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    Modding Macbook Pro: Difference between $100 bracket and $10 bracket?

    Question for you all: I am going to be removing my optical drive and putting in a SSD as a replacement. I simply need a bracket to go in place of the optical drive, and I'm finding I can spend $100 on a "name brand" bracket, or buy a $10 one off of eBay? For something like a bracket, does...
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    Computer broke in shipping?

    I just sold my gaming computer, and the person emailed me and told me that he turned it on, and 15 minutes later it shut off. When he tries turning it back on, it keeps turning off. When I shipped the computer, it was completely fine. My guess was maybe the CPU fan fell over so it's overheating...
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    Need help deciding...

    So, I'm building a computer. I have most parts already, however I still need to buy a motherboard. I have an i5 Sandy Bridge CPU, GTX 460 1024MB overclocked, and 8GB of DDR3 1600 ram. These are the two mobos I'm looking at, what do you guys think is the better one...
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    Best video card under $150? (Also how is this build overall?)

    Hello, so I decided to build a new computer, for gaming and photo editing. My budget is low, ($700), so I can't blow too much money on a video card unless I get good deals. Right now the specs that I'm looking at: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.2GHZ Mobo unknown (What would be good?)...
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    Monitor mystery...Dell U2410 won't connect to my Mac, but my Mac connects to other...

    I have a Macbook Pro that I use to connect to my Dell U2410 via a Mini-Display Port-DVI cable. I've been using it flawlessly for about a month now. However today suddenly when I was using it for a split second I got that grainy "signal lost" type screen and then the screen went blank. So the...
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    Need advice on my new photography website

    I started a new website, and I need some feedback. What do you guys think of it? Its basically a photography site designed to help people, there are guides, quick tips, and forums. There also is a wallpaper section. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
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    Is it possible (wireless setup)

    I have a great pair of speakers attached to my Macbook Pro. The problem is I'm trying to go wireless so that I can move my Macbook Pro around my desk or room without having to worry about wires. This will just make my work flow better. I am wondering if there is some kind of way to make my...
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    New Macbook vs Old Macbook Pro

    Which would be better? (gaming performance) The 2.4GHZ Macbook with 9400m w/ 512mb or The 2.4GHZ Macbook Pro with 8600m w/ 256mb? Thanks, Also how do you think these would handle Oblivion at 1680x1050?
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    Partition Magic Problems

    I'm trying to get partition magic to completely delete a drive and convert it to Fat32. However ever time I try it freezes, then crashes. Is there a way to fix this, or another program that can do the same thing?
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    Vista-Take ownership of Files

    Recently my Windows XP Drive became corrupt, and I can no longer boot into it. Anyways, I'm trying to move many of my files from the XP drive onto my Vista drive. The problem is every folder I try entering, the access gets denied and I have to go through the series of security steps to gain...
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    New MacBook/MacBook Pro confirmed I'm pretty excited for Tuesday
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    Weird Mystery...Need Advice

    My 650i Ultra was recently rma'ed back to me after repairs. I put everything back together, and Windows boots and can do stuff just fine.....Until about 5 minutes into it it crashes, then refuses to boot, not even loading bios. Heres the weird part. I can get my PC to boot just fine again if I...
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    Blank screen, Nothing Boots

    As simple as the title says. My motherboard broke awhile ago and a replacement came just today. I put everything back in and back together, hit the power on Cosmos, and nothing showed up on the screen. Cpu fan is spinning, video card has power and the video card fan is spinning. Ram is all in...
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    Just brainstorming with my Cosmos 1000 (Updated with pic)

    Does anyone know how nice this stuff actually looks/applies? I am thinking putting that on the side panels would look freaking sweet, but I don't know how cutting would be because Cosmos has those weird shaped panels. edit: Also looking for...
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    Thinking of buying first Mac ever...

    I am considering buying my first mac, as I am simply sick of Microsoft. I am looking at getting a G3 iBook just to experiment with before I actually decide to blow $2k on a MacBook Pro. Heres where I am looking at buying it from...
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    New iPod Nano

    I think it would be butt ugly if it looked similiar to this. What do you guys think? I think I will just stick with the new iPod Touch :)
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    Strange start-up message

    On one of my computers, when it starts up, I always get a dialog box that comes up simply saying "fAIL" (Yes the "f" is lowercase) Anyone know what this might mean? I'm thinking maybe a virus, because this computer has been crashing almost every 20 minutes lately. I've run multiple scans, and...
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    Wont Boot?

    I just bought 4x 2GB OCZ Reaper PC6400 Ram. When a ram chip is in the first ram slot, my computer doesnt boot at all, not even bios. When I take that chip out, my computer DOES boot. Its not the ram chip because I have moved all of the ram chips around. I remember having this problem with my...
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    List of minor upgrades..opinions needed.

    I am looking at just a few small upgrades to make my PC better. So heres the list, let me know if I should go with these products or not. KB/Mouse Speaker system...
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    9800GT sighted at bestbuy (not a typo)...

    I saw a 9800GT in a gateway PC at bestbuy, which I thought was weird, because when I googled it, it said it wasn't out yet. Also it was inside a new, more boxy Gateway FX.
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    How Much Ram do you have with Vista?

    I"m considering upgrading from 3GB of ultra slow 533MHZ ram to 8GB PC6400 ram. How much ram do all of you vista users have, and how helpful is it for you?
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    How far to sit away?

    I recently bought a 24" windscreen lcd. I feel that since I bought it I have had bad eye strain. I usually sit 3' away from the monitor, how far does everyone else sit apart? Also is there a wireless keyboard besides the DiNova Edge that has a mouse built in?
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    11k in 3DMark06

    I scored 11,682 in 3DMark06 with a: q6700 3GB Ram 8800GT SC Vista Ultimate SP1 Does that number seem normal for my setup? I was expecting something a little bit higher.
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    Very Wierd thing happening right now....

    My computer speakers aren't plugged into anything at all, but all of a sudden it started picking up the ESPN radio station, and its still playing.... :confused:
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    Dreamscene Videos

    Post sites where you can find good dreamscene videos. I need help finding good videos.
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    Can't boot into Windows XP

    I installed Vista and now when my computer boots up It automatically boots to Vista. I see the boot loader flash for a split second, then it goes into vista. I want to go back into XP because Unreal Tournament 3 doesn't install in Vista. What do I do?
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    iTunes Duplicates

    Is there a freeware program that can remove iTunes duplicates? I have alot and want to get rid of them.
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    Vista doesn't recognize Woofer

    My Sub Woofer is not being found in Vista. I have Vista Ultimate 64Bit with SP1, and have basically played with every sound setting. What else is there to try? Thanks!
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    Questions about Vista Scores.

    I switched over to Vista Ultimate 64bit last night. So far I like it, but I'll see once everything is loaded on. :) Anyways My Vista Score is 3.2, this is because my HDD disk transfer rate is 3.2 so this is my rating. What does this even mean and what can I do to improve it? It is a Maxtor...
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    Give me a straight answer: Which is better?

    Which video card would be better for gaming with higher resolutions? 9800GTX or HD4850
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    8800GT to 4850 worth it?

    Would I see a big performance boost in switching from my evga 8800GT SSC to the new ati 4850?
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    650i Ultra w/ Q9450?

    Just making sure, will an intel Core 2 Duo Quad Q9450 work with a 650i Ultra? EVGA says the 650i Ultra will support Intel core 2 duo, intel core 2 duo quad, and intel core 2 duo extreme. The reason I want to make sure is because the Q9450 is 45nm, and I just want to make sure that the 650...
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    Cheap GTX?

    Is there going to be an "affordable" card in the gtx series, say between $199-$299?
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    24" high pitched noise (help please, brand new!!!!)

    I just bought a new acer 24" monitor, but it has a high pitched ringing noise. What should I do?
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    Need help O'cing Pentium D

    I would like to oc my pentium d cpu currently @ 3.2GHZ using nvidias' monitor view program. It currently says the FSB is 204MHZ. What should I move it too? I am sort of a noob with this.....sorry. Here is a screenshot if it helps at all. The cpu usually stays around 45 degrees celcius.
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    HD 4850 vs. GTX 200 series

    I am possibly in the market for a new video card. How much will each be, and what will the performance of each be?
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    DVD Opener Software.

    I'm looking for a program that lets you open an optical drive on software that doesnt need someone to open the button manually to open it. Suggestions?
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    Revit Architecture Users, I need help

    I have Revit Architecture 2008. In a walk through, how do I walk around? When I click view walk through, a picture shows up, but I have no idea how to move around. Also, how do I render a walk through?
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    -w in command (help needed)

    I added a "-w" to the end of the TDU target to put it in a window for testing. Well I removed it so I could play without a window, and know this is what happens. Does anyone know how to fix this besides re-installing tdu?
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    Tiny IDE-SATA converter

    My Cosmos case came today, and I'm not gonna put everything in yet because I don't have everything. Looking at my current hdd that I will re-use, the ide-sata converter won't fit in the Cosmos HDD cage because it is so large. Is there a very small ide-sata converter somewhere? Thanks! The...