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    Memory Overclock question

    so I have been running an i5-4670k at 4.4 ghz @ 1.35 v with my RAM at 2133 @1.61v. I was hitting a wall at 4.5 and up, so i raised Vrin to 2.1v and vcore almost all the way up to 1.45v and i still wasnt IBT stable. after about 3-4 runs i would BSOD with a code 101, or 124 (124 is my most...
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    Dimm A_1 and A_2 dont work?

    im at my wits end with this, i just got a new Asrock z97x killer board to replace my extreme 4 that seemed to have died on me, but i am experiencing an odd issue. It seems as though the first two dimm slots are nonresponsive, populating them causes the motherboard to fail to post. My ram is...
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    Video card shutdown?

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    I think My NIC shorted

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    Quick Question About FS/FT Forum

    I have my PSP up for auction at eBay and i was wondering if i could post a thread linking the auction.
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    Riiiiiiiiidge Racer!

    petition sony!
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    Super Smash Brawl

    Anyone check out the video, or see it in person? If so, share your thoughts. I think its tight that they have Pit in the game, and that theres some sort of hyper combo reminiscent of Marvel vs Capcom, and a bunch of the street fighter games. O and SNAKE! wtf, thats hilarious.
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    I think My NIC shorted

    yesterday during a storm the power went out. Unfortunately i was away from my computer and totally trashed so i wasnt able to see my computer lose power and what not. when i return to my room, i notice that my computer is off, so i turn it on. No internet. So i start diagnosing the problem, and...
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    What in heavens good earth is this?

    i just spotted this while looking at dells, not to buy, just to see if they have started using AMD processors, and i found this picture comparing a single 7800gtx, Dual 7800gtx, and an X850PE correct me if im wrong, but X850PE beating a 7800gtx, no way in gods good earth, except maybe in HL2
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    AMD v.s. Intel Need Numbers

    OK just so noone yells flame war, this is not a debate over AMD vs Intel, im all for AMD, but intel has strong points *ahem*Dothan*ahem*, but i want to know if someone can link me, or tell me where to find numbers so i can see exactly how much AMD is still catching up in terms of market share...
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    You cant say this word?

    i just realized the word F an B oy is blocked, i just want to know why cause i can never seem to get away with saying it, o and is there a list somewhere i can see what words i cant say?
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    360 bomb scare

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    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    or as i like to call it BF2 for the even bigger nerd in us. Anyone have it and would like to chime in on how the gameplay is? Battlefront was a crappy game, and im hoping the new, "play as a jedi" and play the Episode III levels. Is it any good? i really would like to buy the game.
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    Crossfire Benchies??

    im wondering if any site that has been reviewing the crossfire capable motherboards, is there one site that actually uses a crossfire setup? i know the X1x00 masters arent out yet, but what about the X850XT? seems to me it would be beneficial.
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    Cooler for Asus X800XL?

    is there an aftermarket cooler i can get that will be compatible with my X800XL? i would like it to cover the ram, either using ramsinks or with the cooler itself, i dont mind noisy, and i dont mind dual slot cooling solution.
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    Are these Temps odd?

    I have an X800XL and i OC it, yet no matter how much stress i put on the core, the temp will never increase more than 3 degrees. it idles at 50C and ful load at 53C, for the RAM though its another problem. it idles at 26C yet at full load when OC'd it goes all the way up to 50C, should i be...
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    Video card shutdown?

    my video card has been acting up like a bitch for lack of better terminology. OK but down to when why and how will i fix it. I have an Asus X800XL, and i have oc;ed it. Everything is going fine until 5.10 drivers, now the card shuts off, i think cause the Ram is getting to hot, even though it...
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    9.6ghz cpu and CS:S

    DUDE, i just oc'ed my cpu to 9.6 ghz! actually i hitnk its a bug, anyone else get it?
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    BF2 weird error now

    I cant join any servers why? says i have modified content, even though i dont, and i just patched. only maps i can join are the Wake Island maps. Anyone else getting this error?
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    [H] Photos

    im not sure if browser error or server problems, but loading the hardocp hosting pictures, they take an incredibly long time to load (im on a T1 line) or they dont at all, and i get no nice little white square with red X. If its a problem on your end i wanted to know so i didnt go all beserk...
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    Lappy Dies

    my HP dv1000 died while using itunes to impoirt music, will not turn on, chaged out the battery and still wont post. Help would be helpful
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    Is the Koolance system i believe its called the Exos 2, good?, i dont have much room in my small case, and i really want a simple to install system, would this do the trick?
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    Effects of raising/Lowering PCIe bus

    just out of curiosity what are the effects of lowering or raising the pci express bus from 100 mhz, which is what its set at currently. Does it add more bandwidth for the GPU to use? i mean what does it do exactly? thanks
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    RAM question

    im in the market for some new RAM, my Corsair does some shitty overclocks and im looking for something that will OC well Mushkin, and Crucial seem to be top names in that category could somone send a newegg link to the product they would recommend, not looking for corsair.
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    X800XL volt mod?

    just wondering if anyone knew how/where i could find a volt mod for my Asus X800XL pci express card, thanks.
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    Help Me pick a watercooling system

    im looking for a good watercooling system, i was looking at the Exos 2 because it seems like it doesnt require too much of a complex installation, the system, radiatior and such would have to be housed somewhere outside the case since the case doesnt have enough space init for the Rad, or pump...
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    Abit A8N-SLI

    i have the fatal1ty version, and it works wonderfully, wondering if you have the board what your comments concerns are, just as a random inquiry
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    Issues with 3200+ Voltage

    it seems to me as though im the only one who has to raise my voltage to be able to reach 270 fsb/HTT i see people on the forums reaching that on stock voltage and im wondering if theres something im doing wrong?
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    X800XL OC Speeds post here

    hey post your X800XL overcloking results here, post your manufacturer and your max stable speeds with no artifacting, mine are 450/1080
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    Problem with MOBO/RAM

    in my sig i have my mother board and my ram, the SPD settings for the RAM are 2 2 2 5 yet recently i just noticed my ram was running at 2 2 4 5 i found that odd so i went to the bios and hit the by spd setting, and it didnt change the RAS value, i think thats the third numbers called, so i...