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    New nVidia gpu?

    YouTube - ‪Crysis2 DX11 on Unreleased NVIDIA GPU‬‏ 6xx series? Or just a new 5xx series mobile GPU?
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    24" Gaming, is there anything worthwhile?

    So at the moment i run a 20" for my gaming, i wouldn't mind a 24" 1920x1200 especially for the extra space especially with the amount of crap i run at times. I've been looking through various types of 24" and i can't set my mind on one. As im going to be gaming, fast paced FPS UT/Quake...
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    8800GTX died, recommend me something new :(

    So my trusty old GTX died on its arse today. Which is really the worst time it could have done so.:mad: Originally i was planning on waiting until Windows 7 went official before i upgraded anything and hopefully a GTX300 would be out by then. Although it seems my 8800 had other plans...
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    iPhone 2.2.1

    Just updating right now. Sounds crappy, ah well.
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    Vista and SP1

    Ok, so for a long time i've been running Vista, although i went to install a program the other day from Adobe which asked for SP1. So i happily downloaded and installed it. Now the problem. Since installing it i have had countless BSoDs and just shut downs with no errors, or anything. Vista...
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    How to monitor NB temps?

    Right tryign some new settings with my OC to see if i can push anything more from my Q6600. I have PCProbe installed, but i did something somewhere and now i'll load it and it crashes reading all voltages except Vcore as 4.06v. I never trusted it anyway, always had way inaccurate CPU temps...
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    9800GTX 55nm 512-bit - Still 8 series architechture?!

    Original Source Source translated
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    Ballistix will work with Tracers too right?

    I currently have a set of Ballistix DDR2 667MHz @ 730 I take it The tracers are the same just have some flashy lights, so will a set of DDR2 667 tracers work with standard ballistix? Cheers
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    Vista/Photoshop/Tablet Issue! help.

    No idea where to put this so it's in here. Photoshop freezes, Black screen flash, BSOD flash, reboots It appears to be happening with my tablet in Photoshop. Photoshop either freezes, crashes or the screen just flashes up a BSOD, in milliseconds so i have NO chance of reading it, and...
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    Firefox Memory Optimizer

    This thing is... Utterly AMAZING. Six tabs open usually abour 65MB of memory used. with his program running in the background (using around 900k). My firefox memory usage has droppep ALOT I read 1MB!! Thats one hell of a reduction. Download Checked it with AVG and had no...
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    It's Finished :D

    Dare Devil is done. Link Im linking to it as im not waiting to upload it again, it's a nice 5.6MB .PNG.... And stealing bandwidth is bad. Hope you like :) My poor hand hurts...
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    Sandbox2 Editor in full version of Crysis?

    Is the Sandbox in the full version of Crysis, or was it only in the demo? I really don't want to have to re-download the demo just for the editor =\ If it's there can someone tell me where abouts it's located?
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    New 8800GTS leaked on!

    Link to GTS on Play Grab of the screen. Nice.
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    QX9770 Reviewed! It's FAST!

    Full review Thats one bitching 3.2GHz CPU, with a 1600MHz FSB! and only eating up 1.25 volts?!?! It's faster than the QX9650 as you would expect, but that 0.20GHz costs alot! Just $1200USD or £750... With air cooling they took it easily to a round 4GHz.
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    MSI going on-board watercooling.

    Following ASUS, MSI appear to have taken the plunge into watercooling. HydroGenX38 Although it's not only the NB this time, they have done the MOSFETS and SB too, but the water will be passed through the heatpipes. Which look nice and small around 1/4" and along with some nice right angle...
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    Nvidia BETA drivers crashing, or Crysis?

    So i just got Crysis today. I installed the .09 drivers yesterday and played the UT3 demo for 5+ hours with no problems. Today i get into Crysis and i get the screen go black, but the sound is still working (looping) so i Ctrl+Shift+Esc and see Crysis is still responding. In the end i close it...
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    A WIP.

    UPDATED A FEW POSTS DOWN. What ya think?
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    Photoshop CS3 Ext and Vista Random shutdowns??

    I have experienced this twice, here is what happens. Working on something in Photoshop CS3 Extended edition (yes it's legal) with Vista Home Premium 32-bit, i get random black screens in which the PC shuts down (well doesn't shut down it's too quick for a proper shutdown) and it reboots...
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    Crysis Demo Perfomance, 88GT inc.

    They gave us one of the first 8800GT reviews, thank god they included it in this Crysis performance review. It isn't the new GTX or Ultra, it's ahead of the GTS and All ATi. Check it out
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    Crysis, is it all you hoped for?

    I've been playing (well ok shooting trees and exploding things) for about 2 hours now, on my GTX im on HIGH settings no AA getting pretty crappy frame rate for what i though but it's playable. The game itself doesn't, imo, seem to bring anything really new, maybe because i haven't played it all...
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    Call Of Duty 4 Demo screens

    Demo was released yesterday i think, so i decided to start playing. 1680x1050, settings as high as the demo allows. Couldn't get FRAPS working on it either :( but it was very playable. Some of the screens were cropped as i messed up screenshotting... All in craptacular jpeg format doh
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    Q6600 G0 not going much past 3GHz

    So i finally got my system up and running. Specs in Sig. At the moment i have it at 3.33GHz w/ 1.4v, seems to drop quite a bit when under load, so it goes to about 1.35. That helped with stability at lower speeds. Im trying to stress test with 2 Orthos' running, one or cores 0&1 and the other...
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    GPU-Z Released

    You've all seen CPU-Z now get information about your GPU edit: updated to 0.0.7 Download linky Edit: a screenshot
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    1000 drives in one? 640GB of NAND Flash!

    Just WOW 320GB, 640GB or 1.2TB of storage will be offered the 640 is estimated to be $20'000 Moving one 8GB file in 4KB packets in... 5 SECONDS! Who's buying me one? :P
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    What does [H] think of my new beast?

    Spec: CPU: Intel Q6600 G0 (Gotta overclock that :D ) GPU: EVGA 8800GTX Motherboard: Asus Blitz Formula SE RAM: 2GB Crucial Ballistix HDDs: 1x 80GB, 1x 160GB, 1x 74GB Raptor (16mb cache) PSU: Corsair HX620W Wireless: Edimax 802.11n Draft v2.0 OS: Vista Premium 32bit Case: Silverstone...
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    Quick question for TJ07 owners

    Nevermind found it out. 140mm Depth, 110mm Width What's is the size of this hole? Dimensions? Yes i went OTT with the arrows ;) Looks like i could fit a 120mm fan in there, anyone know if that will work, if not 92 or 80? i reckon if it's like this (from above)...
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    Noobish question :)

    Hopefully getting my new pc soon. I will hopefully be watercooling it, the CPU, NB (Blitz Formula) and GPU. This will be my first watercooling setup. I will probably end up with a EK Fullcover 8800GTX block for the GTX, my question is what do i put on the RAM chips etc? Will normal thermal...
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    Asus Maximus Formula (Watercooled one)

    So you have probably seen the one with the hideous heatsink. Well i found this on Vadim, for pre-order here It looks sweet. This is the only one image i have seen of the watercooled version, so it looks like it will the blitz range but with X38. Chances are i will end up with this, was...
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    Enough Amps for a GTX?

    Silverstone's ST60F (600W), has 4 12v rails rated at 18A each, im guessing that two of these rails may go to one PCI-E cable or each PCI-E cable runs off a different rail. Does that mean, it will give a 8800GTX the 28A it asks for? Was never good at the echnical side of electronics, just the...
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    Worth getting a 8800GTX now?

    I don't upgrade much, but soon im hoping for a new system the one in my sig. Im not a heavy gamer, i will get into some games, but as i want this system to give me some good performance in Crysis i'm thinking a 8800GTX will be better then a GTS. With rumours saying that G92 cards will be out...
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    Another 4GB vs 2GB question, involving Photoshop

    I know there are loads of these, i've searched high on low on [H] and Google. But my question isn't about what's best for benchmarks and gaming, which of these would be better for Photoshop and other graphics work. I know 4GB would help alot in 3D programs etc, but i can always go to 4GB...
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    How much power will this need?

    I was thinking at first going for a HX620W but now im thinking about 750W Silverstone, what do you think hoping to build this soon. Q6600 G0 overclocked to 3.6GHz (i hope) Blitz Formula SE 320MB 8800GTS 3 SATA hard drives one a 74GB Raptor 4GB DDR2 RAM Wirless PCI card in a TJ07 so...
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    Macbooks Updated!

    Taken from Mac Rumours. check them out online Apple US Apple UK Edit:: Damn didn't see the other thread... dunno how but...doh.
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    Getting WEP key, stared out?

    OK here is my problem i need to get this encryption key from my software, although to protect it it is stared out, damn security! lol. Is there anyway of getting this key? That isn't from the router? Do programs store the data somewhere? i mean they must, but help...
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    Accessing server to run 3DSM remotlely?

    I have a mate who isn't all know how on PCs but he is one great 3D designer he does lots of work and he is in spain quite a bit of time. My question is would remotely accessing a personal server from the UK work? we are talking lots of rendering and big files, i have a feeling there would be...
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    Recommend me a mobo.

    OK so come summer im planning a new PC. Its going to be used for gaming, i will want to play Crysis, full settings or not. I will be doing lots of graphics work, Photoshop CS3 Extended, Flash, Illustrator etc and Dreamweaver etc for web editing. I'm planning on a C2D 6420, 8800GTS (probably...
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    Intel Core 8! 45nm 'Dale' chips! Documentation leaked.

    Seen this on Digg, i though id share. From Link to the leaked .pdf here =
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    Conroe E6600 record SuperPI SuperPI 1M 9.563s@5304MHz

    More info here Damn nice overclock by PRTeamJapan, running on a ASUS P5B DELUXE with voltage mod, cooled with LN2.
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    Samsung - Hook up a monitor without a GPU

    The new Samsung UMPC may be grabbing the headlines and the gawks at the Samsung booth, but it is the SyncMaster 2040UX (20-inch) and the 940UX (19-inch) that really got our jaws dropping. Special firmware within the monitor allows it to interpret video signals through the USB connection, and get...