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    tv tuner driver

    i hope its ok to post this here, i didn't see any driver threads. Conexant (Internext Compression) iTVC16/CX23416 MPEG Codec i need a driver for the tv tuner driver i posted above, ive googled but couldn't really find anything on it. thanks.
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    help setting up monitors (noob)

    hey so i got my 1st set of monitors (m-audio bx5a deluxe) and im having a problem getting them set up right. so 1st of all i have them connected to my sound card direct with a TRS cable (ring on the right/pin on the left). when i turn them both on my right one works normal and gets loud the...
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    good budget monitors

    hi, im sure this has been asked many times but i wanted to know if you could give me some good budget monitors, no more then $270 plus tax/shipping. id like them to be active because i wanna run em straight to my computer. the ones im thinking of getting are the Swan D1080MkII 08. if you...
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    Removing multiple OS option at startup

    ok so after i reinstalled windows xp home on a laptop that ones had windows media center edition on it every time i boot now i get the option for both. how do i get rid of this? its bugging the hell out of me. thanks.
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    installing sys driver in windows xp?

    hello. ive been reading you cant install sys drivers in xp but that is all the website is giving me. it even says windows xp. if anyone can help im looking for a driver for 'Broadcom NetXtreme BCM4401-B0 Fast Ethernet...
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    installing ubuntu 9.04

    hello. this is my 1st time ever trying to install or use linux. so i downloaded and burned the iso image of ubuntu 9.04. after it was done i ran the exe file and it tells me if i wanna install or try demo, i click install and then it tells me if i want it to reboot now or reboot myself later. i...
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    partition harddrive

    hello. i am trying to partition my hdd but for some reason it wont let me shrink the hdd as much a i want to. os: vista home hdd size: 222gb space left: 153gb total size before shrink in MB: 228128 size available shrink space in MB: 659 i wanna make a partition that has at least...
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    hooking up dell dimension to samsung 46' dlp

    hello! im trying to hook up an old dell dimension 4600 to my samsung (HLR4667W) 46' dlp but its not working. im using the on board video card with a vga cable. when i boot it up it shows the dell logo and the windows xp loading screen but after that it goes black and says "not supported mode"...
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    windows xp half way installed. help!

    ok so heres the story. i was given a old dell computer and needed to reinstall xp so, i started to install a windows xp cd (retail). well when it came to the point to type in the cd key i typed in the one on the side of the computer but it did not work, later finding out because i didint...
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    26' lcd tv desk mount

    hello, im looking for a desk mount for my 26' samsung lcd tv. ive done a few searches and have no really found anything i like. if you guys could help that would be great. thanks. also kinda looking for it in the color black. something on the cheap side also haha.
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    asus 1000he

    hello, i just got my asus 1000he and i love it but for some reason after using it for a for a little bit the touch pad will stop working. the cursor wont move at all and the only way i can get it to start working is to go into sleep mode and then come back out of it and it will start working...
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    How to unlock a G1 cell phone (at&t)

    Im sure this has already been asked, i did a search and nothing came up. I also did a search on google and didint really find anything that was a flat out step by step so i thought i would ask here. If anyone could help me out with this that would be great. Thanks! :)