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  1. Majeztik12

    Wallpapers for 21:9 screens - 3440x1440 goodness!

    Pixel Awesomeness!!!
  2. Majeztik12

    Bankers hate you?!

    Thought this was odd. With the recent trend in some big names in banking "committing" suicide. IMO wall street hit squads are covering up their dirty tracks for the coming financial reset.
  3. Majeztik12

    BF4 - ??? ZAVOD 311 ???

    Imagine what you could "slap" together in there! Reactive armor still intact!?!
  4. Majeztik12

    BF4 - ??? ZAVOD 311 ???

    Totally love the Zavod 311 map! Glad you all enjoyed it. Lots of shrubbery to hide in! To those that have not played this map, enjoy!
  5. Majeztik12

    BF4 - ??? ZAVOD 311 ???

    This is from the Slobozhanshchyna region of Ukraine. Thought this was pretty cool. Despite the coming global conflagration.
  6. Majeztik12

    You Can Now 3D-Print Your Unborn Fetus

    The "Trendy" folks stick crucifixes in jars of urine and call it art!
  7. Majeztik12

    Is Battlefield 4 worth buying

    Yes it is worth it!
  8. Majeztik12

    Is Battlefield 4 worth buying

    Worth every penny! I did some upgrades, and am having a blast!
  9. Majeztik12

    Battlefield 4 Beta Performance Preview @ [H]

    Great review. Waiting for followup!!!
  10. Majeztik12

    Battlefield 4 Beta Performance Preview @ [H]

    Time to upgrade!
  11. Majeztik12

    Dad Hacks Wheelchair For 2 Year Old

    Coolest tech news story I've seen in quite awhile!
  12. Majeztik12

    CISPA raises its ugly head again !!!!!!!!

    Hey everybody didn't know where to post this, so i thought this was a good place. Heads up all you "Freedom Lovers" ! To those beholden to the current state ( cradle to grave ), wake up and join the fight! Later~
  13. Majeztik12

    Aliens: Colonial Marines "Kick Ass" Trailer

    Looks like console demo.
  14. Majeztik12

    Amazon’s Giftwrapping Leaves a Bit to Be Desired

    Didn't come from my "Fulfillment Center" !!
  15. Majeztik12

    New Bioshock Infinite Trailer

    Serious Sam meets Undying.
  16. Majeztik12

    Cybersecurity Bill Fails in U.S. Senate

    Them "conspiracy nuts" are at it again. Starting to think that conspiracy really means unspeakable truth. Critical thinking anyone?
  17. Majeztik12

    Google Street View Captures UFO

    Kul3 pic. IMO All that was caught is a test of the Project Blue Beam equipment....prolly! Hopefully it is the Great Galactic Jellyfish come to take my jellyfish brain home! w00t :D
  18. Majeztik12

    Famed USS Enterprise Takes Its Final Voyage

    Hopefully it will be decommissioned and turned into a museum. However, you might want to check out this.
  19. Majeztik12

    Windows 8 killswitch...

    Anyone notice this article from Bloomberg?
  20. Majeztik12

    Software Engr. laptop

    Hello. I am looking for a laptop recommendation for a friend of mine. I am a desktop user and have limited knowledge of laptops. What he is wanting is a 17" or more LCD. Intel i7 processor. 16 gigs of memory (no less). As far as a GPU I do not know if it is required for software engineering or...
  21. Majeztik12

    Going X-Fire...Which 6870 do I go after and why?

    I would go with the same card you already own.
  22. Majeztik12

    75% of In-Game Marriages End in Divorce

    oh ya... some people got turned on when Bugs Bunny was in drag too...
  23. Majeztik12

    75% of In-Game Marriages End in Divorce

    Know what is on your
  24. Majeztik12

    God Particle 'May Not Exist' Say Hadron Collider Scientists

    We have killed God in society. Somebody kill this thread....yawn!
  25. Majeztik12

    Multi-Core Goes Mainstream, Computing Pushed to Extremes

    ....also lets them know if you use P2P.
  26. Majeztik12

    RIM Earnings Plummet by More Than Half

    ...cut in RIM jobs? lol
  27. Majeztik12

    God Particle 'May Not Exist' Say Hadron Collider Scientists in a few years, those "educated men' will be able to say "derp, there is a God, and he ain't no particle". Psalm 14:1-7... to those that want to have a God/No God flame fest, I will chip in.
  28. Majeztik12

    i5 2500k and 6970 still be effecient in april 2012?!

    Don't see why not...?
  29. Majeztik12


    Joint Ops rocked. I miss that one too. 100+ players on multiplayer was awesome!
  30. Majeztik12


    I really wish they would consider it. They pioneered bullet dynamics, and usually used top tier graphics. Online was of the hook.
  31. Majeztik12

    Blew my third 1100T

  32. Majeztik12


    With all the current FPS out. Does anybody know if NovaLogic is going to continue its Delta Force line of shooters?
  33. Majeztik12

    BF3 Upgrade 8800 gt to Radeon 6770 Worth It?

    I agree with needmorecarnitine. Also you might want to enter this... You can build a decent high end AMD rig for less money, leaving you more $$$ for a great video card. Both ATI & nVidia are nearing the end of the life cycles of their current cards...
  34. Majeztik12

    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    Well, as Kyle stated way back on September 24, 2002... "We are personally not building any more Intel systems for our own use." -Kind of sums it up!
  35. Majeztik12

    Is there a better option than....

    Go with a ASUS MARS II is a single card!
  36. Majeztik12

    Does this look like a video card issue? that Bitcoin mining?
  37. Majeztik12

    Poor BFBC2 performance with xfire'd 4850s

    Go quad-core.....It will feed your card better!
  38. Majeztik12

    What is this and is my 5870 hosed now?

    Solder point needs more lead, less tin. I'd RMA it IMO. Had a similar component problem. Called up manufacture of card and complained about the ROHS... save the planet green lie thing. Tech support guy knew where i was coming from. They repaired it for free! All i did was pay for the shipping.
  39. Majeztik12

    Any benefits in Overclocking your PCI-X bus?

    Don't do it!