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    Problems with Win 8.1

    I installed a full retail version on a brand new ssd and I am having problems for which I cannot find any answers. Websites won't stay logged in even though I have selected that they do so, this is pretty annoying. I use the latest build of Firefox, I uninstalled IE. Another issue is...
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    6800 series + HDMI + home theater receiver

    I have been using a Harmon Kardon receiver hooked up to my computer for sound. Well I burned that amp up and bought another one. The problem is that the Harmon Kardon had 5.1 channel inputs on it so I could directly connect my X-fi and get 5.1 sound. My new receiver doesn't have these...
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    cold boot issues

    I have 2 computers based on the p35 chipset. Both of these computers have cold boot issues. When I go to start them up they won't post, the fans power up and everything but I get no post beep from either. To get them to start up I need to turn the power supply off then on again, this...
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    Insignia lcd t.v.'s

    Any opinions on these tv's? I am looking at a 37" model that I would be using as a monitor. What type of panel does it have? My computer specs are: P5k deluxe c2d @ 3.4 ghz 4 gig ddr2 800 8800gts Do I have enough video horsepower to game on this? I primarily play SupCom. Any input...
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    What to expect from this memory

    I have had this memory since fall I have looked on the net but cannot find much useful info on how far this will clock at looser timings. I currently run a divider to keep the mem ~stock speed with low timings, the system runs...