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    Advanced RMA/Cross-Shipping

    Just seconding this. I did the exact same thing 2 months ago. Put down collateral, got replacement, sent broken card back, got refund. Never did anything besides registering the card.
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    LCD Televisions with 4:4:4 Subsampling and low Input Lag.

    Turns out it was a ClearType issue like you described. Thank you so much for helping me trouble shoot this issue.
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    LCD Televisions with 4:4:4 Subsampling and low Input Lag.

    Are you referring to Post 438? I followed those instructions for the video card EDID override. If it's not too much trouble, would you mind telling me what information you need to verify that I did the override correctly? I'm hoping these screenshots will be enough for you to verify, if not...
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    LCD Televisions with 4:4:4 Subsampling and low Input Lag.

    Can anyone help? I recently purchased a Samsung UN32F5500AF monitor and I'm having trouble getting the text to stop being blurry. I'm using a DVI > HDMI cable and have the connector set as DVI PC. I'm currently using Windows 7 64 bit and a GTX 670. This is my...
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Any routers with excellent range but doesn't have a billion other features that I likely won't use? I've been looking at the Asus RT-AC66U, but I feel like that nearly all of the features on it would be wasted on me. I already have a repeater for the house, but I still need something to cover...
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    Skyrim $9.99 at (Dead)

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    Dead Island: Riptide Trailer Released

    Play this game with friends. It's far far more entertaining that way.
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    Good Way to Block A Fan Slot?

    That's perfect, thank you!
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    Good Way to Block A Fan Slot?

    That's a really good idea. Thanks! It's okay, the cap problem will be solved in a delicious manner. :p
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    Good Way to Block A Fan Slot?

    Anybody have a good method or an accessory to seal off a fan port on a computer case? The main reason for this is due to the fact that a past computer was ruined because cats decided to lay on my case and then subsequently puke on it. Needless to say, cat puke and electronics don't mix too...
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    Driver v301.42 Might Want To Stay Away!

    Had my 670 lock up several times during 2D mode with those drivers as well. Upgraded to the current beta drivers and haven't experienced any lockups at all. This was only a Windows 7 machine.
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    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 680 OC - $499.99 @ Amazon

    I think he's talking about the fact you have to sign up for the Newegg news letter to actually be eligible for half of its sales. Not for this deal, but anything with codes tends to require that commitment.
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    Corsair K90 Mechanical Keyboard $89.99 after MIR

    Ah, I didn't realize that said key was mechanical. Thanks for the info. Sorry for any confusion I might have caused.
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    Corsair K90 Mechanical Keyboard $89.99 after MIR

    Does anyone here have experience on how badly the membrane backspace key affects the pace of typing?
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Maybe, a sword has one of the fastest attack speed in the game for a weapon, so it's the perfect weapon to get LoH on.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    It's kinda funny because the "bug" now allows for DH's to SS for very long periods of time. Which is ironic seeing as SS was just recently nerfed so this wouldn't be possible.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Really? I haven't seen a reasonable amount of ilvl 61-63 drop since 1.0.3 dropped. Most of my runs end up with at most 3 ilvl 63 after 15 elites, but the average is about 1 per run. Having that one item roll into a 400 dps one hander or + health orb pickup every single time gets pretty tiring...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Did a run through of Act 3 after to patch to see if any hidden nerfs/buffs took place for the drop rate. Turns out there isn't. 15 elites, 0 ilvl 63, 3 ilvl 63s, and 4 ilvl 61. Another week of camping the AH it is. At least I'm making good money reselling stuff :rolleyes:
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    What happened to physics? Physics at work!
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Ya, I'm just waiting for the patch, but I don't believe the patch coming out this week will do anything for me. Oh well. I have well over 300 hours on my character and 0 pieces of gear my character is using right now I've found. It's just the way it is. Kinda sad, but that's how drops are...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    The latest patch completely killed any motivation for me to play this game :( It's just no fun killing Act 3 mobs anymore when the best thing you'll see is one or two ilvl 63 gear in an entire run of 10-15 elites.
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    Diablo III Fixes Coming Next Week

    The game is so-so at best, not terrible, but not amazing. Once you hit Inferno, there aren't builds anymore. It's stack 3-4 defensive skills, have 1-2 active attack skills. Everyone is pretty much reduced to the same build. Same with items... Does it have + Resist All, + Main Stat, + Vit...
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    Diablo 3 Digital Version: No Key?

    The license is automatically placed into your Bnet account. Seeing as you have to login with your Bnet account to play, there's no real need for a key to be given to you.
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    My cat scratched my U3011

    Tried any of these solutions? The pencil eraser actually worked for me.
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    It's been just about ten years since this beauty....

    Damn, I recall being insanely jealous of my friend who had one of these. I had to settle for a 8500LE which was less than stellar. What would you guys consider the next 9700 Pro? The 8800 GTX?
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    Which 670 to buy?

    Psh, if we all lived up to this site's name none of us would be getting the third best product! 690 SLI all the way! :p
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    Which 670 to buy? Shame that Newegg has tax for CA... Soon Amazon will too :(
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    Weird Issue on Gigabyte Z77-UD3H with G15 Keyboard

    Is anyone else having issues with the G15 when using UD3H's USB ports? I actually can't use the G15 to get into the BIOS while booting and none of the media shortcut keys work when my G15 is plugged into any of the 6 back USB 3.0 ports. I've installed all the chipset and Via drivers, but that...
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    Microcenter ins-stock vs. on web site

    From what I've been told, MC's website updates their stock for new arrivals at around 12Am local time. It seems accurate too as a few days ago I purchased an i5 before it was entered into the website's inventory. Out of curiosity I kept checking their website for an inventory update and it did...
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    GTX 470 $410 - $10 VISA = 400

    This is a pretty big upgrade from the 480. In fact, if you OC the card you can hit very close to what the 680 pulls according to some leaked reviews.
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    Post your New Ivy Bridge Processor Thermals, Type of Cooling, and First Impressions:

    My first attempt at OCing in 5 years. It's been a while and it's pretty fun. Anyone mind looking at these temps? I feel like these are a bit high for an Antec Kuhler 620, but I don't much experience with these.
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    i5 3570k $190 with $50 discount on Z77 boards at Microcenter

    There are cheaper motherboards at MC. My friend got the Asus Z77 LX model for only 90 bucks.
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    Gigabyte or Galaxy GTX 680? Which is better?

    One more vote for Galaxy. My experience with them have been very smooth and our local rep here is extremely swift at taking care of things.
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    i5 3570k $190 with $50 discount on Z77 boards at Microcenter

    They had zero on the shelf when I went. I called around 3 and they said they had 40 on stock. Got there at 4 and they had to dig them from back stock
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    i5 3570k $190 with $50 discount on Z77 boards at Microcenter

    Santa Clara/Bay Area Microcenter just recently got a shipment in today. They had roughly 40 left when I went there are 5PM today.
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    Samsung Galaxy S III launch details revealed ; May 3rd

    I don't really mind having a dual core instead of a quad, it likely won't matter too much when doing everyday tasks. The main issue that I'm worried about is how long ATT is going to drag its feet on releasing the S3, especially since the U.S. is going to be getting a separate build. You're...
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    Samsung Galaxy S III launch details revealed ; May 3rd

    Bleh, I guess the U.S. is getting a variant of the S3 that has the Snapdragon Krait instead of the normal quad Exynos. So much for getting the phone in a timely manner. Looks like I'll just get the One X and avoid waiting for the next 3-4 months for U.S. carriers to release it...
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    Wow, Heat Issue with Ivy just stinks, what to do now?

    Isn't the IB cooler than SB at stock speeds? Even if you do OC, I don't believe you actually start to encounter heat issues until you attempt a 4.3+ OC. That or you have a really bad chip.
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    EVGA GTX 480 $210

    I bit. This site and slickdeals will be the end of me.
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    Hoping to Reuse Old PSU

    Thank you for your quick rely! Hoping this unit will last until 2015 when Skylake hits!