyboard and BBM. The dilemma I am facing is that the Bold 9700 or Onyx, costs...
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    New products today!

    I think that the iMac 27" is basically the all in one we have all been waiting for. Before I swore I would never get an apple desktop (other than a mini) and right now the new iMac's with the i5/i7 and 27" 2560x1440 IPS LED backlit displays are amazing the pixel pitch is godly and, really if you...
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    A more constructive post on my first Macbook Pro

    In Windows, using the trackpad is well not an option. I use an external mouse only in Windows and when I am doing extensive audio editing, other than that, I use the trackpad in OSX the unibody trackpad is so nice I don't know any reason you wouldn't want to use it.
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    Getting a MBP, 13" or 15"

    Hey I have been a member of that club for 2 months where is my membership card?:p
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    install win7 on my new macbook pro

    Just wondering why else other than looks is there to get a MacBook Pro for you? Honestly Apple's, Windows drivers are god awful, the trackpad sucks, the keyboard backlight doesn't turn off, the sound is much quieter than it is on OS X. It just seems like a complete waste of time and money to get...
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    Getting a MBP, 13" or 15"

    I would say for what you want to do get the 15" purely because video editing on the 13" wont be good and if you want to code and what not you are going to need a larger screen, and its easier to use with PS. And lets not forget that you will have the 9600 going. (You wont be able to use the 9600...
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    Getting a 15" MBP soon, few questions.

    It really is up to you, no one is saying that you can't get it from there, but remember any tech issues you may have will be done through GeekSquad. Then there is the fact that you will be getting a credit card through Best Buy, which I don't know how sensible that is, but once again it is your...