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    eps12v extension question

    hey guys, I ordered an extension cable for my 8 pin atx cable this one to be exact I noticed that on the female end one of the pins is missing and two of the wires are on one pin, where on the...
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    What are you guys encoding with?

    Hey guys , I'm trying to enter the lovely world of computer audio, I'm getting to rip my collection to my hard drive but I wanted to know what good programs were out there and what is a good file format to use. I'm looking for something that will remain as close to the original source file as...
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    Are the free versions of anti virus programs worth anything

    Hey guys, I just installed a fresh copy of windows 7 ultimate 64 on my workhorse computer, and I wanted to know what anti virus [H] recommends. I've been looking into the free ones because frankly I'm ( Microsoft security essentials and the free versions of avg avast and avira) but are these...
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    Need help picking a cooler for my lastest build

    Hello, i've just pieced together an Asus p6t deluxe 2 ver 2 with an i7 920 and i've got the stock cooler blues, my last build I used to cooler master v8 with an i7 920 and a rampage II but I wanted to get something that was more functional and less gamer. My search has brought me to...
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    CPU-z showing wrong Cas latency ???

    for some reason my corsair dominator 3 X 2gb kit is showing a cas latency of 8 in CPU-z it rated 7-7-7-20 but it shows at 8-8-8-20 :confused: is this normal?
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    Weird issue with XP pro set up

    hello [H], i'm turning an old intel core system into a dedicated meme/gaming station, i'm trying to install windows xp professional but I can't get pass the user agreement screen, for what ever reason I can't get f8 to work on any of the keyboards i've tried ( 1 usb 2 ps/2) i know all these...
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    Will it fit? asus p6t deluxe v2 corsair dominator ram and true 1366

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of building a system for a friend and basically we have decided on the asus p6t deluxe and corsair dominator ram, I'v tried to talk him into getting lower profile ram but went and ordered it already :mad: so now we have to find a cooler that will not interfere with...
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    real world disadvantage of running 2 gtx 275 sli in 8x vs 16x

    me and a friend who is building a 1156 system ( and is thus limited to 2x8 instead of the having 2 full 16x lanes) wanted to know what the real world disadvantage would be when using current gen cards in sli ( not even thinking about pcie 3.0) at 8x vs 16x
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    rampage II gene vs p6t

    hello I'm helping a friend build an i7 system, he very much likes mine but does not want to pay for the full rampage II so we are trying to decide between the gene or one of the p6t variants. He wants to overclock and at most run 2x sli but nothing crazy, he has a antec 900 so the size does not...
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    whats the best gaming movie montier bang for buck under 350

    I looking for a new monitor for my gaming system and I wanted to know what other [H] users recommend
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    does anyone have any experience with the dell s2xx9 series

    Looking at maybe getting one for my mum :D
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    Need advice on a budget LCD for me ma

    Hello everybody on [H], My Ma's birthday is coming up and I feel a need to get her out of the stone age with her current setup, I figured I would get her a monitor first then a new computer as she is still using and xbox huge crt monitor ( not that there is anything wrong with crts keep one...
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    what are the best "cheap" mouse pads out there

    I just kind of wanted to see what other [H] goers are using out there, I just got a g9 and I wanted to get a decent mouse pad for it ( have just been using my desk before) :D
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    n00b question about factory overclocked cards

    Something I've been noticing more recently is that there are more and more cards coming out that are "factory overclocked" are these worth the money and can't people achieve the same results on their on with cards that run at the stock frequency :confused:
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    what wirless adapters do [H] goers generally recommend

    I'm moving into a new apartment with included wireless but I need to get a card for my new build, what brands and models have you guys generally had success with?
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    is the APC ES 550VA enough for one computer and monitor

    I basically know nothing about surge protectors ups's and am wondering if I should get something with a little more protection. Right now i'm just using an apc surge protector but I don't really know if thats enough for my system. I really don't care about the battery backup other then the fact...
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    I just thought of a good idea

    I didn't know if there where any sites that already did this but I was thinking it would be a good idea for someone to sell psu extention cables that were premoded in the murdermod braided cable style, you know for thoses that are too afraid to take a part the wires that are hardwired to the psu...
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    ok I know msi makes system killing crap motherboards but what about their vid cards

    I just say this because my card crapped out on my and my roommate has a older spare ati msi board but i'm kinda afraid to put it into my system. what are your guys experiences with their cards :confused:
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    love my new ft01 but not de feet

    I just got my new ft01 in the mail and am in the process of moving my system over to it. I don't understand a lot of other people's complaints about it, such as it being too cramped and people not being able to close the door on the cables on the right side. The power supply is a little bit of a...
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    Want a red LED 120mm fan for the back of my new ft01

    seems like theres tons of blue LED fans out there but the only red ones I can really find them seem worth it are the antec tri cool, does anyone else know of any other good ones
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    whats a good ups for college

    yes I've read the guide but it didn't really recommend any specific models, I need something more to protect my equipment and filter noise then for back up but 1 or 2 minutes of back up would be nice also. The power in the area I'm living in tends to be stable but we have had the occasion black...
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    going to get a ft01 but theres just one issue.. what do you do if a fan craps out

    I noticed that this case use 180mm fans which I don't think I have ever seen anyone sell and I don't believe that silver stone even sells this separately. Having gone through many fans I know that it is silly to think a cases stock fans will last as long as I use the case.
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    is the inside of the black silverstone ft01 anodized or painted

    Its really hard to tell from pictures :confused:
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    Cooler master ATCS 840 vs the silver stone FT01

    hey guys, I'm thinking of moving my i7 build to a bigger case and these are the two that I have come down to, has anyone had any experience with these two cases. if so which would you believe to have the better build quality.
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    will the antec mini p180 choke the 620hx

    I was thinking of building a small box for lan parties and I was looking for a mini atx case, I was looking towards the mini p180 but noticed that there is limited ventilation on the bottom. I was planing on using a spare 620hx for this build but I didn't want to choke my power supply, what have...
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    i7 vs i5

    whats this new i5 proc and socket i'm hearing about, I just shelled out 600 for a i7 and 1366 motherboard but i'm hearing that i5 and its socket will be more mainstream, say it aint so :(
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    looking for a good sub 700 notebook need help starting

    hey guys, I'm trying to find a full sized laptop for my father and I wanted to know what brands and models so of you guys would suggest are good, also which ones to stay away from. I don't know as much about what the good brands are for laptops as I do desktop tops but he does not need much just...
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    What does [H] think of the grados sr80's

    I'm in need of some new head phones to use for my pc mostly music, and very little gaming. Sound quality with a variety of musical genres is number one for me and i've been recommend the sr80s for my price range (70-130) have any of you had any experience with these?
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    looking for hard to find lian li piece maybe impossible to find

    are there any sides that sell a replacement for the little clear plastic piece that goes in-between the LED and the bezel for the pc 8X or a09 series
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    dumb question for lian li owners

    are the parts for the pc 6x pc 7x and pc 8 interchangeable can't find any info on this
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    has anyone tried to fix fine hairline scratchs in there lian lis

    one of my panels has a bunch of fine scratches on the side, I was thinking i would brush and re anodize it but I wanted to see if any others had done this
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    what 120mm X2 radiator would [H] recommend for lian li pc 60

    i'm getting ready to do my first water cooling build and just ordered one of these there are soo many brands of radiators out there it is overwhelming but what some brands and sites you guys...
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    whats teh best way to clean finger prints off a lian li ?

    I love the way these cases look but they are finger print magnets ( especially the black ones), what are the best techniques and products out there that will remove fingerprints and grease with out damaging the anodized finish :confused:
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    good site to get crazy thumb screws

    are there and goods sites out there that sell anodized thumb screws that don't charge you 10 dollars to ship 10 screws? and help would be greatly appreciated
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    what is the king of sub 40 dollar burners ?

    With so many choices out there ( although a lot are just re branded ) what is the be all end all of sata dvd burners in terms of build quality, aesthetics, value, and support. :confused:
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    good sound card for i7 build

    its been a long time since i've bought a sound card ( the last was a sound blaster live) what would be a good sound card for mostly games and movies and some recording with midi and live instruments. I plan to plug them into an amp and bookshelf speakers. i kinda want to stay below 150 but at...
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    anodized metal and grounding

    hey I just had a quick qestion, I'm planing on having the frame of my lian li anodized but I wanted to know if i needed to leave the power supply plate or any holes bare or will the the dye not effect grounding. :confused:
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    having case anodized have some questions

    hey guys I'm getting ready for an over haul and want to get my current rig ready for i7 and water cools so I wanted to spice it up first, I have a lian li a09b and I wanted to get the inner frame anodized red to constraste with the black panels, I have found a place near by that will do it cheap...