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    Hot: Intel 80GB X25-M G2 $230.99 - 10% Bing cashback at ebay

    Seller link here $230.99 - 23 (10% bing) = $207.99 + free shipping + tax in some states Up to 10% Cash Back. Just search for ssd on Online forums say this version is improved from gen 1 and has support for...
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    Asus P5Q Premium is here

    I haven't heard almost anyone talking about this board; I know there's a P5Q thread, but this board is almost so unique in its own way it needed its own thread. Here's some pics of mine that just got in. Box shots Under the flap Backside Accessories contents The IO shield...
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    AM2 FX62 build, need troubleshooting help

    Hi all, While I don't consider myself a noob, this is only the second AM2 system I've built, and the first with very top end components. I have 4 939 systems, all humming and running happily, from a a64 3000 to an oc'd Opty 165. That said, here's the specs and issue. I have an AMD FX62...
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    help, q for antec p180 black spcr owners

    Hey all, I'm on my second silver p180; exchanged the first for bad usb headers. But while my first had the new nice updated door with magnetic power button, the second one does not. My question is, have any of you black P180 owners received a case with the new updated door and bezel? I...