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    Subwoofer cable on the cheap?

    So I'm going to buy a sub in the near future, I just want to see what cable I can use to shave off a few bucks.
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    Call of Duty (5) World at War xbox360 beta keys Enter your name, email 2x, and b-day. They started at 20,000 but only have around 8,000 left. So HTFU!
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    audio device selector in taskbar?

    Is there a program or a way to have an icon in the taskbar where I can right click and select an audio device? I'm using an audigy2 for my speakers and a xonar u1 usb for my headphones. I plan on using the xonar for a win2k and winxp box. EDIT: nvm, I found one using better search terms in...
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    PRAM battery for 12" powerbook g4 aluminum?

    I've been searching for it for the past 10hrs or so and I cant find any information on where to buy it, how to replace it, or if it even exists. The powerbook's date/time resets every once in a while so I'm sure its the PRAM... Anyone that can help me?
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    wma lossless vs flac

    I was holding out to see what the zune2 80gig was going to offer in terms of formats and was hoping that it would support Flac (even though I knew it wasn't likely) but it does support wma lossless. So I was wondering if there is any difference at all between the 2 formats. I've ripped a few...
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    Is my cpu DOA?

    I bought an oem s939 x2 3800+ toledo from newegg to replace my 3500+. I installed it but when I powered up, all I got was a blank screen no bios either. I tried resetting the bios by removing the lithium battery but that didn't work. I put the 3500+ back in and it booted up fine. The weird...
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    SG-01 cpu temps

    I want to see if there are better configurations than my current set up at keeping my temps down 40c idle / 54c load opty 165@274fsb thermaltake blue orb II silverstone fx121crossflow fan antec neohe 500 i saw that between the neopower and the neohe that it was 2 degrees cooler with...
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    found an aironet 1220b - need some help

    i got it from my sister about a year ago and it has been sitting in a paper bag since then. Then MarioKart fo the DS comes out, so I decided to make use of the AP. I plug it into a wired linksys broadband router and it works fine with my sis' laptop, connecting to the internet and what not...
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    reviving my aria - a couple of questions

    so as soon as i figure out which T-froce to put the QP, i plan on putting my old asus mobo back into the aria and using it as a file server of sorts. Looking at making it as quiet and as cold as possible since it will be constantly on along with my QP. Available parts: asus a7n8x vm/400...
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    coolest running socket a?

    which socket a runs the coolest? i need to know the which type/core/speed will run the coolest. this will be going into a asus a7n8x-vm400 and be placed into a very hot antec aria case. speed isnt a big issue since it will only be used as a remote access pc to d/l files while away from home...
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    what games made you buy a console?

    what was THE game or games that made you buy a particular console? I'm not talking about games that were cool after you bought the console, I'm talking about the game that sold you the system. for me: Saturn - Nights, Panzer Dragoon Zwei Gameboy color - Pokemon Red N64 - Goldeneye, Zelda...