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    Anyone looking for Swan m200mkii's these days?

    Hey guys, hopefully it's ok to post this here. I love these guys, but I'm selling them. I noticed that theaudioinsider still is majorly backordered so if any of you guys are drooling to get one, I'd be glad to hook someone up with my pair. They're in perfect condition, haven't been...
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    Creative software causing weird glitches?

    I have an Asus Xonar DX card which I'm using as my main soundcard right now and think it's great, but I wanted to use my X-Fi Platinum for its input bracket (partly because my case's FP connectors are a little staticky). Anyway, I hooked up both the Creative Platinum and older X-Fi Gamer and...
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    Break-in period for Swan m200mkii's?

    Hey, got these speakers just recently. But they seem very harsh to me. How long should I allow for break-in before I return them? I have a pair of z-cinemas that honestly sound a lot better than these (although with worse midrange). Is it the lack of a sub that's doing these in? Any other...
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    1/19 ONLY - Antec Sonata III Black w/500W Earthwatts 80+ for $50AR from frys

    1/19 ONLY Like before has another Antec case deal - this time the Antec Sonata III Price is $74.99 (must add to cart to see price), minus $25 rebate Shipping is free This one comes with a Earthwatts 500W 80+ Certified PSU, which is $50 AR by itself on newegg right now.
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    1/17 - Antec P180 Silver Mid Tower Case $45AR +FS today only!

    Frys has the Antec P180 (same deal as P182) 1/17 only with FS. $94.99 - $50MR = $45 shipped. Price on site says $139.99. Add to cart to get correct price and FS. Also, a lot of people have reported getting the P182, just in the P180 case.
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    Recommendations on 3rd slot physics?

    I'm upgrading to crossfire (2x x1900xtx's I've got) and I wanted to use a third card for the physics. I was looking at ATI x1650 Pro 512mb 128-bit. I was wondering if that card will be hamstrung by the fact that it's 128-bit and if so how noticably. Should I be considering a 256-bit card instead?
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    Crucial 2GB (1 Stick) PC2-5300 667MHz 200-pin SODIMM DDR2 Laptop $69.99 FS ($59 AGC)

    Hey guys, been an occasional lurker and gotten a few sick deals off here so thought it might be time to give back. I saw this on SD and it looked like people thought it was hot. Thought I'd post it so you guys can get it before it goes OOS. This is for a single 2gb stick. Normal price seems...