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    Anyone have a Asus p8p67 and a Scythe Mugen 2?

    Awesome, ty for the help qt, makes me feel a lot better, was worried I was going to have a problem.
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    Anyone have a Asus p8p67 and a Scythe Mugen 2?

    Well I wouldn't call this an asus problem, the scythe mugen is massive and I don't think there's any board that really plays well with it & ram with large heatsinks. qtbyre, when you say you have 2 sticks running you mean in the first and 3rd slots right? If so that'd be perfect for me, I'll...
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    Anyone have a Asus p8p67 and a Scythe Mugen 2?

    Well as it turns out it should fit, apparently the g.skill heatsinks aren't as tall as others and will just squeeze under the scythe's fan
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    Looking for a quiet cooler that doesn't take up half the case

    Alright that wouldn't be too bad. And actually I'm starting to think that the ripjaw x ram I bought should fit under the cooler, apparently the ripjaw series has one of the shorter heatsinks out there (I keep saying to myself "you had to buy the ram with the fins didn't you....") Found some...
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    Looking for a quiet cooler that doesn't take up half the case

    How not effectively, are we talking an extra degree or 2 or a 5 degree+ jump? I've got a fractal r3 coming.
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    Looking for a quiet cooler that doesn't take up half the case

    Hoping someone can help me with a suggestion, I'm building a quiet pc, and the last part I'm stuck on is the CPU cooler. I have a scythe mugen 2 on the way, but the more I read about it and see that it basically makes the 4th ram slot unusable and the 3rd iffy at best (especially when you're...
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    Anyone have a Asus p8p67 and a Scythe Mugen 2?

    Well that's a problem, the one thing I apparently didn't consider when I bought all my parts was the fact that my ram (g.skill ripjaw x) and cpu cooler would not play well together. Anyone tried mounting the fan on the other side of the mugen pulling air off and out the back of the case?
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    Anyone have a Fractal Design R2/3 and a Scythe Mugen 2?

    I've got this combination coming, along with some ram that have tall heatsinks (g.skill ripjaw x). All the research I put into picking parts and after I order the one thing I realize that I think might trip me up is that the ram might not fit with the ram heatsink. I've read that the fan can...
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    Anyone have a Asus p8p67 and a Scythe Mugen 2?

    If so, how's the clearance for ram? I've been reading some people say it's fine, others say it blocks one or more slots on this board.
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    Will this quiet build run too hot?

    Been doing some reading, how's this hd?
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    Will this quiet build run too hot?

    Well I haven't bought the ram yet so if you have any other suggestions I'm open. Also open to suggestions on HD, that's probably the one piece I haven't done my research on yet which is why I haven't pulled the trigger on buying it yet. Glad to hear about the PSU, and as for the GPU I was...
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    Will this quiet build run too hot?

    I've already bought the video card, case, CPU and motherboard. Everything is new not reused from an old build. Power supply is this one Ram is this
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    Will this quiet build run too hot?

    Have a quiet system all built out, now I'm worried if it will run too hot. Case: fractal design r3 CPU: I5 2500k GPU: XFX 6870 (new twin fan design not the one with the reference cooler) CPU Heatsink: Scythe Mugen 2 Motherboard: Asus p8p67 pro Ram: 2 x 4gb G Skill Ripjaws PSU: Antec tp-650 HD...
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    Fascinate Owners have Voodoo Sound/Color now!

    I had a captivate until recently, supercurio and the devs putting his work on it were about the only thing that made it worth owning, it's really sad how badly Samsung and its US partners are supporting what is/was a really nice piece of hardware.
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    Any good cheap keyboards that light up?

    LOL, thank you, getting ticked when someone asks a question that has been asked 3 times on the front page is one thing, a post from months ago, take a second and link it.
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    Possible to upgrade laptop graphics?

    Ahh that's right. Amazing that didn't go anywhere.
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    Thank you GSkill

    Never dealt with their warranty service but always good to hear a positive story about a company instead of the regular horror stories, I'll keep this in mind next time I'm shopping for ram.
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    Gskill 2x4gb $30 off = 99.99 Good price?

    Great price, I've put that in my friends system when I built it for him, he's not much of an overclocker but I bumped it up a few days after I built it to test stability and it ran stable.
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    Got newegg coupon, should I get new PSU?

    Probably a good idea, you've gotten your money worth out of the neo it sounds like. Might as well remove it as a possibility of the instability. At that point you could just run the system on onboard audio for a few days and see what happens, that'd tell you for sure if it's the x-fi.
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    TFT Technology Breakdown and Model/Panel Index

    Been trying to track down what panel my Dell ST2410 uses. When my 2405 died I really didn't want to go to TN but I didn't have the budget for an IPS monitor, however after trying to a few displays I ended up with the ST2410 and was really surprised how good the picture was, and not just "good...
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    Samsung New 120Hz 3D Models S23A750, S27A750, S23A950 and S27A950

    I'm confused, why exactly do these monitors have ethernet ports?
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    Wich Is The Better Gaming Monitor?

    If you HAVE to pick now, go for the Samsung. Like everyone else though, I'd say try to push to wait for the new 120hz panels, it's the way to go for gaming.
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    27" LCD/LED monitors General topic

    No mention of the Dell? Dell U2711 IPS // 2560x1440 //16:9
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    Any current laptops with 16:10 screens?

    Yeah macbooks are about all you're going to find with 16:10 these days, hate this 16:9 BS. Nasty cost cutting measure.
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    Post your smartphone home screens

    Could you post a link to this wallpaper please?
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    DroidX Gingerbread Rooted Release!

    Surprised the root hasn't been blocked on this like it was on the atrix update, they're still struggling to figure that out.
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    What questions do people NEED to answer for a recommendation?

    Budget, main uses, specs of the rest of your system. I hadn't considered length restrictions but that's a good idea as well.
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    GTX 590 issues Fix on the way!!

    Probably a combination of lowering the voltage and bumping up the fan.
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    Will my processor greatly bottleneck the GTX590?

    Nope, the i5 will keep up fine for gaming.
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    Super Meat Boy is ridiculous

    That line either proves that this game is digital crack, or that you're crazy to be putting yourself through it again lol
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    Glass Panels???

    Depends on how much the glare is going to bother you, and where you desk is in relation the lights/windows in your room. I have a 24" ACD with a glass front, luckily the window is behind my desk so glare isn't a problem during the day. At night I have a slight problem with the lamps but after...
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    Dell 2405WFP

    I had one of these forever, would probably still have it if the backlight hadn't died. However when it died I bought a cheap Dell TN panel to replace it (s2410) for ~ $180 and I was really surprised at how much better the image quality was. The 2405 was/is still a very nice monitor though...
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    Are the "Nexus" brand phones always to be first with new updates ?

    I've got an Android phone and don't see myself switching anytime soon, but the update situation bothers me a lot. I had a captivate and we all know what a debacle the update situation was on that. Now I have an Inspire, and HTC which has been one of the better updates so far is still running...
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    DroidX Gingerbread Leak!

    Well I could have lived with blur, launcher pro took care of it mostly. The screen was terrible though, and for having almost a 2k mah battery, the battery life was way too short.
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    Post your smartphone home screens

    Mine looks really bland compared to everyone else's!
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    DroidX Gingerbread Leak!

    Watched the video on Droid -Life, if the Atrix had shipped with blur looking and running like this I might not have returned it.
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    Possible to upgrade laptop graphics?

    Wasn't there was a move a few years ago to make a standard for a replaceable laptop GPU that didn't go anywhere?
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    compare these two desktops

    Good pick, if for no other reason than the extra $200 will buy you a much nicer monitor than the bundled one!
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    Nook color owners: Does this worry you?

    Like Bill said, the Nook Color would have plenty in it long after B&N goes under thanks to how easy it is to flash. Even the original Nook will be ok since B&N didn't use a proprietary format and allows epub, etc.
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    Aggressive head movement safe bluetooth?

    I've got a Motorola h790, extremely light and comfortable but always stays put, sounds great too. Only problem is the battery life isn't amazing.