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    1997's Blade Runner classic getting remastered for consoles, Steam

    That's awesome news, just hope they keep it as close the original as possible I still have this game and an OG playstation just so I can replay it at least once a year
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    Epic Spring sale ends April 16th

    Thanks OP. Really big fan of the Fallout series so grabbghed Outer Limits. Got it for 16 bux after coupon code and left over balance on a GC.
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    Kindle to PDF/Word/other converter

    Going to have a ton of down time due to some upcoming surgeries and would like to catch up on some reading. Have a ton of books on Kindle but the formatting options for that platform sucks. Have downloaded a few "free" converters on to an old laptop to check them out but they also installed so...
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    Gears of War 4 - CDKEYS - $4.59

    Thanks OP, always wanted to play- will check out when I'm done with Exodus
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    Carmageddon: Max Damage and others for a dollar !

    Same here- these will fit nicely into my backlog of games that I'll eventually get to
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    Extra 20% off Corsair Refurbished

    Thanks obs, in for a K70 KB and M65 mouse. Been purchasing refurbs from these guys for a long time, stuff always looksand works like brand new.
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    Any point to SLi anymore?

    ^^- WTF? lol
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    Am I the only one that thinks Wolfenstein 2 is a pretty horrible game?

    I felt the same as OP when I played thru. It was "meh" to start off with. About 3/4ths of the way it really became a total grind and was more of a chore to play thru that last part of it. I was actually relieved when I finished. It did have a few good moments but my persoanl rating is 6/10
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    JBL 580 Floor-Standing Speakers $380 (each)

    Link shows 2 days left for me...
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    STALKER really got a lot of things right.

    Vanilla is perfectly fine but I'd recommend the Complete Mod. Its one of the first and best mods out there that has a bunch of graphical and other tweaks that make it run much smoother (and look better). Most of the other mods increase the difficulty significantly which can cause frustration and...
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    What game did you Build your 1st Rig around?

    Original Diablo Pentium 3 1 Ghz 256 MB memory 30 GB HD Voodoo something vid card
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    Any point to SLi anymore?

    I too own 1080 ti SLI In games that support it I activate SLI For those that do not I disable For ME the expense it worth it even though many games are now being released without SLI support. In fact most of the games I play run fully maxed out on a single 1080Ti at 3440x1440 @ 100 refresh...
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    Micron 1100 2TB SSD $254

    I picked one of these up when it was $360 and thought it was a steal back then. Nice drive, formats to 1.8 TB in Win 10 and is fast enough for me. In for one more to migrate my Stean games library to. Thanks for posting!
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    If it is more like Alien Isolation then I'll probably enjoy it- really liked A:A
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    These games remind me very much of Hellblade in terms of game play. I had high hopes when Hellblade was released but it turned out to be (mostly) a walking sim. Got bored with it about a quarter of the way in, have no intentions of playing it again any time soon. I have a feeling these will be...
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    STALKER really got a lot of things right.

    The Stalker series is in my top 3 PC games. I've played all three with just about every mod available and every time I start up a new game ithe excitement is the same as if I was starting for the very first time. For me no new system build is complete until I have these games installed.
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    [H]OT Peanuts [$.99/lb] | Sunflower Seeds [$1.01/lb]

    Figured I'd give this a shot, added peanuts and a few other things- mostly 1 lb bags to see if I would like the product. Cheapest shipping came out to be $68- lol, nope!
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    Dell H625 Color Laser AIO $175, your inbox may have -30/100 or -50/200 today

    does anyone know if it comes with ink cartridges? even starter carts would be cool
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse - $46

    Just note this is a "skinny" mouse. Great mouse, but I have large hands and could not use it for more than an hour or so before my hand would start to cramp up.
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    Samsung Unveils the Galaxy S9 and S9+

    Still using my Note 4, does everything I need to... upgraded the memory and replaced the battery (not that I needed to) about a year ago so expec to have it for another 4-5 years Get off my lawn!
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    EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 HYBRID Water Block Cooler

    Thanks for the responses everyone! Always interesting to read everyone's take on water cooling Kind of already knew the answer to my question. it's been a few years since I've set up a loop and had a bit of sticker shock when I started researching Looks like if I want to keep things quiet and...
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    EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 HYBRID Water Block Cooler

    Just curious if anyone is using one of these and has any real world feedback. Have a pair of EVGA 1080 ti FTW3 cards. The cooling solution on the cards is super nice and all but at full load the fans get super loud and temps can...
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    Micron 1100 2TB SSD $254

    Thanks for posting this, managed to grab one from the link above for $360 shipped Amazon would have been $428 with taxes... for $70 in savings I can do without Prime shipping this time... Seriously thinking of grabbing another and completely do away with spinners, except for an external...
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    PC gaming wheel?

    I consider myself to be a very awesome uncle but not that awesome, LOL Great idea, watching a few now. Thanks for the replies everyone!
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    PC gaming wheel?

    My nephew is getting into PC racing and is using an ancient wheel that barely works. I'd like to get him something better but TBH I'm not even sure what to look for. Anything will be an upgrade though. I see online that some go for $300+. I get it why they cost that much-build materials...
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    Intel i7 8700k $330 @ ebay/Monoprice

    Picked this up last time it was offered. Received in 3 days No issues with chip, running 5.0 @1.3v under a Noctua D15
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    8700K- Noctua D15 or Thermaltake 30 Ultimate

    New build, have both coolers already, looking for feedback to make the best choice before I put it all together As the title states, which do you feel would be better? Will be delidding the 8700K and reapplying paste.. Hope is to OC to 4.8 all cores. Have a massive case so fit for either is of...
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    Galax GTX 1070s/1080s in stock at Galax

    This is awesome hope everyone that's trying to sell their 1080/1080ti cards for $1000 or more are sweating a little bit
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    Intel i7 8700k $330 @ ebay/Monoprice

    perfect timing, in for one Tax ate up some of the savings but still a good deal considering even used they are going for 380+ I've purschaed quite a few items from monoprice and always had a good experience, shouldn't be any worries there now to find a deal on a motherboard... edit- only a...
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    Civ VI plus two scenario packs on Humble Monthly $12

    Like other peoiple, was going back and forth when Steam sale was going on but for $12 for what they offer this is a great deal. In, thanks OP
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    Every game at EA at least 40% off

    Back on topic, I recently created a new account and went with thier "All Access" package which I thought was a pretty good deal . $29.99 a year gives you access to almost every game they offer including the latest AAA games including any beta games in development. No limit to how many you have...
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    CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD Sinewave UPS $120 B&H

    Awesome, thanks. In for two.
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    Newegg Gaming Accessory Sale

    Thanks, been waiting on a deal to pick up a couple of WD 6TB Blacks
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    mobo for 6850K

    LOL, so I picked up a new Asus Rampage ROG Extreme. So much for "no bells and whistles". Picked it up off of Amazon for $339 (price has gone up since) plus Asus has a $100 rebate going on right now thru the end of the month. Pretty happy with that. Now I just need some time to put the damn thing...
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    mobo for 6850K

    Always wanted to build a X99 rig. Looking for a board with overclocking optionsr that will allow me to push the chip to at lest 4.2 but I don't care about things like wireless, Bluetooth, dual LAN, OC panel- stuff like that Prefer to stick with Asus or Asrock as I've had minimal issues using...
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    Case with lots of room above mobo

    Have built my share of systems and ready to build another. The challenge I always run into is there is very limited spopace ABOVE the motherboard to work with. Typically after installing the rad and associated fans many of the fan headers and anything else located on the top of the mobo are...
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    Corsair Labor Day Sale - 15% off NEW gear w/ LABORDAY17

    Thanks Spartan, picked up a bunch of stuff!
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    PC Download - Grey Goo Definitive Edition - $1.99 - Amazon

    Thanks, activated and downloaded no issues
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    That really is a nice deal... PNY makes great cards, I've owned several of their vid cards over the years and had zero issues. However this card is huge at 12.4 inches- measure your case if you are not sure. Also : ships 7/18/2017 Now- do I buy two and SLI or pick up a Titan xP? hmmmm...
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    Black Mesa Releasing Sept. 14th

    Same, loaded back up to play before Xen. No issues at all on my 1080. Running Steam version which automatically gets patched.