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    $1600 Build Review

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc This will be a gaming rig with general surfing, etc. BF3, Diablo III, any newer games (been out of the PC gaming world for awhile) plus the older games like counterstrike source. All at the highest achievable settings...
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    WHS as email server

    I am looking to see if WHS is the right option. I am looking at the HP MediaSmart EX490/495 some basic requirements: back up macs and pc's iTunes server stream movies ( 150 + movie library... I have both a boxee box and a WD Live) the kicker: email server capable of "message rules"...
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    Hanns-G HH281HPB 28" vs. LG M2762D 27"

    My westinghouse 22" crapped out on me not to long ago so i'm in the market to buy a new monitor. I do alot of web design, with some graphic work on the side. I also do quite a bit of gaming as well. 22" is nice, but i've been playing with the 27" iMacs at school so I have the big screen envy.:p...
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    What do you think of my $2000 build

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Mostly gaming, with a mix of photoshop/web design 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $2000 shipping not included 3) Where do you live? Central Minnesota 4) What exact parts do you need for that...
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    GTS 250 ?

    I just won a XFX GTS 250 at a LAN party at which I had my laptap :rolleyes: I don't even have a rig right now to put this in. My question is, is this card worth building a system around? I plan on building a $1000 system this may. I could easily sell it, or buy another and run SLI. If not...
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    fahmon as a service

    Figured since this has to do with F@H this would be an appropriate place to ask. I have setup the web client with fahmon and because the environment i'm in it would be preperred to have this running as a service instead of just staying logged in. I try using sc.exe but whenever I enter a...
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    Tri-boot rEFIt on MBP problem

    hey all So for quite a while I've had my MacBook Pro (4,1) setup with a partition for Mac OSX 10.5.8 and XP. I am now getting into using Ubuntu and decided to try a tri-boot using rEFIt. Not really knowing what I was doing, I got Ubuntu setup correctly with its own partition on ext3 with no...
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    SMP config problem

    Hey all When trying to config the MPICH SMP client, I get to the point where I should start configuring my team name and what not and it doesn't acknowledge my input. I can repeat the command and it goes straight to a new line. Check out the pic: Let me know what you guys think. Thanks
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    dual processor F@H help!

    Just looking to see if i've setup everything correctly. Each node will have dual 2.0 ghz xeon with 8 gigs. I am creating an image for a 100 node cluster that will eventually all be running F@H. Yes, again, I have permission. In writing. Here is my current setup config for each instance. I have...
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    Setting up large folding farm

    At my university, we have a computer research lab that consists of various clusters. Recently they recieved a 100 node cluster which is currently being built. Being involved in the build process, another student and I are looking to start some folding@home. I can't speak for the other students...
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    retail laptop suggestions

    Hey all, So a family friend of mine will have a freshmen in college this fall, so here's my question: Any suggestions on laptops? Retail would probably be the best route to take due to warranty and technical support. He plans on being a business major, so I'm assuming he doesn't need an...
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    MBP specs

    I'm looking to get a new laptop. I really like the look of the MBP and I know they perform well. Recently my pc has been starting to act up (i built it about 6 years ago with no upgrades since) and I'm really interested in running bootcamp. My only reason is because I like to game, like...
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    outlook on apple

    I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to apple products. My question is, is it possible to run Microsoft Outlook on a macbook? The reason I ask is that I have a full blown gaming windows rig, but I want a laptop that I can take to class, work, and sit in front of the tv. I really like the new...
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    8500GT p/s requirement?

    does anyone know what the minimum power supply requirement is for a 8500GT? my friend is looking to upgrade his video card in his Dell E510 which has a 305w power supply with a radeon x300 SE 128mb. Any suggestions on a video...
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    portable laptop suggestions

    when it comes to laptops... i don't really know what to look for. I'm looking to get a portable laptop with a good battery life. This will be mainly used for web, email, music, dreamweaver, etc, and maybe the occasional game. I have a gaming desktop for that :D it doesn't need an optical drive...
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    Laptop suggestions!?

    Currently I am in the market for a laptop. My requirements are that it is super lightweight and has a long battery life. I know that this combo is not always available but I am willing to sarcrifice performance. I remember looking at an IBM X40 and think it was quite thin and light. Other...
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    Projector Question!?

    Next year I will be moving out of the dorms and into an apartment. My roommates and I are thinking of purchasing a projector for our living room. (Our apartment has a pretty good sized living room.) We will be watching tv, dvds, and ps2/xbox 360 on it. Basically the only requirement is low...
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    Portable WoW question

    I was in my universities library and I saw a kid playing WoW on a school computer. I was just wondering how this kid did it. They do not allow anyone to install software. I also read somewhere where you copy the WoW folder to an ipod... and you can run it off the ipod. I tried it at home but...
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    macromedia fireworks/dreamweaver beginner

    My test site The above site is just me messing around with my university's software. I am using macromedia fireworks, dreamweaver and flash. Using slices and exporting from fireworks, and then importing in dreamweaver is new to me. I know HTML. My question is... how do I get the blue...
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    University Network Problem

    The university (St. Cloud State) I go to has been having some problems with its network. I know its not the ISP, because while the network was being funky, i was continously pinging the gateway. Over a time span of 15 min, there was a 23% packet loss. When I say funky, i mean that I would...
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    Westinghouse 22" LCD Monitor

    I just bought the Westinghouse 22" monitor and HOLY MOLY! My last monitor was the ViewSonic G90fb 19" CRT, which was also an excellent monitor. This is my first LCD purchase and I am very happy with it. Currently i'm running the monitor at 1680X1050 and man games and videos look great! Pics will...
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    $1500-$2000 computer build help!

    I am building a computer for a friend who has given me a budget of $1500-$2000. Of course less is best, but the price range in there for a reason. Our AIM Conversation: me: budget? him: 1500-2000 me: do you need monitor? keyboard? mouse? him: yeup yeup yeup me: ok him: and a sweet...
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    quick recovery problem

    I am fixing a Compaq presario 2500 laptop and I decided to use the quick recovery CD's that it comes with. The thing is, when I get to 80% it automatically shutsdown. I've tried 3 times and it has done the same thing. What could be the problem?
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    Best AGP card out nowa days?

    Title says it all, whats the best AGP card out these days? My situation: going to college and have come to realize that I don't need to spend money on building a powerful computer. So if anything i've decided to purchase an LCD monitor and a new video card. My current setup: a7n8x deluxe...
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    Apple Plugin ?

    My friend trys to watch video clips on and although he can, a window pops up and tells him that there is an update. When he downloads the windows media.sitx and trys to open it... it opens up notepad and is just gibberish. Hes using Mac OS X. I'm not very familiar with macs, so any...
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    public webserver

    i am currently behind a Linksys BEFW11S4. The router is upstairs while 2 of my computers (including my server) is downstairs. I have my main computer connected to the router (i only have 1 line coming down from the router) which is connected to my first onboard NIC, then i have my server...
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    fedora core 5 ftp server question

    I recently just installed fedora core 5 on my old box and I got the httpd server up and running. I now want to install and configure my ftp server so i can transfer my website over to it. The thing is, when I try to add/remove software, it'll come up and say "retrieving software information" and...
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    Garry's Mod Question

    For those of you who play gmod, i was wondering how do you save your creations? Also, how do you load creations you've already saved? I've tried searching and have found nothing on this topic. Thanks
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    rca input selector + RF mod

    i didn't know where to put this, so mods please put it in correct forum if needed. my qustion: i was wondering if this rca selector + RF modulator could be set up in this manner I want to know if i can have the antenna in audio be played out the output of the box but the video...
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    Creative Decoder DDTS-100 question

    I will be a freshmen next year and my roommate and I will have a ps2, xbox, dvd/vhs player, and maybe a HTPC my question: will this Creative Decoder DDTS-100 work with 4.1 speakers? I know it says that one of its requirements is 5.1 and up, but don't you think it would work on a 4.1 system...
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    School Newspaper on Macs

    You could say i'm a pc power user. I play numerous games, do photoshop, movies, audio, listen to music and watch movies. I normally never read my school's newspaper, but for once I opened it up, and this article caught my attention. Now I do agree that Macs are better suited for media...
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    Dell 3007WFP vs Apple 30" vs Westinghouse 37"

    What would you choose for a strict gaming machine? If money is not an issue.
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    vista release date?

    my friend is buying a computer from dell or HP or whatever (yes i know he should build his own but he knows nothing about computers) and he is wondering whether or not he should wait because of the vista release. Should he get a comp now with xp or wait until release of vista?
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    headphones $100 budget

    I am looking for a pair of headphones that are within 100 give or take 10-20 dollars. I recently had my sony MDR-V700DJ's break on me and i'm in need of a new set of cans. I will be using them mostly for music and gaming. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    video over cat5

    my friend wants to run video from his computer to his huge 60" or 65" tv home theatre, the thing is, his tv is in a different room. He has a ethernet connection behind the tv, and one by his computer. He has a patch panel and plans to connect the 2 to make the connection. (his comp is wireless)...
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    Shuttle P2600

    So i'm looking at the new shuttle P2600 and i was wondering if i can get this in a barebone instead of having them pre-build it. Because i believe i could build the same system alot cheaper. Thanks
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    reciever for computer?

    alright so i have the Logitech Z-560's which are great computer speakers, i also have 2 external home theater speakers and i want to connect those speakers to my computer. So to do so I am thinking I will need a reciever. What I want to be able to do is select my comp speakers or the home...
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    n00b pondering

    alright i just realized i didn't know how you guys get those drives up into the terabytes. I know you have more then one harddrive, so how do you get multiple harddrives to act as one big one? so if i were to buy 4 250 gigs what would i use to make them "one". Raid? Partion Magic? What? Thanks
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    need help with budget comp.!

    I am building a computer for a family friend, and he is on a budget of 600 to 800 dollars for a complete system. Its main purpose is for the family to use, surf web, email, pictures, maybe some music here and there, but primarily pictures. No games. (except maybe solitare lol..) I am in some...
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    noobie folder needs help

    Alright, so I was kinda into folding for #33 awhile back... didn't really do much, I only got like 1 WU done (just checkin it out) but anyway now i've pretty much lost all information I saved about it. Now heres the deal I got it all setup and ready to go but now i keep on getting these...