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  1. DeeFrag

    Learn something new - Ends May 28th

    Saw this one on a mailing list at work. A bunch of online learning courses for $9.99. I have not used any of these courses so they might suck donkey balls, or they might be awesome. $9.99 seems like a decent price if there's something that piques one's interest.
  2. DeeFrag

    Cheap hoes

  3. DeeFrag

    Cheap hoes

    $5.99 each at It's even eligible for $5 off purchases greater than $25. That's like buy 4 hoes get the 5th for $0.99. That many hoes will keep a man busy for weeks. ;)
  4. DeeFrag

    Looking for a decent gaming laptop

    Since my gaming desktop is packed up very far away, my work laptop sucks (Dell Latitude D610) and my travel laptop is weak in the graphics department (Thinkpad X60s) I am looking to get something I can play FPS games with. At the stores here they have decent prices on Acer, Toshiba, Dell...
  5. DeeFrag

    Vista upgrade like retail? or OEM?

    Technically since I own a valid copy of Windows XP Pro, I was going to pick up an upgrade version of Vista, however I was wondering which terms and conditions I will have to follow, the Retail version? or the OEM version?
  6. DeeFrag

    Adding memory to printer.

    Hi all, I would like to max out the memory on my Konica/Minolta Magicolor 2350EN color laser printer. I tried sticking in a random stick of 256MB Crucial SDRAM I had lying around but it's too tall, the cover won't close with it in there, and the printer gives all sorts of error messages with...
  7. DeeFrag

    Which consoles/portables are not region locked?

    Hey all, I'm going to be moving overseas in the near future and probably won't be able to take my gaming desktop or xbox with me, so I was planning on buying something whenever I move. But I wanted to get something that isn't region locked so I could still use games I buy in North America...
  8. DeeFrag

    Can you run dual screens with Linux?

    Hi all, I just picked up a second monitor for my Linux box and was wondering if there was a way to configure it to run dual. It's running SuSE (10 I think, forget what I ended up with last) and it's got a X800XL vid card with a Samsung 730B on there right now. I want to hook up a Benq FP202W...
  9. DeeFrag

    vsftp monitoring question

    Hi, I decided to dive into the world of Linux and so far so good. I only pulled out half my hair trying to get Gentoo to work right before I decided on using SuSE while I learned a little more about Linux. So I am still a Linux noob but I managed to get VSFTP running how I want it to. My...
  10. DeeFrag

    Getting tired of waiting on Corsair, possible other options?

    Hi, I've been waiting for the 2 x 1GB 3500LL PC3500 sticks to come in stock for 3 weeks now with no luck. I've about run out of patience. Will wait to see if Newegg actually gets any in stock 11/17 as it states on their site, the date has been pushed at least 2 times already. Most other sites...
  11. DeeFrag

    PC power supply to power car amp/sub

    Here's a question to pick you power supply guys' brains. I've had a decent Phoenix Gold 12" sub and 300W rms amp that hasn't been in a car in over 2 years. It's been sitting in a corner collecting dust. I was thinking about hooking it up to my TV/receiver/DVD player as a subwoofer. Reasonable...
  12. DeeFrag

    Is my PS no good?

    Hi, I have had this Antec TruePower550 for a little less than a year. I just installed MBM for no reason and everything looks reasonable except for the -12V rail which reads -6.93V and the -5V rail which reads -3.33V. I know these aren't really used for anything in modern computers but could it...
  13. DeeFrag

    Pump / reservoir advice

    Hi, I've finally decided to go watercooling for my cpu only, after years of Vantec Tornado torture on a SLK-900. I need a bit of advise on my pump and reservoir. I was looking at this pump: and using an empty Absolut vodka bottle...
  14. DeeFrag

    25 pack of coasters plus $5.01

    Probably only good if you're already ordering stuff from Amazon to get the free super saver shipping and you don't mind playing MIR waiting game. Apparently the cdr...
  15. DeeFrag

    Anyone know anything about printers?

    I figure going 3 years without a printer at home is about enough. I was thinking about getting a reasonable photo printer that can also do some light document printing (no mini 4 x 6 printers). I've been out of the loop RE:printers for quite a while. All I know about printers these days is...