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    New 64 man Battlefield 3 test server!

    Server provided by nfo, los angeles server. Some feedback would be great! Search in the server browser! Squad up and kick ass!
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    New 64 man BF3 Server Test

    mods, please delete thread. my apologies
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    5870 fan totally broken

    So I woke up today and my PC was shut off after being on for about 3 months straight. I powered it back on and noticed how quiet it was. So i put my hand under the GPU fan and found NO air being moved. The fan was off and didn't spin, no fan clicks to show it was even attempting to spin up. I...
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    NVIDIA forceware 196.75 kills video cards Blizzard games. Something about the drivers breaking the automatic fan control or whatnot.
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    So I recently bought MW2, and its on the way. Should I just skip it and go with BC2?

    So my girlfriend bought herself and I MW2 late in the game, and it should get here tomorrow. Seeing as BC2 is out, should I just skip it and sell the two copies? What do you guys think? I have never played any COD or BF game online before since I played counter-strike 1.6 over the BF series...
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    Samsung 2343BWX vs 2343BWX-1

    Anyone know what the difference between these two monitors are? Samsung's product description page doesn't reveal anything.
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    GTA IV Special Edition - 64.99 FS [YMMV]

    Use the $25.00 off $75.00 with Google Checkout if you have it. $89.99 - $25.00 = $64.99 Free Shipping - Tax in CA
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    Antec 900 Rebate

    Nine Hundred $40 MIR @ (3/10-3/16) We have received your submission and it is being processed. The estimated mail date for your check is 02-Jul-2008. whoa.
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    Team Xtreem 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR31600 (PC3 1280) $49.99 AR $49.99 after $150 Rebate!!! +$5.99 Shipping That's a huge rebate! Rebate here:
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    Acid Invites

    Once again, you must meet the following requirements: 1. not be a n00bie 2. be regged in this forum for at least 1 year 3. have fat pipes 4. PM me your e-mail address & bump this post!
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    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz 6MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor OEM - FS

    Spied this at SD, thought I'd show [H] some love: Limit 10 per customer
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    Acid Lounge Invites

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    Just bought a bunch of Memorex DVD DL disks...

    .. from the sale. So what is the best DL burner these days? I have an older Samsung burner and something tells me I'm going to be in a world of shit when I try to burn a full 8.5gb disk with it. If you burn DL disks regularly, which burner do you use/ suggest? If you have any horror...
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    Anyones computer overheat today?

    So here in southern Cali it hit 93 degrees today. My overclocked CPU is running 50C idle with a Zalman 9500, and my X850XT is chugging along at 38C idle compared to 43/32 just yesterday. And it's not even summer yet! I don't think my computer will be stable for long under these conditions...
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    Incredibly Hot! Free condoms! forget junky and refurbished computer parts...... 10 free condoms. Deal becomes hot as you buy in bulk. Or it's 4.99 shipped for the free condoms. Still hot. They're out of flavored ones though. Provided you have someone to make love to
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    HOT!150 gb Raptor @ microcenter 169.99
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    DVDs, CDs, Books, Games $5 Off 10 - Exp.3/11/2007

    Thanks for PB2ZTBVYP7WT, saved 5 bucks off my textbook for class, freaking awesome. Thanks dude! For new users only, Had to sign up for a new account