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    Another Woot-off, and the world yawned

    Check it out now for another Vizio tv!
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    PNY XLR8 GeForce GTX 275: 179 AR $10: Microcenter Not a bad card, and a small rebate.
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    Anyone heard of buybackmedia?

    I've been googling around to see if anyone has ever used this service before, but so far haven't found anything. So what about you guys?
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    1K OCZ PSU Fan mod

    I figured I may not be the only person with a 1 kilowatt proXstream PSU. For those unaware, the thing is as loud as a bag of hammers in a clothes dryer. Since I don't mind invalidating my warranty, I figured I'd share with everyone yay! Here we have my handy 2 year old assistant eying...
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    1KW opinions

    Hi gang, Just ordered this PSU: Basically I'm running (2) 8800 GTXs several hard drives, and the rest is in my sig. Opinions? (Ordered it for $129 after rebate.)
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    30% off all HD DVD movies at BB

    Just got back from the BB in Manhattan. Deals online are still cheaper, but if you want one NOW then they're dumping their stock it seems.
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    Video Problem after upgrading on 680i SLi A+

    Ok, here's the situation: My old setup: Q6600 EVGA 8800 GTX 4 gigs OCZ Platinum Revision 2 DDR2 800 XFX 680i SLi A+ motherboard 5 HDD 2 Optical OCZ GamerXstream 700watt PSU Upgraded to: E8400 Same Video 4 gigs A-Data DDR2 800 Same mobo Problem! My EVGA card will now...
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    Video Problem after proc upgrade (E8400)

    Ok, here's the situation: My old setup: Q6600 EVGA 8800 GTX 4 gigs OCZ Platinum Revision 2 DDR2 800 XFX 680i SLi A+ motherboard 5 HDD 2 Optical OCZ GamerXstream 700watt PSU Upgraded to: E8400 Same Video 4 gigs A-Data DDR2 800 Same mobo Problem! My EVGA card will now...
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    Why are reviewers afraid to give bad reviews? This is an ugly case. I just wanted to throw that out there. It's fugly. My opinion yes, but I just showed it to my co-workers and they laughed at it. The Cherry Red finish is the only thing it's got going for it. Yet the review they gave was...
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    680i "teaming" problem

    Anyone else try the NIC Teaming function? Every time I give it a try I get a bluescreen error and have to force a reboot. The error is DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Googled for it and frankly I'm still a bit stumped.
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    OCZ Platinum Revision 2, 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2 800, $80 AR

    4-4-4-15 timings. Not bad! I already have 2 gigs in and when I saw this decided to jump on 2 more. I bought them back when they were $150 AR.
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    X1900s crossfired vs a single 8800 GTS 640?

    I'm wondering if there are any benchmarks or comparisons that go along these lines. I currently have (2) x1900s in crossfire, but I'm willing to consider moving to an 8800 IF it's a drastic improvement. Thoughts? (Please leave the illogical OMGNVIDIASAVEDMYBABY nonsense out.)
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    Taking Movie clips and adding music

    Basically, I need to pull together short clips from old classic films, add background music, and have it play as a loop. It's part of a charity benefit silent auction. I also need the functionality to add a short text bit giving credit to the films I take the short clips from. Any tips...
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    Vista Pre-RC1 Fix thread

    Since there are a number of fixes for different applications for Vista, how about using this as a thread to compile what we come across? Problem: Playing CounterStrike Source with X1900XT video card. PLayer can see through walls rendering the game unplayable (Map: Office.) Fix: Turn off...
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    [Warm] Titan Quest DVD $45 with free shipping Not [H]ot, but warm. The DVD version is $10 more expensive in stores.
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    Firefox and Google toolbar = EVIL

    Seems that I cannot uninstall the google toolbar. I goto Extensions -> uninstall and it says that "of course we'll uninstall it when you restart firefox!" I restart and it reinstalls the toolbar. EVERY time. It may seem like a minor inconvenience, but I never wanted the toolbar in the...
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    X1900 cooler?

    Other than the X2 Accelero, which I don't want, are there any other after market coolers for the X1900 that people would recommend? I'm looking for something that will draw the air out of the case. My stock cooler is only loud when temps rise. But I was wondering if there's something more...
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    Problem adding 4th SATA drive

    Howdy all, Recently, I jumped on the BB deal with the WD SE 320 gig HDs for 99 bucks (SATA 150.) I've tried installing it and on boot the computer lists the drives, then hangs. I'm sure it works, as I tried removing 2 of the 3 drives already in place, and then it'd post. But with all 4 in...
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    Razer Pro v1.6 1600dpi Gaming Mouse (Woot) $30 shipped.
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    BB, Samsung Laser Printer $50 AR Onsale from $129 down to $79, $30 rebate. YMMV on this part: I bought the last one in the South Philly store (display model.) Manager sold it for $59, and the rebate was for...
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    100GB SATA Maxtor $30 AR Have to scroll down a bit, or search their site for Sku 448332. 99 - 70 rebate. It's mildly hot, or just above warm. Product link.
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    X1900 Crossfire question

    I know this is going to sound like a supernoob question, but I recently ordered and received an X1900 Crossfire from ZZF and it didn't come with the Dual DVI dongle. Now, without the dongle, I'm pretty much stuck using one monitor, as this is a master card and the funky crossfire connector...
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    Crossfire question

    I have two cards on their way to my doorstep right now: ATI Radeon X1900 CrossFire Edition PCI Express 512MB DDR3 and Asus Extreme AX1800XT/2DHTV Radeon X1800 XT PCI Express 512MB DDR3 (Background story: I ordered the X1800XT as part of a very large order. Called to cancel THAT PART...
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    Maxtor Ultra16 250GB HD (AR) $60 PATA for those interested. Not a bad price.
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    Quake 4 and punkbuster

    Is there any way to install punkbuster AFTER having quake already installed? It's going to be a royal pain in the ass to uninstall and reinstall it. (Well not royal, but I REALLY don't want to play the 4 disc mambo again.)
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    DiVX DVD player $35 AR Astar DVX-6881 Certified DivX DVD player with Progressive Scan For those of you that haven't converted those hours of torrent files to DVD format!
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    Sacred PLUS

    Anyone playing this? I just bought it from Drive2Drive, and the game is pretty fun, BUT, the annoying stutter is fairly painful at times. Is anyone else experiencing this as well? Any way around it?
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    Network Storage $74+ shipping Their website is painful to use, but it's the same guys that had the $6 cases a while back. I figured I'd post this since so many people are jumping on all the recent HD deals.
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    Hitachi 160 gig HD 8 meg buffer, 40 AR, Outpost
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    Rosewill 1 gig strips PC3200 90 bucks shipped! Now, I just received mine in the mail yesterday, and ONE strip was a dead strip, so I have 2 gigs of mixed ram in there at the moment, but I'm RMAing it today. Good ram if you want 2 gigs of cheap stuff.
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    Windows XP Home problem

    For some reason, I can no longer access any "Properties." Such as right clicking the My Computer, right clicking the desktop to access display properties, hardware manager, etc. Any clues? Only hardware change has been a CPU switch.
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    Advice. Going from 1-1.5 gigs

    Right now I have 1 gig of *ok* DDR in my system, but I'm wondering if there will be ANY gain if I went to 1.5 gigs. Primarily, I game and do webwork from home, and occasionally move large files around. So, would there be a gain? A slowdown? Will the skies open up and rain cats? (Note...
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    X800 Pro OCing Question

    I just got my grubby little mitts on an MSI x800 pro. I'm wondering what stock cooling overclocking people are getting, and if you have something like an Arctic Silencer 4, what numbers you're getting with those. (Just ordered one.)
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    WD Drives, Circuit City, $21 million dollars

    [H] deal!
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    Upgrade Path: GPU or CPU?

    I'm trying to make a decision on what path to take for my next upgrade. I primarily use the machine for gaming, and occasionally webwork. Athlon64 754s 3000 (not OCed) 1 gig Generic Memory ASUS K8V-X mobo ATi Radeon 9800Pro 128meg (R350) MaxtorUltra 16 250gig HDs (3) Sony 710A DVD...
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    WD 80 gig 29.99 afr (unadvertised) (ends 10/23)

    Just went by bestbuy today. 80 gig 8 mb cache, 7200rpm HDs. 89.99 + (2) 30.00 rebates = 29.99 Picked one up, getting another tomorrow. BUY FAST. deal ends 10/23.
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    Modding the 9800 pro, what advantages?

    Hey all, First time ATi owner here (yes yes I've been using NVidia cards for YEARS.) Question about the softmod from a 9800 pro 128 to a GL x2. What are the advantages to doing so? Is it worth it? Thanks in advance!
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    Ever upgrade your laptop?

    I'm wondering if anyone's ever replaced their laptop CPU themselves. I have a HP ze4115 and I'm interested in replacing the CPU. That's the version I have. XP1500+. It looks as...