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    Thermaltake Bigwater A80

    Anyone hear or have experience with this sealed WC kit from Thermaltake? It uses much larger tubes than CoolIt/Corsair's offerings and supposedly has a stronger pump. It doesn't look like a rebrand of CoolIT or Asetek either. There's a Spanish review here...
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    new info on Asus Xonar Exclusive C-Media chip. And.. "The ASUS Xonar D2-series features full-duplex 24-bit/192 KHz audio processing on all inputs and outputs. ASUS claims the Xonar D2-series can reach signal-to-noise ratio levels up to 118dB...
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    Westinghouse 42" 1080p, $1299

    For those that are interested, mwave is having a 3 day sale on the Westy 42" 1080p for 1299.
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    Viewsonic 24" and 28" announced

    Not sure if this has been posted yet. Viewsonic is releasing a 24" and 28" soon. Both will have HDCP HDMI as well. Exerpt: from engadget "28-inch VX2835wm both sport 1,920 x 1,200 native...
  5. R Westinghouse LVM-37W3 $899

    Jr dropped the price down to 899 now. Continental US shipping is 62.19 so comes out to 961.19. Not bad since Crutchfield's deal just ended recently.
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    8800GTX 2D Throttling?

    Anyone notice their 8800GTX doesnt throttle down when not running a 3D app? I was wondering why my card idles at 70-73C. Atitool showed 2D, 3D Power, 3D Perf as all 576/900 clock. When i turned down my 2D to 300/600 my temps dropped to 60-65C. Does the G80s not have 2D throttling like the 7...
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    100hz LCDs

    Somethin while browsin around, not sure if it was posted yet, sorry if it has. On a 40" LCD for now but they said monitors will be out around 2007.
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    Good Vehicle Mount/Desk?

    Hi all, I was looking for a vehicle mount/desk for my car and tried searching the forums. There wasnt a whole lot of threads about it so here I am. Anyone know of a good mount/desk that doesnt require a lot of modding to the car (like just a seat bolt mount instead of drilling holes)? And...
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    Component to DVI?

    I need a good and not too expensive component to dvi convertor or cable or something. Not to familiar with this type of thing so was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or input on this. The component device will be a HD cable box and I want to hook it up to my monitor's second DVI. The...
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    First WC system, need advice

    Hiya All, Well i finally decided to go watercooling but need a few advice on components. Please tell me what you think/suggestions :D CPU Block: Storm Rev 2 (Opteron 165) GPU Block: MCW60 (X1900XT) Pump: MCP655/D5 or Alphacool AP 1510? I know the MCP655/D5 is highly recommended but i...
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    New Armor/Kandalf with builtin WC

    What do u guys think of these new cases? The Kandalf LCS has a built in 3x120mm radiator that seems to be mounted on the front...
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    23" AS-IPS?

    Anyone have any clue when the new 23" with AS-IPS panel LCDs will be out? I heard NEC has something in the works as well as philips, personally would rather have a NEC version though.