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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    Love the double lifetime warranty.
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    XFX Black Edition PSU Drawing!

    LOVE the warranty.
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    RE 5 ps3 vs 360

    Game was waayy to short for my likes. Definitely found RE4 to be much more enjoyable.
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    Beware Of Hot Chicks on Facebook

    Here's a more detailed story of it. There were also bomb threats on the school caused by him. Hits me more a little at home with me since I actually went to high school there. Needless to say none of that occurred while I was there. Thing is...
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    Cheap MSI GTX 260

    Never mind figured it out. Just needed to update to my current e-mail account and it showed up there.
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    Cheap MSI GTX 260

    Oh no, I'm not really worried about it. How did you log onto mwave to view your invoice? Is it just linked to your e-mail account? I guess I'm a little confused since my mwave email account is different that the one I used on ebay, and it is not showing up on there.
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    Cheap MSI GTX 260

    Picked up an MSI card too. Was looking for a good deal and 3 years is more than enough of a warranty period for me. Got the cash back notice, now just have to wait out the 59 days. Hopefully the MIR will come in, but still a really good deal without it.
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    Cant seem to get past 3.2ghz on my Q6600

    Well, just like clock work, as soon as i start talking about my OC, it now no longer likes 3.5 GHz. Don't really have time to do any more testing, but I thought I would just let you know.
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    Cant seem to get past 3.2ghz on my Q6600

    Sorry, don't really know much about long term over voltage problems (then again I really haven't looked into it either). Personally, I've never experienced any with a processor I've owned (knock on wood). In a generally sense, yes overclocking and volting your CPU will eventually cause for...
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    Cant seem to get past 3.2ghz on my Q6600

    I guess I should really revise my statement, since I normally run my fans at only half speed. At full speed I'm in the low to mid 30s at idle, and low 50s at full load. I also went back and looked at all my OC settings, and I'm actually running 1.63 V on the CPU. With all the newer Q6600...
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    Cant seem to get past 3.2ghz on my Q6600

    Not really. Temperatures are at 40 C idle, and about mid 50s under load. I have yet to really kill a processor by over volting it too much while it's under water. If it does eventually die in the future, i'm sure I can pick up a cheap replacement for it anyways.
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    Cant seem to get past 3.2ghz on my Q6600

    I got an G0 L8 at the beginning of summer. I was able to get it to 3.6 GHz on an abit IX38, but it took about 1.69 v to get there. I decided that the power and heat wasn't really worth it, so right now I have it at a rock solid 3.5 GHz with 1.61 v. Water cooling definitely required.
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    HIS 4870 $193 after MIR

    definitely in on this. I was planning on getting this later down when it dropped to around $200, didn't know it would come this soon though.
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    Cooler Master CM690 $19.99AR at Micro Center

    rebate is probably expired as this deal was first posted back in Jan.
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    *72-Hour Sale* WD Caviar SE16 3.5in 640GB $99.99

    I'm glade I'm not the only one that has just realized how long it's been.
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    FRY's Intel Q6600 65nm Quad $206 shipped

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    FRY's Intel Q6600 65nm Quad $206 shipped

    Ordered one about 2 weeks ago and got a g0 from OH. Unfortunately my WD 640 GB has died, so I have not been able to test out the OC on it.
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    Dropbox - invites

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    Dropbox - invites

    could someone hit me up with an invite. Thanks cdtorres at gmail
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    Help choosing an 8800GTS (G92)

    if that is the case, then I would save some money with the ECS (depending on their warranty). I myself wouldn't consider ECS to be exactly generic.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    In :cool:
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    ATI Radeon HD 3400 & HD 3600 Series Slide Deck @ [H]

    Still waiting for them to release an hdmi card that can output all the high def audio formats.
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    B1G1 Free HD-DVD's @ Amazon

    Thanks. Picked up Troy and the Departed, but I wish I would have saw the other BOGOs...oh well I should really be spending money on other people and not myself this time of year. :D
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1.) water cool it and finally be able to play portal 2.) phenom
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    Refurb Black Zune $99

    I actually work part-time for a fedex ground facility here in Madison, WI, and it most likely was just not scanned into the system. Missed scans themselves are actually pretty common since the loaders themselves are responsible for the scanning, and not the actual sorters. Generally everyone...
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    Refurb Black Zune $99

    Fedex ground for residential addresses (ie Home Delivery) operates Tuesday-Saturday.
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    Must have DS Games

    +1 on: Advance Wars: Dual Strike Meteos Elite Beat Agents Final Fantasy III Yoshi's Island DS Hotel Dusk Tetris DS Haven't played any of the others that are on that list, but Lunar Knights is up next after I finish up Advance Wars.
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    RIAA Wants 50 Ohio Students To Pay Up

    I always like how the RIAA all of a sudden decided to go after students how don't have money to fight back. Since they can't win in court they decide to go after those who can't afford to go to court in the first place.
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    30 days with Linux @ [H] Consumer

    I'm in the same boat as speedrat, will probably give it a go when I have some more free time this summer. Nice to know that it isn't as difficult as I previously perceived it to be. Thanks for the nice write-up.
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    Soundblaster X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS $100 AR

    I got on this deal earlier this month and was able to get my card no problem. It took about a day for me to receive the confirmation too. Another member called fry's support and was told that their computer system has just been slow lately, so no worries. Card is great by the way, I've...
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    [H]OT! Xbox 360 Premium $299, Core $199 after MIR

    The only way to play movies on the HD-DVD is through the 360's component cables. There is no digital output whether it is HDMI or DVI, so no you can't use a converter.
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    x-fi fatal1ty for 99 after MIR

    I was able to play around a little bit last night with my card. I went from an Audigy 1 to the X-Fi and I could easily tell a difference in sound quality just listening to MP3s; each song was much richer and cleaner. Unfortunately, I didn't have any recent games installed on my machine to try.
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    x-fi fatal1ty for 99 after MIR

    Got mine today too :D . However, I won't be home to play with it today until like 9:00 pm tonight :(
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    x-fi fatal1ty for 99 after MIR

    Just checked my status today and it said my order was fulfilled and shipped :D. I placed my order Monday afternoon.
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    x-fi fatal1ty for 99 after MIR

    Mine is also backordered. But I can wait...we have until Dec 28th to send the rebate form in.
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    x-fi fatal1ty for 99 after MIR

    Don't give me all the credit... :cool: vabch22 was the one brave enough to call up Fry's and get the .pdf from them to begin with.
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    x-fi fatal1ty for 99 after MIR

    No problem on the hosting. Maybe you could add the link to your first post. Yea, I've been waiting a while for my confirmation e-mail too. I guess I'm a little use to the same second newegg confirmations.
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    x-fi fatal1ty for 99 after MIR

    Thanks got it. For everyone else looking for the rebate here it is. Fry's X-Fi Rebate
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    x-fi fatal1ty for 99 after MIR

    Could you forward a copy of the rebate to me I can see about hosting if for others to get too. Thanks . :D