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    Why is it so hard to create an account here? It's turning a lot of people away.

    I've been subscribed to this forum for a while now and have always enjoyed it. I also spend a lot of time on reddit's /r/buildapc subreddit for advice and recommend people coming to hardforum to seek out advice as well. An overwhelming majority of users have stated that they've tried to make an...
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    How do you delete a comment?

    I see the edit/delete link on my comment but I cannot see where I can delete my comment, only edit. Thanks in advance.
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    Different Benchmarking Numbers Between W7 and OSX

    Hello everyone, I just installed a new SanDisk Extreme 240GB SSD and tried out some benching. It's on a Macbook 4,1 which is limited to SATA I speeds and I used AJA and BlackMagic benchmarks and got around ~120MB/s seq. R/W speeds. I boot camped windows 7 and just now benched using...
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    2008 White MacBook with 240GB SanDisk Extreme SSD Slow Read/Write

    I just installed a SanDisk Extreme 240 in my 2008 White Macbook and I know that I'm limited to SATA II speeds so I won't be seeing ~500R/W speeds like people report. However, I have done some benching and I'm only getting ~120MB R/W speeds and I feel that's really slow. I don't know if it's...
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    256gb Samsung 830 SSD $190+free shipping w/ promo code @ Newegg. Begins 6/27 @ 12AM

    *Deal Live: 6/27/12 at 12:01AM PDT Newegg Link - Slickdeals Link -...
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    BootCamp Partition Question

    Hello all, I have a Windows 7 bootcamp partition and I was wondering if it's possible to add more space to that partition by giving more mac space without having to reformat my entire hard drive. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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    Using Instant eBay to Sell iPhone 4?

    Hey guys and gals I was wondering if anyone has used Instant eBay to sell any electronics. My iPhone is in perfect condition no scratches or anything got it a couple months ago and eBay says they'll give me $357 for it. A pretty good deal. However they say after they inspect my item. This...
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    Intel Leaks i7-2700k I thought this was very interesting. I bet Intel is waiting until AMD releases Bulldozer
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    COD: BO 1.10 Patch Freezes Entire PS3

    Hey guys, I just updated to the patch 1.10 for BLOPS on my PS3 and I can't even get passed the Treyarch opening scenes without it glitching and freezing. I have deleted all my game data and the patch and revert back to original and everything is fine, it's just when I update to the new patch...
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    iOS Developer Add UDID

    Hello, I was wondering if any developers were registering people's UDID's to their developer account to get iOS 5 early?
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    Google Chrome Fails to Show Images on Webpages

    Hey guys, I dont know really where to put this thread so I apologize if it's in the incorrect spot. Recently I've had Google Chrome fail on me a lot when trying to load pictures on webpages. It's usually on or failbook and it's really annoying when that's the whole point of the...
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    Just Bought 2GB of RAM for Macbook, Will I See a Noticeable Difference?

    Hey guys, as the title, I just bought (doubled) my ram from 2GB to 4GB. I got it off crucial and did their software that scans my computer so I'm positive it's the correct type. I am wondering will I see a noticeable difference and where? I usually have a lot of tabs open in Google Chrome and...
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    Anyone Get a Shipping Confirmation for $1 HDMI Cable?

    Hey guys, I recently ordered a 6ft, $1.00 gold plated HDMI cable from and I ordered on the 27th of April and I still haven't gotten an email in regards of them shipping yet. I was wondering if anyone got a shipping email. The original thread is here...
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    Who to Follow on Twitter for PC News?

    Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum but I get a lot of my news about Macs and iPhones (jailbreak mostly) and stuff like that through twitter feeds because it's easy and I had have to go typing in search bars (easy for browsing through class) and over the past few months I...
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    2 Weeks of GPU Research & Still Confused

    All right ladies and gentleman, I really don't want to get flamed for this question seeing as I have spent so much time researching what's the better GPU. I have read many reviews and benchmarks and more reviews and more benchmarks and I am still puzzled. Basically my options at the moment...
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    I Uploaded Coupon for BOGO Chipotle 3/13/11!

    Hey guys, I happened to find a coupon for the last day of the BOGO for Chipotle. Since you can't access the deal anymore, I uploaded my scanned coupon. Enjoy! P.S. The number doesn't matter because they can't scan it and they just fold it up...
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    First Time Building a Computer - Any Help is Appreciated

    Hello HardForum! This is my first post and I hope I'm doing everything correctly. I've been directed to this page in hopes to get help with building my new custom gaming PC. I've researched a lot on all the parts and have come up with a list of everything I will need. Some things to point out...