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    Windows 10: Transfer License to New Build?

    I plan on building a new rig shortly, but I want to buy Windows 10 sooner and use it on my current PC. I heard that an OEM license is tied to the hardware it is first installed on, whereas if I purchase a retail license I can transfer it to any new PC I may use in the future - provided it is...
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    Evolution of 7970/7950 Crossfire Stuttering [owners only]

    If you own or have owned two or more 7970/7950 cards, please take the time to vote. If the stuttering you notice is title-specific, please post the game in question. NOTE: To lessen the possibility of 'cheating', please be kind enough to post a picture of your AMD cards along with your vote...
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    Q6600 + 2560x1600 monitor: 7970/680 a waste?

    If so, and the Q6600 would be leaving way too much performance on the table, how cheap of a CPU can you get to fully utilize the 7970/680 at 2560x1600? I heard gaming at such a resolution means the CPU performance is almost irrelevant, just wondering HOW irrelevant one can go before it's just...
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    When do you think the FT02 will be discontinued?

    I'm not planning on building a new rig at the moment - but I know I want a FT02 to experiment with when I do. Do you think I need to grab one now before they get discontinued, or can I still wait a bit (12+ months) to pick one up?
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    7970 & 680 - Has anyone owned both?

    I'm looking to get a single 7970 or 680 for my next rig, but it's been very tough to choose because I game at a resolution between "normal" and "large" (2560 x 1600). It seems that if my resolution was a bit lower, a 680 would be the recommended choice. If I was running multiple monitors, it...
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    System advice - DAC/AMP/Etc.

    For my new rig I was considering a Xonar Essence STX to connect to my Logitech Z-5500's. I was going to ditch the optical cable I have running between my current card and speakers, and let the STX do the work and just run stereo cables to the computer speakers. I was told that would improve SQ...
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    Diablo 3 - Inferno Butcher Run Group?

    Hey [H]omies, I'm a tanking monk looking for some serious DPS'ers to do some Butcher runs with. Anyone down for some loot farming?!
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    What to buy in Star Trek Online?

    So, if one was to spend money in STO, what would be the best thing to spend money on? We're talking REAL money here - Benjamins :) I'm kinda enamored with it so far and if I can spend a few bucks to get wicked stuff then I'm game!
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    7990 Performance Leaked. Legit?

    What do you guys think? Real? Here's a 590 for comparison sake: Credit:
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    7970 Crossfire Owners: Micro-stuttering?

    If you run more than one 7970, please post your experiences with micro-stuttering (or the lack thereof) during gameplay. Note your resolution and the games you play so we can finally get to the bottom of this contentious issue!
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    Intel Z77 Motherboards Ready?

    You guys figure this is true? Especially about the X79-like BCLK multiplier option?
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    Same CPU Chip Overclocking on Different MOBOs

    As the title says: If you use the same 2600K chip on a lower end ASUS Z68 board, overclock it as best you can, and then put that chip in their Maximus IV Extreme-Z, and overclock THAT setup as best you can, will the more expensive setup yield noticeably higher clocks (using high-end air cooling)?
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    What's it like being an AutoCAD technician?

    I'm moving to a city in a few weeks with quite a bit of AutoCAD work. So I was wondering: What is it like being an entry-level AutoCAD dude? I know it's probably not glamorous (which I don't mind), but I have no idea what kind of career it would lead into. Can anyone help a brother out with...
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    Enhanced GPU Coolers: FT02 vs. Test Bench

    I was thinking (dangerous, I know). I've heard quite a few people have problems with enhanced coolers like the MSI Lightning not performing well on the FT02 because of the orientation. Something to do with the wicks in the cooler not liking being placed vertically. The orientation on a test...
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    Upcoming Asus UX21

    I'm pumped for this. However, I'm new to laptops and never thought about buying one. So should I not be pumped? Does disappointment hang in the air?
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    Opinions on Valkyria Chronicles

    Anyone play it? Should I pick it up for $20?
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    Is this issue the harbinger of doom for my PSU?

    Shut off my PC for the first time in 3 decades (kidding... kinda) and when I tried to turn it on, it wouldn't boot. It would power up, but no satisfying beep, followed by it posting and the monitor turning on. Tried to reset it multiple times too, nothing worked. Finally, I turned the switch on...
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    Zune HD and MKV files?

    Anyone know a good way to get .mkv files onto the Zune HD? I've been searching for hours, and all I've come up with is a bunch of $30 software whose trial versions don't even work.
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    Aftermarket coolers worth it?

    I've hard some conflicting information about whether or not aftermarket GPU coolers increase overclocking headroom. Anyone have any insight into this?
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    Silverstone PSU Quality?

    So... recently my rig (Q6600 @ 3.3, 4870x2) has begun to reboot during Mass Effect 2. All of my temps look just fine, and from what I hear, phantom reboots during gaming leads to a faulty PSU. Now, I have a 750W unit from Silverstone, that I thought was good quality. Was I wrong? It's...
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    Q6600 to 2600K - or - 4870X2 to 6970

    Here's my dilemma. It seems that the 2600K helps in gaming when going from a Q6600, even at the res that I game at (2560x). I also heard that a 6970 is a "medium-ish" upgrade from a 4870X2. So both of my options seem to be diagonal upgrades rather than completely vertical, but which do you...
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    What causes in-game reboots?

    My 4870x2 has begun acting up in Mass Effect 2 and I need some help troubleshooting. Out of nowhere, typically with a bunch of particles on screen, the monitor will switch to black and I get a system reboot. I did some investigating and this is what I found: CPU temps & load : All look fine...
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    Good PSN Games?

    Any out there that you guys can recommend?
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    For 30" monitors, watercool just GPU?

    Okay, I've been doing a ton of homework on watercooling, namely delta T and all that good stuff. I crunched some numbers and found out to reach the 'magic' 5 degree delta T mark, on either an overclocked video card or CPU, I'll need a triple 120 rad with some decent fans. That's looking quite...
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    Sidewinder 800D Custom Case?

    Kinda pricey at $800, but what do you guys think about one of these for a WC noob like myself?
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    Please critique my parts list

    CPU Block: Heatkiller Rev. 3.0 775 LT (Q6600) Mounting kit too? GPU Block: XSPC Razor 4870X2 or Swiftech Caldera 4870X2 Says "for reference design", I have a Sapphire. Problem? Radiator: XSPC RX480 or RX360 Suggestions on which? Pump: XSPC Dual Acrylic Top for Laing DDC + two Laing DDC pumps...
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    Non-DIY Solutions?

    I'm running an OC'd Q6600 and a 4870x2 and I'm sick of both the noise and the lack of OC headroom from my current air-cooled setup. Currently looking at some water-based setups, but I really don't want to bother with a bunch of placement issues and case-cutting. I was searching for some...
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    Calibrating a 3007WFP-HC?

    Anyone have any experience in doing so? I'm looking to pull the trigger on one of these but I get ALL of my displays calibrated professionally (or do it myself if lazy) and I was wondering if anyone has done either. Also, on a related subject, what's this talk about the lack of manual...
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    FPS: Input lag or network lag?

    Hey guys, So, I've been playing some MW2 multiplayer lately and noticed something. The best example I can think of is a mid-range encounter. I'll aim my M16 (I mentioned that, because the gun is one of the more accurate ones) using the iron sights and fire a 3 shot burst right at the...
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    Samsung 275T vs. 275T+

    I heard stories that the new + model isn't as responsive or doesn't have the same contrast as it's older counterpart due to some kind of scaling. I can also confirm this since on Samsung's website the + model isn't in the same class as the older version when you select response speed and...
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    GRID problem: Shuts computer off once main menu loads

    As the title says, the main menu you will load, and sure enough, 5 seconds after that it reboots my PC. Never fails. Purchased from Steam. Running the latest catalyst 8.11 drivers with the following: Q6600 4870X2 X-Fi Platinum Asus p5q-deluxe Vista x64
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    MS Access Guru's Wanted! XY Scatter Graphs...

    I need to plot two things onto a XY Scatter in MS Access 2003. One data set is the actual scatter plot data points (as usual), and the other is a 45 degree investment break-even line. This line must always have the same X co-ordinate as the Y co-ordinate (1:1, 10:10, 100:100). For the...
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    Popping Just Showed Up on X-FI; Ideas?

    Q6600 4 GB OCZ Reaper HPC 4870X2 X-Fi Platinum 300GB Velociraptor Well those are my specs. The crackling/popping just showed up a few weeks ago, which is funny cause I don't remember making any hardware changes... Latest thing was probably some new catalyst drivers. Anyone have any...
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    Cat 8.9's?

    Worth upgrading to from the 8.8's? My warhead performance sucks so anything would help.
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    Can't Apply Deviantart Themes on Vista 64

    So there were a few cool themes I saw which I wanted to try out. So I followed the instructions and used VistaGlazz Beta 3 to patch my system so I can used non-signed styles. So I double click the style like the instructions say and... nothing. I see an extra theme show up but it's NOT the...
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    No 'Edge Detect' option for AA?

    Running the new 8.8 Catalyst suite, Vista 64 and a 4870X2. I only have the 'Box', and the two 'Tent' options. I saw in [H]'s preview that there is a fourth option but it's not available. Ideas?
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    Safe to use molex to 8-pin on 4870X2?

    My PSU (Silverstone 750W Strider) does not have an 8-pin PCI-E output. Luckily, my Sapphire card came with a 2 molex to 8-pin adapter. I was going to use two separate molex outputs from the PSU into the two molex inputs of the adapter. I can't imagine this would be a problem since Sapphire...
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    New 4870X2 Rig... Game Suggestions?

    New rig, time to game. Any games you guys suggest? Here's a play list I have so far. I haven't gamed in a long time so anything released in the last 3 years is new to me :p Oblivion Call of Duty 4 World in Conflict Company of Heroes GRID Bioshock Portal HL 2 (ep1 & 2) Assassin's...
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    Endless Reboot Cycle After Failed Vista 32 Install

    How can I get out of this reboot loop? My vista install froze so I had to reset and now when I get back to the screen the first thing it says after every attempt is "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed To install Windows...
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    ASUS P5Q - Extremely Slow Vista Install; Then Crashes

    I know other people have had this issue. The whole install goes extremely slow, and then at the last step (Configuring I think) it eternally hangs up. The mouse also reacts extremely slow to movements. Anyone find a solution? I'm on a P5Q Deluxe, with a Q6600 and 4GB of OCZ HPC Reaper RAM.