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    Just got my FSP 600W

    My Fortron FSP600-80GLC has arrived, and I figured I would share my first impressions with everyone. I posted this at a couple places already, and figured I'd keep going and spam all the forums I'm a member of ;) This is the 80mm Adda fanned server version of the new Epsilon 600W. First...
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    New Silverstone Arrives

    Looks like the new Etasis made Silverstone 560w has finally shown up: Not a bad price at all on this monster - $129. No idea how good this retailer is, but this PSU should be some serious competition with the PC P&C...
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    Thermaltake Surprises Again

    Looks like someone over at Thermaltake is taking us seriously: If my eyes don't deceive me, that be Channel Well's UL file number on that puppy. This should be a decent little unit then :) Edit - found more CWT built ones...
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    New Fortron 700w

    Looks like the new Fortron 700w SSI unit has arrived, at least under Aopen's name: 4x15A @ 12v, combined limit 50A. The price seems just a wee bit high, but should come down I hope when Fortron starts bringing out their Epsilons supposedly...