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    Seagate 640GB 32MB Deactivated on Egg

    The ST3640323AS drive has been deactivated on Newegg, also noticed its not listed ZZF either. I am out of the 30 day RMA return window so I cant return it. Just curious if Seagate is replacing this drive with an updated one ? Mine is acting funny and hoping they will recall this HD and send free...
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    Biostar GeForce 6100-M9 939 MATX Question

    Building a S939 system, one possible problem after I ordered this MB. Just realized the PCI-E slot is so close to the other 2 PCI slots, will I be able to use both PCI slots once I put my 7950GT card on it ? The PCI slots will have an Avermedia TV tuner card (I am deaf and use the CC feature)...