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    Ethereum Hashrate Performance Drop Might Be Coming

    ASICs are usually fairly expensive, made in limitecan be poorly engineered fire hazards, or mined on by the manufacturer until they're borderline unprofitable by the time they get off the slow boat from China to get to your house. Or any combination of those. GPU based mining rigs, on the other...
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    Ethereum Hashrate Performance Drop Might Be Coming

    I can vouch for that. I had two eBay sellers this year try to get something past me. First guy sold me a reference 290. I routinely repaste all these cards when I get them, and when I pulled the HSF off this card I immediately noticed most of the TIM was missing from the VRMs and RAM. It had...
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    Ethereum Hashrate Performance Drop Might Be Coming

    Might go way down in price if the crypto market crashes again. I'd sell them now, personally, while they're still worth good money. I personally do not buy cards for my mining rigs in the good periods... it doesn't make any financial sense when they're in high demand like this. I mine with what...
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    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610..Still working great after 8 years

    They were starting to turn around some by going with Super Flower as an OEM, but by then the writing was on the wall for OCZ. I personally replace units at 10 years no matter how well built they are. Electrolytic capacitors don't last forever, and most of the Turbo-Cool units used Teapo parts...
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    Consumer Reports: iPhone 7 Camera No Better Than iPhone 6s

    I did seriously consider those, but decided to ultimately stay with Nikon. Either D750 or D610, depending what the budget looks like. They'll both handle what I want them to do. Either way, the D5100 now has about 85,000 clicks on it, so it's had a good run since I bought it in 2013. It'll...
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    Consumer Reports: iPhone 7 Camera No Better Than iPhone 6s

    That's my opinion, too. Lenses and bokeh aside, my G4 and D5100 are equally good with decent light, it's only when the light drops off the DSLR really pulls ahead. I'm currently shopping for full frame, because the DSLR isn't quite good enough in that area, but The G4 has gotten a few shots now...
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    Consumer Reports: iPhone 7 Camera No Better Than iPhone 6s

    Mine too. Only problem is that it's in the G4. Many, many bootlooped phones out there, including the one I sent in two weeks ago. Hope my refurb holds up... the camera really is fantastic.
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    AMD Radeon RX 480 and Mining

    I've got 24 cards mining in the cold room off an L6-30 at 240V... 17-18A. Not sure I could hit 40 cards on that circuit, and I don't intend to try (already have cooling issues in there), but I could probably get close. Everything is downvolted and downclocked for best power efficiency. Don't...
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    Microsoft Will Bet You A New Laptop That It Can Upgrade Your PC To W10

    Had a similar experience with my dual Xeon rig. Upgrade successful, insta-hang at desktop. Would only finish booting if there were no Radeon drivers installed. Never did find a way to get that fixed - even DDU couldn't solve that one. Went back to 7 on that machine.
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    Report: Galaxy S7 Will Cost More Because It Has An Iris Scanner

    I said the same thing a couple months ago and went to the LG G4 instead. The camera in that phone made me forget all about the Note 5. It's not DSLR level, especially in really low light, but in decent light in manual mode it's hard to tell the difference at times.
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    $2000 Photography equipment question/help.

    Good advice. I am constantly finding used DSLRs with really low shutter counts on them, though a lot of these people up north here seem to think they're worth more than the equivalent new model. Considering the 50k+ shutter snaps I have on mine, I wouldn't hesitate to get some of these under 10k...
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    Lightning Strikes While Lady Is Charging Tesla

    Storm chasers need huge range and the ability to refuel instantly... EV tech isn't going to do that anytime soon ;)
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    $2000 Photography equipment question/help.

    I'll agree to that. The first new lens I bought after I got my D5100 kit was an old Nikkor AI-S 50mm f1.8. Did in part because I wanted to challenge myself to learn how to use the light without relying on all the digital gadgetry in the camera, but equally in part because those lenses are dirt...
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    $2000 Photography equipment question/help.

    That really is the question to answer first. There are many ways to blow $2k and end up unsatisfied with this hobby. Personally, I started with a D5100 and the 18-55mm kit lens for $650. Because I do an awful lot of low light shooting and have a low budget, I've been accumulating old AI and...
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    To what extent do power supplies "age"?

    And I will +1 that for sure. Those units are from the height of CWT's Fuhjyyu obsession, and as such cannot be trusted. These caps were terrible new, let alone ten years down the line. It was not uncommon to find those capacitors failed after only a year in use. Recapped, those PSUs will be...
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    most reliable brand? corsair? PC Powe and Cooling?

    Yep :D I've had units pass 50 C. It depends on the unit being tested, the ambient temp of the room, and how many extra fans I have running in the hot box. Most of the time it has to be a big unit for the box to get that hot. For the most part though, the area between 40-50 is plenty good...
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    Cooler Master Silent Pro 1500W

    This isn't a PSU rail distribution issue. If it were, the unit would shut down. The Silent Pro M2 is a somewhat mediocre Enhance design, but it's not to blame this time. At boot, it'll be barely loaded at all. I'd look at drivers.
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    Corsair - You've got a problem

    Understandable - refurbs aren't for everyone ;) I take my refurbed stuff apart, too. In fact, I consider it more critical to do it on a refurb than a new unit. Bought a refurb Optoma DLP projector in 2010. Had it apart twice for dusting and inspection - their techs know what they're doing. The...
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    Corsair - You've got a problem

    It depends on who's doing the refurbishing. If the techs know their business, refurbs can be indistinguishable from new. Or even better than new, if the refurb techs are better than the guys at the factory. Personally, I prefer to only run PSUs I've had apart and inspected for myself. Mostly...
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    Corsair - You've got a problem

    They do send out review samples. In fact, I have a CX750M coming in soon.
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    New PSU - Asus antisurge problems

    Agreed. My P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 used to do this with my AX860i. I turned off Anti Surge... I know better than the board does how well that PSU performs.
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    Best Buy Website Goes Down On Black Friday

    Ah yes, the old NCIX Boxing Day Sale effect.
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    1800+ Power Supply for quad Titan Z build

    You're forgetting efficiency... an 1800W 80 Plus Platinum unit would push a 20A breaker to the limit. I've clocked 1600W Gold units pulling 16A from the wall as is. I'm not sure the UL would even pass such a beast without a specialized line cord that prohibited the unit from jacking into a...
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    Lost my manual, could I get some help? Ultra X4 1200W

    This was the last PSU Ultra ever sent me for review. It dates from the days after the people who knew PSUs left the company. Both units they sent me failed load testing. One wouldn't even do 750W. I think I still have the carcass of that one lying around somewhere. Never did find out what was...
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    Corsair HX1000i 1000W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Because it just barely hit that level in test five due to that undulating waveform movement.
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    Corsair HX1000i 1000W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Look again - every last one of them is under 25mV. Except for the overshoot transient shots, of course, and those are entirely different tests not measuring ripple.
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    Epson Heralds Death of Ink Cartridge with EcoTank Printers

    I'm in the "never need color" camp myself. Bought a used HP Laserjet 5N off eBay in 2006 for $23 after completely wearing out the Lexmark inkjet I had before it. It came with a high yield toner cartridge that must have just been changed. I'm still trying to use up the toner in that thing six...
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    Best 1500W+ PSU

    Corsair AX1500i or EVGA G2 1600W. The power supply isn't ;) That is completely incorrect. I'm not sure if the Lepa is as good as it used to be, now coming out of a different factory than they used to be built in, but there is nothing wrong whatsoever with the multi-rail OCP...
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    8/17/2005 - 8/16/2014. RIP old friend.

    Lite-On's been a major name in the industrial market forever... the reason most people don't know about them is because they don't really offer or OEM for consumer units. They're kind of like Zippy/Emacs that way, though I wouldn't quite put them at that same level of build quality.
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    Will RadioShack's Suppliers Let It Live Through the Holidays?

    I started in electronics repair in 1987. Even back then, I quickly learned not to bother with that part of Radio Shack. What little useful stuff they had was always overpriced, and it only got worse as time went on.
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    Very Interesting jonnyGURU thread!!

    It's on the label in fine print. Let's not exaggerate - I gave it 6.6/10. Probably the lowest score for a non gutless wonder I've tossed out in several years.
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    Very Interesting jonnyGURU thread!!

    For clarification, Jon no longer works at the site and has not for some time - he just founded it. Once he moved on to BFG and later to Corsair, he retired from the site to prevent a conflict of interest. Tazz (Tony) runs the show now. Also, I wrote the review ;)
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    Very Interesting jonnyGURU thread!!

    Wow, that Xion was a while ago. I'd only had my current vehicle less than a month at that time.
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    Very Interesting jonnyGURU thread!!

    We gave CM a chance to send one - Tazz might be willing to buy another if he doesn't hear back. Europe at least now requires PFC. Passive is a weight adding kludge not worth doing anymore, so the whole industry has moved to active. Additionally, over a certain size it's not possible to do...
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    Very Interesting jonnyGURU thread!!

    No problem - I've always said from day one my scoring section represented my own opinion. It's not the first time I've seen that sentence... been seeing it on and off ever since I started. I'm used to it.
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    Very Interesting jonnyGURU thread!!

    Actually, I'm going to have to eat crow on that re-testing issue. Sorry guys. We did originally extend an offer to re-test now that Coolermaster gave us numbers in the thread to load to. I'd completely spaced on it... been too much going on at home stressing me out, plus doing two weeks' worth...
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    Very Interesting jonnyGURU thread!!

    I disagree.
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    Very Interesting jonnyGURU thread!!

    No, not really. Goes with the territory... you can't really say no to doing things just because they might be uncomfortable ;) Had I to do it all over again, I would change nothing.
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    Very Interesting jonnyGURU thread!!

    Had a feeling from the moment I saw the label on this unit it was going to be a damned if I do, damned if I don't exercise. You're the competition. The second I do something like that I have a dozen other company reps clogging my email and a ton of forum members complaining that I'm now biased...