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    HIS x1900xt to Asus EN9600GT silent... much of an upgrade?

    as the title asks, do you guys think I'll notice a difference between an ATi x1900xt (HIS brand with IceQ 3 cooler) and an Asus EN9600GT silent? I've got a Lian-Li A05B case and I'm going for "quiet with kick" I have: Abit IP-35 Pro Intel Core2 Duo E6850 4GB Geil Black dragon Vista...
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    XSLT guidance

    ok guys, I need some advice about how to implement some XSLT functionality. I'll have xml data (all formatted consistently) coming in via email and I'd like to run it through an XSL template to pretty it up and make it more readable. I don't need it to be fully automated so I'd be...