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    EVGA 7800 GT Component out problem

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    37" Westinghouse (LVM-37w1) ghosting only in HL2???

    I just bought this LCD and so far I'm loving it, just have a little issue with it... I was wondering if anyone else that owns a Westinghouse 37" 1080p LCD model LVM-37w1 has experienced significant ghosting in Half-Life 2 (purplish or greenish trails that extend from objects while moving from...
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    Can you combine speaker sets using a surround soundcard?

    Hello everyone… I had a little question maybe you guys could answer for me… I have a set of Logitech z-5300 5.1 speakers that are starting to die. The two front satellites are starting to crackle and it really gets annoying sometimes. I was wondering if I could lets say, buy a good pair of...
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    Need SC:Chaos Theory Profile Please

    Hello, I've been playing SC:CT for a while now and I was really close to finishing it. I am in the next to last level (bathhouse) and the game crashes... I restart my machine, casually start the game again and... holy sh... it says that my profile is corrupt, that I can delete it and start a...
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    E-MU 1212m or X-Fi Fatality to record music?

    Hello everyone... I have a quick question for my fellow musicians... I bought an E-MU 1212m a couple of weeks ago but haven't installed it due to space issues in my case. I got an X-Fi Fatality recently and was wondering if anyone has used it to record music. I like to record primarily heavy...
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    EVGA 7800 GT Component out problem

    I bought a component cable yesterday to see if there was an improvement between this and my S-video connection and once I connected it and set me TV up... I received an image but it was in blue tint... I tested the three cables individually and they seem to be working fine. When I connected the...
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    ABIT AI7 with 1.5 GB RAM?

    I have an ABIT AI7 mobo, 2.6C P4, and 512 x 2 Corasir XMS Cas2 RAM running in dual channel mode. I'd like to add another 512MB stick of the same RAM to increase performance some in Battlefield 2. Will this cause any problems? I know I won't be able to run in dual channel mode but I just want...
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    Msi K8n Neo 2 Plat. Problem

    Hello... I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem I have with this new system I built. So I completed buying my parts for my new system and I put them all together. These parts included an OCZ Powerstrean 520W PSU, MSI NEO2 Plat mobo, 512 OCZ Plat. Rev 2 RAM and a new 3000+...
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    Logitech Z-5300 vs Z-5300e and is there a lot of difference with the Z-680's?

    What is the difference between the Logitech Z-5300 and the Z-5300e? Is one an updated model? The 5300's go for around $140 shipped and I found the Z-680's for $220 shipped at amazon. I was wondering besides the fact that the Z-680 have a built in decoder, is there any difference in audio...