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    CAT7 patchpanel

    I'm looking for CAT7 patchpanels for mounting in a serverrack. I cannot for the life of me find any legit CAT7 patchpanels that are reasonably priced. Please help me find one. I'll use it in a factory with attached offices that would like to have CAT7 everything.
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    Tablet for production environment w/Great camera

    So for a new project I'm looking to get a bunch of tablets with a good camera. It will be used for production management and quality control. Display is not important, minimum 720p HD with useable brightness. Camera is very important, pictures need to be taken and uploaded. Speed is not...
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    New Dell Servers drive config

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Storage servers 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? No budget, but needs to make sense 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if possible. EU 4) What exact...
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    Ordering multiple high-end 10-bit displays to test and send back?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking at a bunch of different options for a 10-bit display. I'm very happy with the U2515's, they are awesome for the price but I need 1 or 2 10-bit displays with AdobeRGB coverage. It's going to be used for Photoshop and Softproofing before printing. There are so many...
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    Dell UP3214Q vs UP3216Q vs Asus ProArt 5K

    So I'm about to buy one of these Dell monitors, but I cannot find any difference except for the some connectivity changes. There aren't any reviews comparing the two when I searched for them. I also just noticed that Asus announced a 5K 32 inch monitor on June first, but no availability or...
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    Mini ITX + internal speaker and mic + Wifi. Skylake

    So title says it all: I need a Mini ITX mobo with internal speaker and mic and Wifi to use with a Skylake CPU. I found some older motherboards with internal speakers and mics. And also just noticed our new Dell 3420 systems have this build in as well. This will be used with intel VPRO and a...
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    Backpack battery powered Case => what mini-itx mobo?

    So I'm almost done making my battery powered backpack for VR gaming with no wires. I just need to build the powerhouse now. It needs to be ITX, I'm still not sure if I'll go i5 or i7. GPU will be 1080 or 1070. Now I'm thinking: i5, 1070, 16GB ram, SSD Already have: SSD, 250W PSU What mobo...
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    High end office pc's Intel i7 NUC or Dell

    Our 8-year old 1st gen i7 Dell machines are starting to fail : one of them has a noisy motherboard (coil whine) and is acting up because of this. I’ll need to replace 4 systems (possibly 10, but this is still unsure). I replaced the HDD's with SSD's a few years ago and this helped a lot with...
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    GPU for Photoshop acceleration

    So I'm looking to upgrade the GPU for 3 of my workstations. Only 5% of the workload is AE or PP, so it's mainly for Photoshop acceleration. I currently have a Quadro 2000 and a Quadro FX3800 in there, but I need to put them back in the old workstations they belong to. Specs on the 3...
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit ISO

    So, I have a Dell that I just put back together, it has a windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit key on the case. So now I wanted to install Win7 HP and upgrade it to Win10. But I don't find any Home premium ISO. I only have a Ultimate and HP32bit ISO (from 2009 on my IT software server). The microsoft...
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    Official testing/learning hifi audio

    Ok, so I'd like to make a topic where we can share everything to test our hearing skills. Bitrate: Mix of everything, very extensive!: Harman How To Listen...
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    Windowed fullscreen video

    So I want to run video's (Youtube, Vimeo,...) in a seperate window, which I want to scale however I want. This was the only reason I used to use Metro IE, which is no more in Windows 10. Is there a way to get full window playback?
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    Best 2.5inch SAS drives (600+GB)

    I have to upgrade a server (Dell Poweredge R620) to higher capacity drives. It currently only has 4 300GB 15.000 RPM drives in it. I'm looking at going with 8 600GB drives. Any experience with good 2.5inch SAS drives? Good pricing is a plus of course.
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    X99 mobo endless options! sub 300$

    Hi, I need a mobo for a few X99 builds I'm doing. Budget is under 300€. I'll buy it here: I don't need anything on it, It will have 1 GPU, i7-5820K and ram that is supported by the mobo. Will do a light daily OC (4Ghz). I...
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    6700K vs 5820K price/peformance with no GPU

    So, once again I need to build a few systems for photoshop purposes. The 5820k will be a better performer in this regards, but I would need to buy a seperate GPU to handle the 34" Ultrawide. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Photoshop...
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    Laptop 4K display + 24" 1080p scaling

    How can I use my laptop 4K display with a 24" 1080p and have usable scaling on both? The 24" needs 100% scaling and my laptop 200%. Now I can only use one at a time and it's extremely annoying...
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    Programming builds

    I need to pick out systems for 6-8 programmers that are going to work for our company, but I have 0 knowledge about what systems programmers prefer to use. Within 2 months we will have 4 guys that need a system (and the others will follow in the next 2 months). I don't know if I should build...
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    Setups/systems for programmers

    What are your favorite setups for programming? What screen configuration and how much power do you like to have? We have 6-8 programmers comming within 2 months and I only have experience with systems for photo/video/advertisement/... All help will be highly appreciated!
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    Barco LX-5

    Hi everyone. I got the oppertunity to buy a 2008 Barco LX-5 for 2000$, is this a good deal? It has a resolution beyond 4k with 4 DVI-D inputs. Any help will be highly appreciated! If someone gives extremely good advice I...
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    21:9 ultrawide 1440p with Quadro 2000 and FX 3800

    I'm thinking about buying a couple of Dell/LG 34" Ultrawide's for our workstations. Will the Quadro FX3800 and Quadro 2000 be able to run these? They state a digital resolution of 2560x1600, but they are currently running 2x 1920x1200 displays which is quite a lot more pixels than 2560x1600...
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    How do change mouse DPI beyond Windows

    So on my laptop I use a Logitech mouse without software and Windows doesn't allow me to put it as fast as I want. How can I surpass this and set my mouse DPI higher?
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    SSD's with upgrade path to Intel NUC's

    I started a topic about 2 months ago about upgrading our 10 office pc's (2 workstations) to SSD's. The decision was made to wait for the deployment of Windows 10. With this being fairly close now, I thought I ask my question again with the new info I have. We are 90% sure going to upgrade the...
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    Stacking 2 slim rad's vs thick rad?

    I have never seen it done before, but would it be wise to used 2 thin rad's with the fan's sandwiched in between? Or would a thick rad give the same result? I am thinking about 2x 30mm rad's vs 1 60mm rad.
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    EVGA GTX 980 Hydro (does it make sense?)

    Hello everyone, So I was on the edge of buying a GTX 980 Hydro, thinking it was a classified with a waterblock on it. But it's just a reference 980 with a waterblock (that's what EVGA told me). I would basically pay 250$ for a waterblock + installation. Does this even make sense? Any input?
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    Workstation and Gaming rig's

    Hi everyone, Again thinking about going to X99 or Z97 or waiting for skylake. 2 machines, would like to use the same components. 1 for gaming (almost exclusively) and other one for full time creativity. [/COLOR]1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc...
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    General usage laptop under 800$

    So, I got a niece and nephew that are looking for a new laptop, they are going to buy the same laptop. I tried to convince them to up their budget a little bit so they could go with the 128gb i3 Surface Pro 3 with keyboard, but they have a set budget. They need a good laptop for under 800$...
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    Will an I7 2600 hold back a GTX980?

    So will an I7-2600 (non K at 3.4 GHz) hold back from the potential of the GTX980. System has 16gb ram, good PSU and SSD. I don't feel the need to upgrade the 2600 in other tasks btw. But I will probably upgrade to the next gen of CPU's to play with K-editions. Thanks in advance!
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    Hitting 98° with stock i7-2600 watercooled

    Ok, from one day to another my stock i7-2600 is hitting 98° (from normal 54° under load). It's fitted with an H100i (corsair link shows both fans and pump running). And it is seated properly (didn't reseat between the time it gave 54° and 98°). All dust is cleaned out btw. Anyone knows what...
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    SSD's for small business

    Hi everyone. I need some help with implementing SSD's into all pc's at an office. The normal office pc's (8 of them) are i7's (3 gen I think) and have 1 5400rpm HDD's in them. We would like to upgrade them after seeing some studies that prove the productivity improvements of SSD's for...
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    Pentium Anniversary Edition for Web

    I would like to play with the Pentium AE and now I have the perfect excuse: I need a new PC for an elderly person, HDD is failing, PSU is acting up and it's already 9 years old. He does a lot of web browsing and some video watching from time to time. I see he hates waiting for it to start up...
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    Browsing PC

    Delete pls, posted new title
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    GTX980 or GTX770 SLI?

    Hello everyone, I got the oppertunity to buy a GTX770 for a low price (Windforce OC, same as the card I already have). I will have to upgrade my mobo and CPU as I currently have an i7 2600 with a single GPU mobo (will upgrade to X99 anyway when the second mobo revisions come out). But if...
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    X99 Upgrade Build

    Hi everyone! I would like to upgrade my i7-2600 to a X99 platform (probably i7-5820K, but considering i7-5930K if it's worth the extra money). My current rig was already upgraded because I upgraded to a Gigabyte GTX770 OC. This is the current build: OEM Dell mobo i7-2600 16GB OEM...
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    Fan controler: temp sensors?

    Hi everyone, I just ordered multiple parts to upgrade my personal rig (in fact only keeping my i7 2600 and mobo), I also ordered the Kaze Master Pro fan controller as my mobo only has 2 fan connections (1 controllable for cpu and 1 3-pin). I saw I could also monitor my temps so I can modify my...
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    2x Workstation build or wait?

    Hi everyone, I would like to build 2 workstations to replace our current Dell Precision's that are already 5 years old with fairly low Xeon clock speeds, older Quadro cards and warranty expired last month. But with all the rumors about the Haswell-E and Nvidea Maxwell, I think I should wait and...