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    Corsair AX1500i Digital ATX Power Supply Review @ [H]

    so if you had to choose, what IS the best 1200-1500w PSU out right now?
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    EA Sues Zynga for Copyright Infringement

    Zynga CEO Mark Pincus did say in a leaked internal memo before, “You’re not smarter than your competitor. Just copy what they do and do it until you get their numbers.”
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    Bios flashing the 680GTX

    Hmm I'd like to try this. Would you be willing to post the bios you sent him somewhere? Don't see a Sig+ bios on TPU bios collection.
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    NVIDIA GeForce 301.24 Beta Drivers

    Hasn't happened to me. Do you multiple connections from display to gpu plugged in?
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    Aftermarket Coolers on the GTX680

    Weird, my NOD32 doesn't detect anything
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    Aftermarket Coolers on the GTX680

    True, hopefully we'll find out this week once he gets his supplies and pricing down.
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    Aftermarket Coolers on the GTX680

    He's designed it so you keep the stock plate/fan for vrm & ram cooling. You'll be able to get a copper IHS plate to use the stock backplate/fan. Pic - Preview vid -...
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    GTX 680 In Stock Thread

    I would have to blame TSMC more than nvidia on this one. I'm sure NV would love to have enough for all those that want it so that they can make money but they can't do much about how fast it can be made.
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    Official GTX 680 overclocking Thread!

    I'm at +145/+515 here at 132% power
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    GTX 680 SLI - Unequal Boost Clock Speeds

    As far as I know the GTX 680s in SLI can both clock independently with GPU boost so each card only clocks as much as it thinks is needed.
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    GTX 680 In Stock Thread

    It's been saying it's in stock for a few hours now. Got my friend all excited when I told him too. Newegg making me lie :( lol
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    GTX 680 In Stock Thread

    It's a lie, when you click the actual product it says auto-notify out of stock.
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    GTX 680 In Stock Thread EVGA 680 SC + Backplate in stock
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    New 301.24 Beta Drivers

    My displayport works now!
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    New 301.24 Beta Drivers

    good question, DP doesn't work on my 950D either. I'll give it a shot
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    Thermaltake Bigwater A80

    Anyone hear or have experience with this sealed WC kit from Thermaltake? It uses much larger tubes than CoolIt/Corsair's offerings and supposedly has a stronger pump. It doesn't look like a rebrand of CoolIT or Asetek either. There's a Spanish review here...
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    Stock H100 TIM or Noctua NT-H1?

    A corsair rep said they stopped using Shin-Etsu paste and are using some kind of Dow Corning paste in the H80/H100. They said it performed better than shin etsu and has no cure time, which is why they switched.
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    CoolIT Epic 180 info

    Have you had a high end air cooler before? How's the noise compared to it? Right now I'm waiting for Asetek's new one. Guessing it's going to be Antec that we're waiting on.
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    CoolIT Epic 180 info

    any updates on this? Interested in getting one for my RV02
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    Worst Christmas Idea...Ever

    showed my girl that, she lol'ed and said she wouldn't mind that cuz best buy gift cards are awesome :D
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    Cyborg R.A.T. Mouse

    Thanks Rich, good info for others that may need support.
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    Cyborg R.A.T. Mouse

    Hi Rich, I contacted Is there another email address I can send my problem to? Thanks!
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    Cyborg R.A.T. Mouse

    Uses the same sensor as the Mamba so should be about the same. I do like the way my RAT 7 feels in my hand except the scroll wheel stopped working after 2 days of use. Tried emailing tech support but have yet to receive a response after a week.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    yay count me in!
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    Panasonic 37PZ85 37" LCD Review

    Nice, I've been looking for another 37" LCD to replace my old Westy. The Westy will probably go into the guest room. Has anyone compared the 37LZ85 to the LG 37LG50? I'm kind of leaning more toward the panasonic still but wanted more opinions.
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    Thief Demanding PC Gets Pummeled Instead

    I should add, those of you who think there is a non-violent answer to a robber, I can guarantee you, if a robber breaks into your home and see you doing nothing and start going for your children, wife, or girlfriend, YOU WILL SNAP and find whatever you can grab to attack them. I don't care if...
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    Thief Demanding PC Gets Pummeled Instead

    Personally, I'm against unneeded violence but I agree, if someone breaks into my house I will act and kill if necessary. I don't care so much for the stolen property or anything, those are just objects that can be replaced if need be. What would make me act is that the robber could potentially...
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    Crossfire is broken in Fallout 3

    my crossfire works fine in fallout3. I have 2 powercolor PCS+ 4870 1gb in crossfire. With crossfire at 1920x1080, 12x edge AA/16xAF + HDR I get 50-70fps outdoors and 80-120 indoors. With crossfire disabled I get 20fps or less outdoors with the same settings. I do have to say that my crossfire...
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    Show off your OSX desktop

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    Changing the setting to delete files on OSX leopard.

    Go to the finder, then preferences, under advanced uncheck the "Show warning before emptying trash" box
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    Equipment needed for HD650

    I have a Singlepower Supra XLR with HD650 + Apuresound V3 recable for balanced. I prefer a tube amp with the HD650 since it just makes everything sound smooth and refined. I second the a Little Dot or Darkvoice for a more budget tube amp. Woo Audio also makes excellent tube amps and I used a Woo...
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    Scythe "MUSASHI" Twin-Fan VGA Cooler

    Well, I'm happy to report both the iandh and musashi is very good. With the musashi on a 4870 at 790/1100 my idle is 40C, load 51C, thats about 5-7C better than my coolink and its also quiet with fan at high speed. With the iandh my VRM temps dropped from 120C to 80C, Ram dropped from 90C to 63C...
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    Scythe "MUSASHI" Twin-Fan VGA Cooler

    sadly I probably won't be able to post accurate VRM temps since I also ordered a to try out. If your worried about VRM temps the cheap but still good way is to use part of the stock cooler. The cooler can be taken apart and the bottom plate...
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    4850 cooler

    no the ramsinks and such come off pretty easily and you can't tell you had a aftermarket cooler on your card when you put the stock heatsink back on (unless you break something off or really botch something of course). The Akasa Vortexx on the other hand, the thermal pads sort of rip off and...
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    4850 cooler

    i have 2 GFXChillas and it cools as good as my 4870's stock cooler at 65% fan. The Chilla's fan is quieter than stock cooler at default fan. Have a Musashi coming in a few days to try out
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    Scythe "MUSASHI" Twin-Fan VGA Cooler

    yah i'll post back initial impressions vs gfchilla and whether or not it blocks a 3rd slot. I bought mine from petratech but frozencpu also has it I think. I'll be getting it Friday or saturday.
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    Scythe "MUSASHI" Twin-Fan VGA Cooler

    You should be able to crossfire this as its only VERY slightly bigger than 2 slots, not enough to block a expansion slot though (I think). I ordered one to replace one of my coolinks, we'll see how good it is vs the gfxchilla when it gets here on Friday. Edit: Found a german review with a...
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    Scythe "MUSASHI" Twin-Fan VGA Cooler

    stock cooler is fine if you don't mind your case sounding like a vacuum cleaner to make it cool as well as a GFXChilla. Currently running 2xGFXChilla on my 4870 Crossfire. I idle at 45C, load at 60C and its QUIETER than the stock cooler with default fan speed. To get the same level of cooling...
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    Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo out yet?

    for those with difficulty sticking on sinks on the VRMs (or ram if you have to) the one trick to get that grease junk off is by rubbing it with a rubber eraser for awhile. It will feel real slick at first but as u keep rubbing u can feel it taking the grease off. This tip was written in the...
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    No 'Edge Detect' option for AA?

    edge detect is a option for normal 4x AA and 8x. 4x gives u 12x edge detect and 8x gives u 24x edge detect.