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    Skyrim $9.99 at (Dead)

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    Good Way to Block A Fan Slot?

    Anybody have a good method or an accessory to seal off a fan port on a computer case? The main reason for this is due to the fact that a past computer was ruined because cats decided to lay on my case and then subsequently puke on it. Needless to say, cat puke and electronics don't mix too...
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    Weird Issue on Gigabyte Z77-UD3H with G15 Keyboard

    Is anyone else having issues with the G15 when using UD3H's USB ports? I actually can't use the G15 to get into the BIOS while booting and none of the media shortcut keys work when my G15 is plugged into any of the 6 back USB 3.0 ports. I've installed all the chipset and Via drivers, but that...
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    Hoping to Reuse Old PSU

    I currently own a ToughPower 850w from 5 years ago. I am hoping to reuse this PSU on a brand new build with a ASUS P8Z77-V LE coupled with an i5 2500k or an IB variant. Is there anything I should look out for? I will be moderately overclocking and be using this in conjunction with a GTX 460...
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    [Newegg] OZC Vertex 4 128GB $153 + $20 GC

    Shamelessly stolen from Slickdeals Use the code HARDOCPX418A to drop the price down to $153. The CG will be added at checkout. Anandtech's Review
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    Gaming Laptop at $700 Range

    I know that for 700 bucks I won't be playing Crysis 2 at max settings, but I'm just looking for the best bang for the buck in the $700 price range. I reside in Cali so I have access to Microcenter, Fry's and BB's. I would prefer a 17" gaming laptop, but I understand that the screen size might...
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    60 Day WoW Time Card for $22.5 @ Amazon

    Deal is Dead The cards are actually a part of the buy one get second 50% off sale, but since Cataclysm just came out..... So buy one card at 29.99 get the second one at 14.99 Price reduction takes place in the final page before you confirm payment. Link to the time cards Dead Link to buy...
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    Logitech Issue?

    Does anyone have problems with Logitech's software causing WMP to no longer close properly? I recently upgraded to a G15 keyboard and now WMP no longer closes properly, it's always lingering inside my processes tab. I've tried disabling the Logitech media plugin, then ending the WMP task, but...
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    Battle Star Galactica @ Amazon $120 BD or 80 DVD

    Link Goldbox deal for 11/30 On the other hand UK Amazon has it for £69.97 which roughly equates to 108 USD. Rumor has it that the collection is region free, so buy at your own risk.
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    Logitech G15 Keyboard $30 AR @ Newegg

    Dead Stolen from Slickdeals G15 Rebate
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    Weird Problem with a GTX 460

    I recently purchased a Galaxy GTX 460 and have experienced quite a strange problem with it. Half way through certain games such as SC2 or Aion, I would encounter a hiccup and the colors on my screen would become inverted. I can generally fix this issue by alt-tabbing from the program on to my...
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    Cost of Going Multiple Disks

    Does anyone know the additional cost incurred by the studios when their games go beyond the first disk? Apart from licensing cost of the medium (BR, DVD) are there other costs involved? Sorry if this isn't the right section to post this question, but I figured this would be the most relevant.
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    Mass Effect 2 PC $30, Xbox360 $40 @Amazon

    Game of the day deal on 3/8/10
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    Persona 4 (JRPG) @ Amazon for $26

    Amazon Really nice game for those of you who like RPGs
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    Band Of Brothers Blue-Ray $35 @ Amazon

    Gold Box Deal for Jan 20, 2009 I suppose most of you already bought it at $43? :p
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    The Sopranos Complete Series @Amazon for $150

    Gold Box Deal for Mon, Jan 19
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    Complete Everybody Loves Raymond @Amazon $64.99

    Amazon Gold Box Deal for Jan 15
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    Firefox Scrolling

    Does anyone know which value I have to modify in order to change the amount of lines a single mouse scroll will do in Firefox? I solved this problem once, but now I can't seem for the life of me find the answer via Google. Edit: Solved! I guess I should of looked harder...
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    Stargate SG-1 Complete Series @Amazon for $100 (Dead Deal)

    Amazon Goldbox for Dec 15th
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    Band Of Brothers for $26 @ Amazon

    Amazon Gold Box Today
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    Persona 4

    It's the 9th, so the game should be hitting shelves today. Anyone getting it? I pre-ordered on Amazon, although I won't bother playing the game till the guide comes out, as I hate missing parts of the game and being forced do an extra play through in order to see what I missed.
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    OCZ HPC RAM and Space Issues on 680i

    Would anyone here be running 8 GB of OCZ Reaper HPC memory on a 680i board? Someone I knew once told me that 8 GB (4 x 2) would not fit on the 680i board due to the large heat spreaders. Link for Memory
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    Gaming Build Assistance

    Case : XCLIO A380BK - PSU : BFG Tech ES SERIES ES-800 800W - Video Card : SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 4870...
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    Seagate 7200.11 Jumpers

    Seriously, how the hell do you pull these things out? I've tried needles and a pair of thin pair of tweezers but to avail. I thought the 7200.10 jumpers were bad, but christ.....:mad:
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    StarCraft Rating Change M > T

    Does anyone know why StarCraft ESRB was M and was later changed to T? :confused:
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    Dual Monitor Image Viewing Software

    I'm currently trying to find a software that allows me to view(not edit) two seperate images in full screen mode on two monitors. I believe photoshop allows me to do this, but the computer I'm trying to do this isn't quite cut out for it..... Would anyone have a suggestion?