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    some noob questions within

    Well, yeah.... so, this is pretty much my first post in this subforum and I can honestly say that im not too well rounded when it comes to display technology, for the most part. I currently have an older 2407wfp and two acer 21" TN panels, but im really considering some other options. Dual or...
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    Consulting websites

    To all you consultants out there, how do you guys get very short term gigs(IE. a weekend job, few nights)? When I first started college I worked at a computer shop and the owner used some "consulting service" website and would task me with network install jobs(DS3/T1, cable), SMB installs or...
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    802.3baMF! I want me some ratified 40GbE.. hopefully this will drive down the prices for 10GbE so it can become a reality for many of us. :D
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    Cisco PSIRT Released

    Yes, ill probably be posting these every time a PSIRT is released as they are extremely important and I want to keep some of you guys notified :) I recommend you sub to the RSS feed if you haven't already Here is the second scheduled PSIRT bundle for the year...
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    New CCIE track + psirt Just a FYI, non-cycle psirt was released yesterday for you ASA guys. Some pretty serious stuff, and EASILY exploited. Get your update today! and..... new CCIE...
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    CISSP, whos got it?

    What materials did you use? Take the authorized bootcamp? Test on sunday? How would you rate it in the scale of difficulty? If you have it, how hard was it to get all your CPE's afterwards? Did you find a lot of the test questions differed from your strongest domain? How scrutinized was...
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    equipment review site

    Totally drawing a blank on this one and figured atleast one of you guys knows the answer here. There was this site I used awhile back, a review site that listed a ton of different lenses and bodies, and also listed customer photos with the particular product. It was huge for me when I needed to...
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    ISR Gen 2 Yay, ESXi on your router! :eek: and a super sweet equipment line overlap
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    This was quite amusing.... Hilarious, especially about her blog comments. stupid pwnt hoe:p
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    Network performance/ Traffic Generator

    Anyone know of any good *FREE* network traffic generators? Im looking for something much more robust than iperf but obviously not looking for something with all the features of an IXIA x16 here. Specifically, it would be nice to have: BGP capabilities(generate millions of prefixes)...
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    PeerIX - Official thread

    PeerIX As some of you saw from the previous thread "Network nerds" this will be the new official thread. We will start off with a quick faq followed by some of descriptions of whats going on. VISIT THE NEW FORUM!! What is PeerIX: PeerIX is the official name for...
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    Network nerds?

    So, myself and a few others have decided to create a little project and see how things come a long. Myself and Vito have BGP peered via Ipsec GRE tunnels and a few other people as well. If anyone has a cisco device/something that can do IPSEC over GRE(for routing protocols) WITH BGP let us know...
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    What do you do?

    I see this question a lot in threads, and I also wonder what a lot of people do. So, what do you guys do? What level is your position?(jr, mid, sr) What do you consider your skill level? What company do you work for? How big is the infrastructure? What technologies do you work with? If...
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    Any kind of meets?

    I was thinking, a fair amount of us are from the east coast. Anyone up for a meet in NYC one day?
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    Dynamips/Dynagen Official Thread. CCNA/CCNP/CCIE equipment questions... come here!

    You've all heard it before, weather it be from my mouth or a few others, use Dynagen/dynamips for your Cisco study needs. Well, for the past few years people have been consistently asking what equipment they should buy to accommodate their CCNA/CCNP training, so ive *finally* decided to create...
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    Ipsec, a little help perhaps.

    So im stumped, and I thought that maybe I could get some other insight into my little problem. Here is the scenario: Two broadband(15mbit+ down each, 1.5mbit+ up each) are connected via a lan to lan IPsec tunnel. Since I have around 5 different networks behind each of these routers Im...
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    The Network Challenge

    I posted this in the network gallery the other day and also saw it on another forum awhile back. I think it would be cool to bring to the [H] as I have seen so many threads relating to people studying for their CCNA or CCNP. I pretty much want to see if people are interested in Network...
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    BGP and IGMP

    Quick question, well actually, two separate questions:p I came across this "issue" while studying BGP and haven't gotten a solid answer from anyone and its actually really bothering me. I have said network setup right now, R1, R2, R3, R4 are iBGP neighbors and R5 is an eBGP neighbor with...
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    CCNP: BSCI passed

    Hey guys, Passed today with a 977/1000. I was pretty much anti-social for the past month because of the studying I was doing:p . I did 110 labs total, read a few books and some RFC's... 3 more to go then comes the big dog:eek: Thats the reason why I think I took so long on the studying, I...
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    My Basement Datacenter.......... Kinda :p

    Ok, well its not a datacenter.... at all really.... hahaha To give some background, I just graduated from school in RI and I moved back with my family in NJ. Im *temporarly* staying with my parents, working from home(SCORE!) doing network engineering and Tier III support for a wifi company...