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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    What brand are those speaker monitors?
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    AMD board upgrade

    ordered the 970. Can't wait to go SLI
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    AMD board upgrade

    I want to upgrade my motherboard so I can run gtx 560 TI in SLI. I currently have but I want to upgrade to a AMD sli board. The cheapest I found was...
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    Replacing Motherboard/ Adding GPU

    I'm in the process of doing the same upgrade for battlefield 3. I have a GTX 560 ti which I want to go SLI with. I have Windows 7 and office 2010. Would I have to reactivate any one of those packages and if so how? thanks
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    Join my BF3 community

    Hello [H] members, I'm part of a casual clan called Hell Dogs Unleashed that is currently awaiting the release of Battlefield 3. We have around 8-10 chilled guys but we would love to have more. If you want to check us out, come to our TS ( or check us out...
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    Best NIC card

    Hi guys, I been having an issue with my integrated Atheros Lan port and I want to replace it with a NIC card. What would best the best NIC card for reasonable price. The only thing the NIC card would do is connect to the internet. I won't be moving large files from one computer to another...
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    DNS opinion requested

    This is surprising, according to namebench, Comcast has the fastest DNS. Due to reliability, I think I'll stick with openDNS because I don't want to go through another week of slow internet if Comcast's DNS was the cause. Uploaded with
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    DNS opinion requested

    Awesome, that cleared things up. I'll be testing different DNS services tonight.
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    DNS opinion requested

    This past week, my Comcast internet was really slow. I called Comcast and their tests show that my internet is just fine and that they won’t do anything to fix it. I was pissed but I managed to change a few configurations by running a few network commands in the CMD window which helped...
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    op VM build

    96 gb of RAM 4/ 4 core processors
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    Battlefield 3 Clan Party

    In anticipation for Battlefield 3, I want to populate my Origin friends list with battlefield 3 players. The idea is that I will be able to connect with people on my friends list and rock any server with a kick-a$$ squad. If you plan on playing Battlefield 3 on release day, sign this...
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    Strange, I was in the Alpha trial and EA emailed me with an "offer I cannot refuse." Basically, I got a free game (Dead Space 2), beta access in September, BF f2p item and Karkand map. The deal was live for only 3 days.
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    League of Legends free character builds etc?

    @OP Since you are beginning LoL, ALWAYS remember to role play. It will not only improve your skills, but it will force you to be a team player. Try to see what the enemy team picks are and try to counter either by champion pick and/or items. There are a lot of roles you can play, but the...
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    I just want to say that I pre-ordered it on Origin Add me: techniz
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    Hard Gaming Origin ID List

    Add me: techniz I pre-ordered Battlefield 3 on Origin
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    Upgrade to current system

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming [Battlefield 3, League of Legends, Dota 2, Diablo 3] I want to run BF3 in 3d at 40+ fps 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $500 3) Where do you live? Seattle, WA 4) What exact...
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    POS power supply in my PC need replacement

    Would you recommend that I get Seasonic X750: over Corsair tx750 v2? The price difference is about $60. Is the tx750 quiet enough under load?
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    POS power supply in my PC need replacement

    I’m pissed off. I built a new computer that I thought would be quiet. When I’m using the computer lightly, the computer is quiet. As soon as I start playing a game, the computer sounds like a rocket. Come to find out, it is my weak power supply that is causing the problem. When I was buying...
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    I need a new PC game to play...

    league of legends
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    El Cheapo Fan controller...

    Can you run a testing program like prime 95 or Intel Burn test (yes, it will work with AMD) and tell me how loud your computer sounds when the pwm fans kick up the RPMS?
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    El Cheapo Fan controller...

    Well the option is there if you want to use it. The idea use for turning off fans is probably when your not in an intensive application.
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    El Cheapo Fan controller...

    But you can put your fans at 0.
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    El Cheapo Fan controller...

    So, I was doing some research on a 200mm fan for my HAF 922 and I realized that a side panel fan would be a intake fan which would require a fan filter. I coudln't find a decent fan filter for a 200mm fan but there are plenty for 120mm fan. I decided to purchase a fan filter...
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    The 6990 is a monster card. It can run any game out their to date. The true test comes when Battlefield 3 is released
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    El Cheapo Fan controller...

    I'm in the same situation as you. I have a CM 922 and I need to control the front 200mm fan and the top 200m fan but my motherboard only has one fan controller. I guess I'll be subscribing to this thread ;)
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    Temps too high on Hyper212+

    I ordered the cooler master 212+. Although I want the yate loon to use with this cooler, I realized that they don't PWM functionality. As an alternative, I could use the GELID FN-PX12-15 but they are out of stock @ newegg and amazon only sell them in bulks. Are there any other quiet PWM...
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    Need quiet cooler

    I think I'll take your advice and go with the CM 212+. I'll so some further research on that cooler and see what fans I can replace it with. I looked at the yate loon fan. The price is really cheap which is always nice. I'll check out alternative fans such as Scythe Gentle Typhoon and see...
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    Need quiet cooler

    I read a lot of reviews about the cooler master 212+ and I heard that they can get loud under load. I should of stated in my OP that I also want a PWM cooler and the corsair isn't a PWM cooler. I just found out a cooler that might suite my needs...
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    Need quiet cooler

    I just built my current rig (in sig) and I want to overclock my x4 955 BE to 3.5ghz while keeping dba below 40c. Can you guys recommend me a cooler that cost less than $100 dollars that will accomplish this?
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    KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

    sounds like a nice contest. Put me in for 1. I need a new cooler thats also quiet
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    Windows 7 SP1 Personalized settings

    Hi everyone, I have a computer lab with 15 computers which is ran under our private domain. The problem is that when a user first logs into a computer, Windows have to configure the personalized settings which take around ~1 minute. It's a one time event per user per computer but granted...
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    astro a30

    I want to purchase the Astro A30 Headset System for my computer and ps3. Will I be able to hook up both computer and ps3 to the Astro headset at the same time?
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    office 2010 student version

    I want to purchase Microsoft Office 2010 student version. Would I be able to install this version onto a maximum of three computers like the retail versions?
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    how are those screens treating you? Is the 3d vision technology worth it to invest in?
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    New build

    I appreciate the suggestions. I'm definitely going to get the CM 690 II plus those two combos. It saves me some money in the end.
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    New build

    I understand that for an AMD build, thats theres a huge advantage towards performance over cost. If I were to step up to a 1366 i7 930 build, I will at least spend around $200.00 dollars more assuming that I keep the other parts the same. I much rather save money while building a balanced...
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    New build

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc gaming, web browsing and watching HD videos 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1,000 - $1,200 3) Where do you live? Seattle, WA 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM, case...
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    Currently looking for a new build for a gaming computer for under $1,000. Any advice would be...

    Currently looking for a new build for a gaming computer for under $1,000. Any advice would be extremely helpful
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    i seen your i3 530 oc to 4.4ghz. Can you tell me what motherboard and aftermarket cooler you...

    i seen your i3 530 oc to 4.4ghz. Can you tell me what motherboard and aftermarket cooler you are using?