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    One day with 6970

    Interesting one day notes: I installed a Diamond 6970 from Newegg yesterday, after having to upgrade my PSU to a noname 1100w from (local retail shop for since the TT psu only had 6 pins and a 6pin to 8pin adapter wouldn't let my GAEX58UD3R startup....really wants...
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    Free $50 GC and Guitar hero w/ PS3 @ BB Looks like $100 off their iPhones too...of course you have to be a new subscriber and all that crap, but the iPhone has been the most fun purchase I've made this year.
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    Employee Pricing on PC goods?

    Sent this in as news too, but it is a fairly decent DotD...seems that Tigerdirect is jumping on the Employee Pricing bandwagon, heh.