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    First Laptop - help?

    I looked at them at first, but I just can't get used to that screen. I borrowed a friend's Aspire One for a week and was not a fan of that screen. I'll have the desktop, however it'll be at home, so I'd like another computer in my apartment and for class. Didn't clarify.
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    First Laptop - help?

    My parents and grandparents graciously offered me a laptop as a grad present, and I have $600 to work with here. (I can use more, but it;s OOP) What am I looking for? Uses: Firefox. MS Word. AIM. WMP. uTorrent. That's all I'd use it for. I still have a desktop for when I move...
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    Plexi Questions...

    Okay, so for a mod I'm working on, I plan to use painted plexi and to etch my school logo into it. This will be on the bottom of my case, and I was thinking of etching the logo into the black paint, so it will have a haze on it when I have it backlit. But I was wondering, should I etch the...
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    Building a PC For a Friend...

    Thanks for the heads up on the PSU, I'll look for another route. And the CPU won't be updated soon. He generally buys a new PC every 2-3 years, and doesn't upgrade in that period. (Except for maybe drives, and graphics) For the video, I'm starting to lean more towards the 9600GT...
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    Building a PC For a Friend...

    Hey guys, I'm building a PC for a bud of mine, and I want to make sure everything looks alright. He games, but nothing too hardcore. Not loo0king to go over a grand including shipping. CPU: Intel e4500 Motherboard: Slightly undecided. Gigabyte P31 sufficient? RAM: 2GB Value-DDR2...
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    No Images In Browsers?

    Whelp, I'm attempting to fix my grandfather's PC at the moment, and I'm at a loss. The internet won't load images. IE6 or Firefox, every page has a white background and any other images are white as well. If I navigate to the URL of an image, it will load, but not on a page. By no means am I a...
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    Free Oakley Microfiber Bag

    Woot, just got it today. Thanks OP, now I have a new bag to stuff change in. :D
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    More AT&T Outages?

    I haven't lost coverage on my ATT cell phone in..... well a LONG time. :D
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    [Warm?] Guitar Hero:III $42.90 (XboX 360)

    GoGamer GH3 - $42.90 Not a bad price at all if you already have a guitar.
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    8800GT Release?

    Today, I thought. :D
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    Forget Crysis! GH3 FTW!!!!

    I don't see how it's a 'premium' price for a controller; it costs just as much as any other wireless controller for a console. (Give or take a few bucks) And as far as the game goes, waiting to pick it up when it drops for the PC. :D
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    Should I cancel my Newegg order

    If that's a black PCB I'll scoop that shit right up. :D
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    Let's Clear the Confusion: 8800GT stronger or weaker than the new GTS?

    It's actually looking like he may be. :D:D
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    Holy crap my Crysis framerate!!

    I really hope I'm not the only one that laughed under my breath at that statement. :D :p
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    TF2 - Recording Gameplay Footage

    TF2 Demo Functions...
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    crysis demo not available till 27th

    Last I checked, they didn't pre-order the demo, they pre-ordered the retail game.
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    crysis demo not available till 27th

    It's a demo release date. For a demo, that noone has to pay for. I see no problem with them being a day late, maybe they're prepping the servers for more traffic, to avoid the catastrophe that the CoD4 demo was on Yahoo. If some of the downloaders get it today, that means less rush for it...
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    crysis demo not available till 27th

    A very nice birthday present! :D
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    FIRST retail box picture of a G92/8800GT, *everything* true!

    Maybe he's referring to the Ultra beater we alll know we want to see? I can dream.. :D
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    Question about rivatuner and fan speeds

    I don't know about yours, but this is how my version works. Click the arrow next to customize to open the little menu. From there, the first thing on the right has the fan control options.
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    toggle switch for cold cathode install

    I'm actually planning to do the same thing to my CM5. I'll be using Rocker switches for the front panel, to be connected to an internal CCFL kit. I don't know about yours, but my CCFL kit comes with a switch that gets tied into the back panel PCI Bracket. All I'd have to do is take the...
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    all these games coming out this year who has the time to play em all?

    Crysis WiC QW CoD4 F:FOW UT3 Wow, I have a long Christmas list.
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    UT3 demo by tomorrow...10/12

    Me too. =/ Except I'm on 32bit, I've tried downloading three times from three different sources. I first get a "1603" error from the installshield application, then after that, as it starts to install, I get a 1335 error, something about a corrupt CAB file.
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    Where do i get the plexi glass to make a window?

    I got a sheet of clear plexi, 12x24", for $12 shipped from Mcmaster-Carr. :D
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    Comcast Denies Filtering BitTorrent Traffic

    You mean...people actually download Linux ISO's? :P
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    G92 = GF 8700 GTS

    No way you can do that at 1280x1024 on a GTs 320, which he has.
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    G92 = GF 8700 GTS

    Heh, World in Conflict by a mile.
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    7600gt HD Playback Question

    Uhh.... Nothing is going to make your 700MB .avi movies playback in Hi-Def. Just FYI. ;)
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    Thermalright IFX-14 in stock at Sidewinder Is that the one?
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    *Warm?* DFI P965-S - $110

    I saw this when looking for a new proc... I don't know if that's hot or not, but it's around $25 cheaper than I have seen it yet. :D
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    Recording gameplay

    FRAPS I record at 60FPS / Full Size / No Audio
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    .....and now I need aftermarket cooling.....

    Just a tad curious, but if you aren't gaming, why is it that you need to push the card so far?
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    *Quality PICS* 8800 ?

    Probably '05. :D
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    VIA PC for filesharing.

    I read that as him trying to offer his help and knowledge by suggesting an application to handle a firewall, not an all.
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    939 in am2?

    Pics, please. :D
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    X2 3800 running at 113C under full load. :|

    Well, at least you can boil some water on your proc, if all else fails! :D
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    Serious overclocking issues

    My e4300 refuses to boot at anywhere between 225-260Mhz. I honestly have no idea why, but I run it at 340, and it boots fine there. =/ OP, make sure 'spread spectrum' is disabled in the BIOS if you have the option. I didn't at first, and I couldn't get my chip to boot at an OC.
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    cheating online. 360 live vs. pc

    In all my time playing PC games, I've seen a total of ten hackers at most. Maybe 3 in BF2, and 5 or so in CS:S. And I've played with/against thousands of people that were clean - so I would say that in fact, there are more cheaters than clean players.