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    HP EliteBook 6930p Core 2 DuoP8600 2.4GHz 2GB 500GB -- $259.99

    HP EliteBook 6930p Core 2 Duo P8600 2.4GHz 2GB 500GB DVD±RW DL 14.1" Notebook W7HP w/6-Cell & Bluetooth Refurbished Daily Deal 05/21/13 Today's Deal: $259.99...
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    Need to spend $400 in best buy gift cards

    Hi guys I won $400 in bestbuy gift cards at my company Christmas party and need to spend it since i don't think they'll give me cash in return for the gift cards (will they?). I would like a nice travel size laptop (15" screen max) with a dedicated video card for some light gaming. but i...
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    I Want to build a gaming desktop for $1000

    As you can see from previous gaming rig i build (listed in sig below); Its been a while since i have even looked at computers. Also my laptop died and i am trying to decide weather i should buy a new gaming laptop or just buy a cheap laptop for general internet and MS office use and build a nice...
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    ASUS G73JW vs. ASUS G73JH

    Hey Guys, Well unfortunately my primary laptop a Dell M90 died after 4 years of loyal service. Now i need another laptop that will fill it shoes. After looking around at the local best buy it would appear that the Asus G series will be a good fit for me. I do a lot of CAD work on my laptop and...
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    laptop for Entertainment @ the Airport

    Hi guys, Well my Job requires me to do a lot of travelling; which in turn means i spend a lot of time in the airport just waiting around for my flights. I would like to buy a nice compact laptop to help me pass the time. I would like to be able to watch movies, surf the internet, and do a...
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    Plz Recommend some good CSS servers w/ AWP

    I just started playing CSS again after a 4 year hiatus and all the servers that I used to play on are gone or are empty. Could some of you guys recommend some good servers? I would like a server to have: (1) Good map rotation (2) No AWP restriction (3) Population of 25+ player
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    "The Engineer" Class from TF2

    Hey guys i have been looking hard for a sticker/decal on eBay that says something along the lines of "THE ENGINEER". I want to pit this sticker on my bike. Please help me find one... My bike...K7 GSX-R 1000 Orange & black Since i am a mechanicals engineer in real life i though it would...
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    WOOT: NEW Olevia 52” 1080p HDTV for $1599.99

    Olevia 252TFHD 2 Series 52” 1080p LCD TV with 2 HDMI ports
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    Internet Connection Dropping (Cox Cable)

    I have had Cox Cable for around 2 years now and have had no problems with it what so ever. Since Thursday (11/22/2007) I have been loosing my internet connection every 5 – 15 min. Basically the internet works fine and I can surf the web and stuff for anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes and...
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    I just started playing 2 days back and love’in it. I just absolutely love my lil minions. Unlike Oblivion where you had to open each box, chest, and pot to find stuff; i now just have an army of minions ransack any room I want and bring me all the goodies. How ever for a game in which you are...
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    WOOT...Bag Of Crap...

    Hurry Go get 3 craps:D :D :D :D
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    Cs:S HACKER Infestation

    Has Valve abandon the whole VAC2 thing. Cause it is getting near impossible to find a server without hackers on. Even the server that i play regularly on are now suffering from the hacker infestation, and no matter how many the Admin ban there are always new one who show up within the hour.
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    OBLIVION: Shivering Isles(Monster summoning Question)

    Where do i have to go to learn the spell to summon the "Mended Flesh Atronach" After i helped rebuild the Gatekeeper, i got the power to summon it once a day. But i want a spell to summon it as and when i wish too. So is there a trainer or shopkeeper i have to go to to learn the spell.
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    Looking for the good LCD under $300

    As the title say i have a budget of $300 and am looking to pick up a nice monitor as soon as possible. i currently am using a 19" CRT and am thinking about switching to LCD. I am primarily a FPS game player and want a nice bright monitor. Below are the links to the BENQ FP222W, the X2Gen...
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    NEW Japanese Counter-Strike: NEO***

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    FREE Windows Vista RC1 now available!

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    *FREE* Microsoft Vista RC2 DOWNLOAD

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    HDD (MASTER & SLAVE) problem

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    Clive Barker's Jericho

    If this game turn out to be anything like undying its gonna be so fun...........
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    Recommend a good Large Mouse

    Ok so my MX510 is acting up and freezes every 10 seconds and i have to unplug it and then plug it back in to get it to work before it freezes again. So now i am looking for a new mouse. I have no brand preference, the mouse can be corded or wireless as long as it does not lag. My problem is...
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    Bug infested PC gaming

    I have been playing video game exclusively on the PC for about 4 year now and it seem as though the number of PC games being released with game crippling bugs are rapidly increasing. If you take most of the game that are 3-4 years old and load em up; it is more than likely that you will be...
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    Dark Messiah of Might and Magic releases tomorrow Oct. 24

    Is anyone gonna pick up the game tomorrow? I myself will probably wait for the weekend, so I can read a few reviews and make sure its worth the money.
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    Grand Thieft Auto GTA:?

    Anyone have any news about the next GTA game, like location or screen shots.
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    Rockstar's : Manhunt

    So I just saw this game on my buddy’s game shelf and decided to play it and WOW this game rox.......:eek: I have always been a fan of stealth action games and I gotta say imo manhunt is one of the best in the genera. I have only played it for about 1 hour and am hooked. From what I can...
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    *FREE* Microsoft Vista RC2 DOWNLOAD

    ENJOY :D :D :D :D
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    Nvidia's new 18K graphic card (Quadro Plex 1000 ) You might get luck and sang one for 15K @ blackfriday.... :D
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    The Worst Interviewer I have ever seen

    Can anyone identify this girl and give me and explanation as to y she has a job interviewing people when she clearly has no freaking idea what she is doing. She stutters, she stammers, she is never prepared and is so incredibly unprofessional. To crown it all she’s not ever attractive.
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    Need for Speed Carbon.

    Wow this game came outta no where. In any case I loved NFS: MW and will probably be getting this one too. Anyone else looking forward to this game. :D :D :D :D
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    Razer Diamondback Chameleon 1600dpi Gaming Mouse $19.99

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    FREE Windows Vista RC1 now available!

    It's open to beta 2 tested, Open for a limited time to new users.. This is not the Pre- RC1.
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    Video Game Wallpapers in 1920 x 1200 res.

    Hey guys i am looking for some nice game wallpapers in 1920 x 1200 res that are FREE. I did a google search and the only site that i found with nice wallpapers is a paysite. I know of a few sites that have free 1920 x1200 wallpapers but they dont have videogame wallpapers.
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    Notebook Backpack

    Hey guys, Today i recieved my Dell M90 (specs in sig). I am now looking for a good backpack to keep my lappy safe. Since this is my first laptop i dont really know what backpack to buy. Suggestion are welcome. Dimensions of laptop : 15.5” x 11.5” x 1.5” thanx
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    HALO 2 coming to PC with Windows Vista

    Halo 2 on the PC contains the original Halo 2 as well as the Multiplayer Map Pack and a level editor, and it requires Windows Vista.
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    Is it smart to buy barebone Laptops?

    I was wondering is it was a good idea to buy barebone laptop and do the assembly yourself. Monetary how much do u stand to gain by picking this route as oppose to buying a pre assembled laptop form a mass produce like Dell. I have a lot of experience with Desktop PC’s and I have always built...
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    I need a Laptop for $1000

    Hey guys I have $1000 to spend on a nice laptop for college. Basically I will be using to for engineering application like Solidworks, Algor, Labview etc. I would also like to do some gaming (FPS). I can wait till Christmas if need be to buy the laptop. This is my first laptop and I am...
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    Cs:S... In game MP3 player

    Did you know there is an in-game MP3 player built right into Counter Strike: Source? If you want to listen to music while ingame, but not mess with other programs, and have better control, then this is for you. Instructions: 1. Type mp3 in the console to bring up the music player. 2...
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    Summoning the most powerful MONSTERS and keeping a clean house.

    I have 2 questions about OBLIVION: (1) What are the most powerful monsters that can be summoned in Oblivion, and where do I buy the spells to summon them? (2) How do you arrange stuff (sword) in display cases? Well 1 of the many mods I am using is the “Ayleid Sanctum”. This gives me a...
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    Cs:S Problem.............

    Ok so I play Cs:S everyday, and today out of the blue the game goes crazy on me. I tried 4 different servers all with the same result. Problems: (1) The game suddenly throws the gun out of my hand (not a weapon restriction or anything on that nature). (2) The game randomly switched the...
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    GTA San Andreas MODS

    Yo guys i am looking for a nice vehicle mod for GTA SA, similar to the on that came out for GTA VC. so far my serach has turned up nothing, has the Mod'n community called quits on GTA SA?
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    NEW Japanese Counter-Strike: NEO*** video ...