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    Windows 10: Transfer License to New Build?

    I plan on building a new rig shortly, but I want to buy Windows 10 sooner and use it on my current PC. I heard that an OEM license is tied to the hardware it is first installed on, whereas if I purchase a retail license I can transfer it to any new PC I may use in the future - provided it is...
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    SilverStone Fortress FT05 90 Degree ATX Full Tower Review @ [H]

    Am I right in assuming that among the best air cooling cases from Corsair (760T, 900D), Silverstone (FT02, FT05) and others, there is - at most - 1 or 2 degrees difference in GPU and CPU load temperatures?
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    R9 prices coming down?

    But with women you need to be smooth, and with AA your computer is being smooth for you :D
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    Ni No Kuni , is it worth buying a PS3 for?

    I've been a huge fan of the big blockbuster Japanese games all my life - Metal Gear, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy. I can say, with confidence, that Ni No Kuni can be held in the same regard as those aforementioned franchises in every single way. From art direction, to the game systems it...
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    R9 290X with Kraken G10 Video review.

    Awesome results! Just wish he would have pumped up the voltage - who spends that kind of cheddar on cooling NOT to push the card, anyways?
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    Would you buy a PS3 now?

    Ni No Kuni!!!
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    Club3D 290X's with EK waterblocks

    Makes sense to me - very good to know. Thanks for the info!
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    290X PSU Power Output Tests

    Now THIS is what I call an informative and helpful thread. Unlike so many threads these days. Utmost kudos to you, sir!
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    Arctic Accelero Xtreme III/Hawaii-based boards realize their potential

    Finally! The return of overclocking hardware which requires you to actually tinker! About freaking time! This is what makes overclocking fun, IMO :)
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    Favorite PS2 game?

    MGS 2: Sons of Liberty
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    WC Loop - GPU's Only?

    Yep, the ideal would be to use separate loops (one radiator per card) for each card because that way you're not feeding the second card in the loop with the warmer water from the first card. But that's not necessary as most just use a single loop - meaning one radiator for two cards.
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    AMD Hawaii-based graphics cards to mass ship in October

    I think you know exactly why ;)
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    Anyone used or reviewed Indigo Extreme?

    It looks easy to use and from what I remember reading, it performs incredibly well. I'd give it a shot! Thermal paste is relatively cheap compared to components, so it's not out of the question to try two or three and see which works best for you :)
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    Radeon HD 7990 Vs. GeForce GTX 690: The Crowd Picks A Winner

    This, in all my years of following computer hardware, is the most promising thing I've read about. I think I speak for many when I say that I'm sick of not being able to trust review sites because of the possibility of bias due to money and profit being a factor. I'm not saying all review sites...
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    LG to Mass produce OLED Televisions Next Year

    From what I hear, OLED can do perfect black, which plasma is incapable of. So OLED is technically capable of far better picture quality than plasma. Whether we'll see that quality in a mass produced TV is the real question :)
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    [VC] AMD Radeon HD 9000 Series Launching in October?

    Agreed on all fronts :)
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    8000 series speculation thread.

    I just asked a simple question. A simple answer would be fine with me.
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    8000 series speculation thread.

    Have you personally seen micro-stutter on 79xx cards?
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    Undercover with NVIDIA’s Guerrilla Marketing Team

    And here I was thinking the article would be about the marketing team that posts on forums, and that directs reviewers! I am disappointed :P
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    BF4 optimized for AMD; marketing gimmick?

    First one to jump in when nVidia is mentioned, huh? Sounds about right ;)
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    BF4 optimized for AMD; marketing gimmick?

    What's funny is that if BF4 was announced as backed by nVidia, no one would blink an eye.
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    8000 series speculation thread.

    Why not get a used 7950? They're SO cheap and so close to the 7970 when overclocked!
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    8000 series speculation thread.

    I think you'll see new cards in less than 6 months - but that's just a gut feeling :)
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    Get a Taste of Battlefield 4 with AMD at E3 2013

    This is awesome news! The more threaded devs become, the better for the PC master race :D
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    Intel Haswell i7-4770K IPC and Overclocking Review @ [H]

    Great review! If anything, the info you guys presented made me more interested in what Ivy Bridge-E will be like. The SB-E bandwidth numbers were nuts!
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    Why wont Nvidia support Hybrid PhysX?

    Of course you have to label me as such - it's the only way to defend yourself. But the things I say regarding either GPU maker is based on logic, your comments usually are not.
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    Geforce 770 & 780 coming in May

    *brofist* :D ...and don't bother trying to get GoldenTiger to admit any fault or bias. It's the attention that he's after, nothing more. So don't fuel that fire :)
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    When can we expect a HD7970 price drop?

    Great... so new consoles AND new video cards in a few weeks of each other. Wallets shall beg for mercy!
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    Why wont Nvidia support Hybrid PhysX?

    He's referring to your obvious bias towards nVidia products, regardless of their actions.
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    MSI GeForce GTX 770 Lightning Video Card Review @ [H]

    Where did you get that quote? I don't ever remember saying that!
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    Popular Games you left unfinished and why

    Same! I usually play till max level then beat the game, but with X-2 I just gave up.
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    GTX 780 just for 3D, GT 640 for PhysX?

    If you used the 780 for physx instead that would be so legendary!
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    GeForce GTX 770-On par with the HD 7970 GHz Edition

    Absolutely, especially when you consider how long the hardware has been out and how competitive it still is.
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    8000 series speculation thread.

    Well, if you've waited THIS long (the 7970 has been out forever it seems) you might as well wait for 20 nm.
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    Metro: Last Light Video Card Performance and IQ Review @ [H]

    Oh man, that physx stuff looks SO cool!!!
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    MSI GeForce GTX 770 Lightning Video Card Review @ [H]

    No overclocking test for a video card reviewed by [H] just doesn't seem right! ETA for an article comparing a max OC'd 770 to a max OC'd 7970 and 680? I have a feeling that a custom cooled and OC'd 7970 is faster but i'd be willing to be proved wrong!
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    Has Apple Lost Its Cool?

    Apple is for pretentious people. Always has, always will be. And considering there's always people who want to act more important than they feel they are, Apple will survive. They're too inexorably linked to a common trait of people to fail, IMO.
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    Malta 7990 on Newegg

    Make sure to keep us posted! :)
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    When can we expect a HD7970 price drop?

    Same! The 780, being priced the way it is, isn't making the 7970 (especially the 7950) any less of a great card for the money you pay.