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  1. Majeztik12

    Bankers hate you?!

    Thought this was odd. With the recent trend in some big names in banking "committing" suicide. IMO wall street hit squads are covering up their dirty tracks for the coming financial reset.
  2. Majeztik12

    BF4 - ??? ZAVOD 311 ???

    This is from the Slobozhanshchyna region of Ukraine. Thought this was pretty cool. Despite the coming global conflagration.
  3. Majeztik12

    CISPA raises its ugly head again !!!!!!!!

    Hey everybody didn't know where to post this, so i thought this was a good place. Heads up all you "Freedom Lovers" ! To those beholden to the current state ( cradle to grave ), wake up and join the fight! Later~
  4. Majeztik12

    Windows 8 killswitch...

    Anyone notice this article from Bloomberg?
  5. Majeztik12

    Software Engr. laptop

    Hello. I am looking for a laptop recommendation for a friend of mine. I am a desktop user and have limited knowledge of laptops. What he is wanting is a 17" or more LCD. Intel i7 processor. 16 gigs of memory (no less). As far as a GPU I do not know if it is required for software engineering or...
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    With all the current FPS out. Does anybody know if NovaLogic is going to continue its Delta Force line of shooters?
  7. Majeztik12

    BFG Ageia PPU...

    I friend gave me his Ageia card. Can i use this card or not? I know nVidia has gobbled up this technology and is marketing the hell out of it to sell more cards. Is there still support for these standalone PPU cards? Or has nVidia screwed a small percentage of peeps with these cards?
  8. Majeztik12

    True 5.1 headset need only apply...!

    Hey all, My ZALMAN Zm-RS6F 5.1 headset just bit the dust. I am now looking for a replacement. I have looked at some reviews on this site and a few others, and have noticed that most use a USB format. Some have the standard "stereo" jack and mic. jack. I have a X-Fi Titanium card with no usb...
  9. Majeztik12

    Windows 7 pagefile

    What is the regedit string for clearing the pagefile upon shutdown? Thanks.
  10. Majeztik12

    Deus Ex 3

    Can't seem to find the system requirements for this game. Some sites have supposed minimum specs. but that's about it. If anyone has this info or a hyperlink to it please post. Thanks.
  11. Majeztik12

    OpenCL and GPU-Z....

    I am currently using GPU-Z 0.4.2 In the lower computing section the box for OpenCL is not highlighted. DirectCompute 5.0 is but not OpenCL. This is on a HD5770. Any thoughts.
  12. Majeztik12

    Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter...

    Anybody Have it? I remember burning through the original with a AMD 4000+ and a nV7800GTX. Missed the using the TruForm. To bad the couldn't implement DX11 and tessellation.
  13. Majeztik12

    Socket 1156 roadmap high end?

    I currently own a i5-750. Overclocked it screams in a lot of games. However where is 1156 going, seeing as there will be no 6 core solution. Will Intel release higher clocked variants of their current i7 solution? Possible on a die shrink? ...just wondering!
  14. Majeztik12

    HD5770 aftermarket cooler?

    Anybody know of a cooler made for this card? Haven't had much luck finding one. Thanks.
  15. Majeztik12

    i5-750 "Intel confidential"...

    Bought this proc from a friend. Is this proc just like the production ones for the public? Is there any thing special about it?
  16. Majeztik12

    Best skt-1156 software OC'ing mobo...

    I'm thinking bout building a new system and, am not much of a BIOS tweaker. So I am looking at using a software overclocking solution. My current system is using Gigabytes EasyTune6. But as I would like to move to a i7 solution (i7 860 in mind) i see that there is a lot more to the bios than my...
  17. Majeztik12

    HD4870 fan controller question...

    I have a PowerColor AX4870 1GBD5-PPH gfx card. When the the card was first released, it had a problem causing the screen to flicker. They soon released a bios fix. I flashed it, and it fixed the problem. However in doing so, my ability to control the cards fan speed option was not present. Did...
  18. Majeztik12

    ATI rendering support...

    Just wondering if ATI still supports "TruForm" with the advent of current pixel shader processes. I have scoured their site, to no avail. Noticed in these older games that it wasn't enabled ..... Command &...
  19. Majeztik12

    End of 775....?

    Just wondering if Intel is planning to produce future socket 775 proc. or is 1366 the future?
  20. Majeztik12

    Win XP Pro memory address question....

    I plan on sticking with XP a bit longer for personal reasons (don't want to start flame war) that have to do with gaming. However I am thinking of going with 4gigs of sys memory. You can buy it for so cheap now!!! I plan on getting two 2gig sticks, and running them dual channel. Is this...
  21. Majeztik12

    Guess i should have posted here first....

    I originally posted this cry for help in the general mobo area. I shoulda started here in the Intel section. I am lookin for this mobo "MSI P45D3 Platnium". I have seen it here and there on the web, but nobody is selling it. It is the DDR3 version of the P45 chipset. Newegg does not have. But...
  22. Majeztik12

    MSI P45D3 Platnium.....MIA !!!???

    I've seen it here and there on the web. But I have not seen it for sale anywhere? Is it really the MSI P45 Diamond??? Would like to purchase one for my kid. Thanks for any help!
  23. Majeztik12

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky Walmart Blunder.

    I actually got to hold it !!!! $39.95 for some gaming bliss. When I took it to the checkout, it would not scan. So the lady called a CSM or CSS ...whatever they call them. That individual made a phone call and said it was on recall....WTF!!!! (I thought) DAM the bad luck!!!! I surewish I was a...
  24. Majeztik12

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky. Walmart Blunder.

    I actually got to hold it !!!! $39.95 for some gaming bliss. When I took it to the checkout, it would not scan. So the lady called a CSM or CSS ...whatever they call them. That individual made a phone call and said it was on recall....WTF!!!! (I thought) DAM the bad luck!!!! I surewish I was a...
  25. Majeztik12

    What is up with AMD???

    Is AMD getting out of the proc. biz? Haven't seen much since they thought the world needed "tri-core" procs. where is the Phemon 9900? I bought a buddy's Phenom 9850BE for $50 the other day. He needed money for shipping his new system parts and a pack of smokes....I think he bought a six pack...
  26. Majeztik12

    PSU Requirement for ATi Radeon HD 3870

    I currently have a PC Power&Cooling Silencer 470. It has a 26amp 12v rail. Will this be enough to run this card? If this 12v rail requirement question has been asked before , please forgive me. Thanks.
  27. Majeztik12

    RAID0 striping question...

    Time to reformat my system again an start new. I am using two Raptors (16mb cache,74gb) and was wondering what is the best striping method for gaming. I found out that some of the bigboiz (Alienware) use a 64kb stripe. My system offers a 128kb max setting. Is 128kb the way to go? I usually use...
  28. Majeztik12

    Upgrade or wait...

    Just wonderin if I should upgrade now. Or if I should wait and see what AMD comes out with soon? My current rig plays my main game apps ( BF2, BF2142, CS:S) smooth. I will be holding of of Vista until next Fall!
  29. Majeztik12

    Need two 12v rails with a minimum of 25amps each...

    Got any advise.
  30. Majeztik12

    SYS. boots to BIOS...???

    My son's sys has a Abit KN8 Ultra (NF4 chipset) w/ a 4800+ . The other night he was playing BF2142 and it crashed and rebooted to the BIOS screen. Has anybody had this problem and how should I trouble shoot it? Whenever it is turned on it goes to the BIOS. Should I clear the a new...
  31. Majeztik12

    SoundBlaster X-Fi ?

    Hope this is the right place for this question. I noticed that my X-Fi has a small power connector, kinda like floppy drive has! Is it necessary to plug in the power connector for full usage? Thankz
  32. Majeztik12

    SoundBlaster X-Fi ?

    Is it necessary to plug in the power connector for full usage? Please see above post....Sorry
  33. Majeztik12

    ATI rendering question.

  34. Majeztik12

    Socket 939 forecast?

    Are there going to be any futher proc releases for this series? Is the FX57 & FX-60 the last bit of s939 goodness???
  35. Majeztik12

    A8N32-SLI Deluxe RAID driver issue...

    I for some reason cannot get a RAID-0 config to work. I have enabled the BIOS settings, used the ASUS driver cd to make a 32bit SATA/RAID floppy. To no avail! Am I missing somthing here? I hit F10 and it says I have a heathy array. It also says its not bootable??!! Please help! Thanks.
  36. Majeztik12

    Single card solution...just a simple ?

    Will we ever get back to the days of a single card solution. QuakeIII... had a single card pushing 100+ fps (GF3-Ti500). QuakeIII was one of the most graphics intense games out at the moment. Why do we "need" two card to do this today. Yes I remember running 2 3dfx VooDoo2s...but c'mon. Is there...
  37. Majeztik12

    ATI rendering question.

    "TruForm" or whatever it was it still supported with the new ATI VPUs ? Are there any current developers that even use it? I only remember RTCW suppoting it. Thanks.
  38. Majeztik12

    BF2 audio question (X-fi)...

    Is there any truly noticble audio difference between "High" and "Ultra-High" ? If so is this because of the amount of "XRam" my Xtreme Music (2mb) has?
  39. Majeztik12

    X-fi Xtreme Music & Battlefield2 question

    Tell there truly an "audible" difference between "High" and "Ultra-High" in this game?
  40. Majeztik12

    Game Server question...

    I am wanting to build a standalone server that will handle a 32 person BF2 game. It will not be an online server. I also want it to run CounterStrike:Source, COD2, DOOM3, and C&C Generals. What kinda system specs. and software do I need to accomplish this? Thanks.