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    Gigabyte 965P DS3 ver 1 and E6850 issues need help/thoughts please

    I got my E6850 last night and I had an issue with it on my Gigabyte 965P DS3 ver 1.0, I couldnt get anything on the screen so I went back to my E6600 and update to F12 bios and swapped in the 6850 again and it booted up once and that was it but the one time it was fine it was just when I...
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    Question about installing windows with image disc

    I was woundering if someone made an image disc from an install to put on different computers do you install it the same way as a regular fresh install?
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    Core 2 Duo Build, thoughts

    Hey guys heres the build 1 x 150gb raptor 1 x 320gb segate barracuda 7200.10 2 x 1gb team group 667 3-4-4-8 1 x X1900 CrossFire Edition now its either a E6400 or E6600 leaning more towards 66 asi can get it for $30 more and either a Gigabyte DS3...
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    What do you make of this conroe+crossfire=<$100?

    I just saw this and was woundering if this is real says it supports LGA 775 for Intel® Dual Core Pentium® D / Pentium® 4 / Celeron® D, supporting Core™ 2 Duo Desktop (Conroe), Presler and Cedar Mill processors and - Supports ATI CrossFire and here it is at the egg for $86...
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    Need help with rig, it freezes when i get into games

    Well the thing is this is for my friend and it was wroking a few days ago but with an old 20gb hdd, I had it running oblivion but of course wanted a better hdd i had just recieved a new hdd so i went to install windows and everything goes great and after i install the drivers i put wow on it...
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    What software to trouble shoot hardware

    I was woundering if there is any software that hopefully works in windows that will allow tests for hardware to see if its working properly such as gpu or hdd or psu
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    Oc'n an ati x1900

    hey guys maybe you can help me out i asked in ati section but no one seems to wanna help this is my first ati card and its a a X1900 crossfire edition card have 2 but have only messed with one so far and would like to see how it can oc now ive played with it a bit and from its stock speeds of...
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    Oc'n X1900 card need help

    Hey guys this is my first ATI card and have no idea what I'm doing really this card is an X1900 crossfire edition thats at 500mhz core and 594 mem So far the only thing I've seen is under the catalyst center and over drive but I have no idea what to do I tried the automated test and it ended...
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    If hdd won't install os

    hey guys i was woundering if a hdd shows up and i try to install xp and it acts like its working and finishes copying files and reboots but then it comes up with an error loading os message is there anything that can been done or is the drive considered bad thanks in advance guys
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    Conroe motherboard help

    Hey guys I need a bit of help here I'm new to the intel scene and would like to know what motherboards will work with conroe doesnt really matter sli or crossfire or neither, as I have no clue what to start lookin for 775 is all I can say, any help would be much appreciated
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    wireless router with aol help please

    hey guys i was setting up a wireless router at a friends house i thought everything went fine cause at first i was able to get online but when i tried to get the laptop online it didnt go, at first i was able to connect to the network but then for some reason it said unable to connect to...
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    Diffrence between X-FI Extreme Music and Plat

    Hey guys I'm looking for a soundcard and was woundering what's the big diffrence between the 2 cards, if all it is is the front panel and remote, then is it even worth it if I already have a remote for my reciever thanks in advance guys
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    Outlook recover contacts

    hey guys I was woundering if there is any way to get your contacts back for outlook express, i reinstalled windows and would like to know if this is possible thanks in advance
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    Auto CAD PC need a few ?'s answered plz

    Well my dad is gonna get a new pc and all it really is for is auto cad, as i am not familiar with auto cad's needs i was hopeing you guys could help me out what is the most important component for using it? does the graphics card matter? any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
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    win x64 download manager

    hey guys I need a download manager, resumer or w/e ya wanna call it but as far as I can tell download accelerator plus won't work its cause my downloads almost never finish even 10mb files pkz help me out here
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    win 64 wifi card??

    Well I am wanting to use my win xp pro 64 and my linksys card has no drivers that support this os and was woundering if any of you guys know which desktop wifi cards support it
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    Sunbeamtech NUUO 550W Power Supply

    Well I was checking this thing out and was woundering if anybody has one of these I read the review here and on anandtech its the psu they chose as their mid range gaming psu and was thinking I might give this...
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    OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) Dual Channel Platinum System Memory

    Well after talking a bit to a few peeps on here I found the best way to go 2gb on an A64 sys is through 2 1gb sticks and I am considering these ones seeing how nice the timings are and what some have said about them and was woundering if anyone has these and if so any oc results would help...
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    OCZ EL Platinum Revision 2 VS CORSAIR XMS 3200XLPRO

    well I was woundering which would be the better choice to use to oc with tighter timings and to also have 2gb of this stuff corsair ocz thanks for the help
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    4000+ or X2 3800

    Well I am getting a new cpu and was debating on which one to get a 4000+ for $369 or a X2 3800 for $378, its mainly for gaming but I do alot of encoding also. So what do you guys think
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    I need to copy a raid 0 setup to another hdd, Help me

    K well my rig now is running 2 hdd's in raid0 and I'm putting together a new one and want to be able to copy this stuff to my new drives or would it be possible to install my old ones after my new rig is up and running. I thank you in advance for any help you could give me as how to go about this