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    Asking for help.

    Ok my understanding at the moment is cloudy and I will have to break down and ask for help here. Hehe I hate to do it but best to do it and not ruin my setup.. I have an areca 1210 RAID card that requires x8 pci express slot. Currently, it's plugged into one of the extra pci express slots...
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    Comodo Firewall + DGL 4300 ? No , yes? Help !

    Do you think running Comodo firewall is overkill for my network when I have every pc behind my DGL-4300 ? Also I need some way to stealth ports 80,443 . I used GRC and another site and they seem to think its a concern. I run my windows home server also that use those ports.. Any ideas?
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    Windows Error Message

    This is the message that is popping up on a persons pc I was trying to help solve the problem. The box will randomly pop up from time to time. I have shut down the firewall. Anyone have an idea how to stop this message from appearing? Thanks ______________________________________...
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    Optional sound bar for the 2405fpw

    Hi can someone point me in the direction of the link to where Dell is selling the option sound bar that can be used for the 2005fpw or 2405fpw Dell LCD? I can't seem to find where they were selling it. Thanks!