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    New nVidia gpu?

    YouTube - ‪Crysis2 DX11 on Unreleased NVIDIA GPU‬‏ 6xx series? Or just a new 5xx series mobile GPU?
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    NVIDIA Fermi - GTX 470 - GTX 480 - GTX 480 SLI Review @ [H]

    Well, here's hoping the 500 series will actually be something impressive.
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    list your Windows 7 (retail) problems

    Minor thing. Seems to only want to put one of my LAN connections as a Home network, is adamant that no matter what the other is a public one.
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    Apple takes aim at Windows 7

    Looking at that box of crap she has. Im not sure which one it would actually be easier to install it on :rolleyes:
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    I need a new PC :( Sign me up kthnx :)
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    Dell 24-inch U2410 IPS monitor sneaks out for $599 US retail

    There is a thread just on this monitor that holds those answers.
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    Dell U2410

    According to - It's - 24"WS LG.Display H-IPS (LM240WU4-SLB1)
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    Dell U2410

    Some shots compared to a CRT from ocuk forums -
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    What's your gaming resolution?

    1680x1050 as it's the max my monitor does. And 1920x1200 on my laptop
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    Dell U2410

    Well it's now available in the UK! Here Coming at £573.85 I really want two of these but i might have to do some waiting for a price drop. Conversion prices from other places were going around £400. Damn our bloody taxes. Seriously.. So the 900 AUS is roughly 454 GBP The current discounted...
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    Dell U2410

    cnet reviews as usual are utterly useless. They don't even have any pictures of their monitor on..
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    Dell U2410

    Sounds great. Chances you could get some timer shots between the Iiyama and the Dell? Input lag will be a deciding factor for me, when (if) it hits the UK market.
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    Dell U2410

    So this is available in Asia, Australia. But no the EU or the US? Wtf Dell.. Also its retardedly cheap on the honk kong site right now with 50% discount HK$3,369 / £269 / US$434 :[
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    Want to hook up 4 monitors displaying the same image

    Get two DVI splitters, two outputs then results in 4.
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    24" Gaming, is there anything worthwhile?

    Thanks for that, originally was loving the V2400 but realised it couldn't be wall mounted. It's highly possible i end up with a G2400WT, which as far as i can tell is the G2400WD but with a HAS stand. Prad had been helping me so far, thanks fo DV link though. PRAD have the WT version reviewed...
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    24" Gaming, is there anything worthwhile?

    Nice, but im not too bothered about 3D. again its a 1080 monitor :( Plus its pretty much guaranteed to be out of the price range.
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    24" Gaming, is there anything worthwhile?

    Nice find but 26" is a bit too big for my taste and id prefer a 24" for crisper screen. The 24" version of that though is skimping on the res to 1920x1080, really want 1200 high, before the whole damned market goes 1080.
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    24" Gaming, is there anything worthwhile?

    So at the moment i run a 20" for my gaming, i wouldn't mind a 24" 1920x1200 especially for the extra space especially with the amount of crap i run at times. I've been looking through various types of 24" and i can't set my mind on one. As im going to be gaming, fast paced FPS UT/Quake...
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    8800GTX died, recommend me something new :(

    Think ill go something low end for now just to pass through, cant be bothered with warranty and stuff, if i even have the stuff needed..
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    8800GTX died, recommend me something new :(

    So my trusty old GTX died on its arse today. Which is really the worst time it could have done so.:mad: Originally i was planning on waiting until Windows 7 went official before i upgraded anything and hopefully a GTX300 would be out by then. Although it seems my 8800 had other plans...
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    I just bought this card

    Why would you want to un-overclock it?
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    iPhone 2.2.1

    Just updating right now. Sounds crappy, ah well.
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    8GB iPod Touch, 7GB space

    ^ +1
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    GPU processing does really work!

    I tried the trial of it. I got nowhere. Every single file type i tried to use was unsupported. So yeah. Looks like im stickign with CPU renderings for a while. Edit: That was version 1.0, version 1.1 works, and i have to say wow o_o... Did a full length movie, to iPhone size in about 12...
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    Do higher quality UV cold cathodes exist? (ie. no whinning)

    My A.C. Ryan ones haven't made such noises. Been going good for a year.
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    Gaming Mouse

    I've ordered myself a Roccat Kone mouse. After using a MX Revolution for a while, it was awesome. Now the batteries are slowly dying.
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    Nokia N97 - Touchscreen, and full QWERTY? Oh baby.

    That does look nice :o Im stuck with my iPhone 3G for another year, though.
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    iPhone firmware 2.2 is out

    Updating mine now.
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    UT3 is a steaming pile

    I happen to admin UT3 Servers for Epic Midway and Multiplay. Europe side. Got any solid proof, send it my way ill see if it's good enough to put a ban on them. Caught one today actually :(
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    Vista and SP1

    Ahh, got the bsod again, it's a memory problem. And runnign memtest shows me i have a major memory problem :p Ill buy some new ram and hopefully all will be good :) Thanks.
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    Vista and SP1

    Ok, so for a long time i've been running Vista, although i went to install a program the other day from Adobe which asked for SP1. So i happily downloaded and installed it. Now the problem. Since installing it i have had countless BSoDs and just shut downs with no errors, or anything. Vista...
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    iphone ringtone makers?

    I use this
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    Some newbie iPhone 3G questions

    Sure. Under the Summary screen with the iPhone plugged in, check the box 'Manually manage music and videos'. Then on the left drag in your playlists etc.
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    Some newbie iPhone 3G questions

    You can sync with two or more yes. Check 'Manually transfer music and something' or something like that in any itunes you use. That allows you to drag and drop songs/playlists to the iPhone/iPod No idea on the firmware, maybe try reinstalling it? No Flash support, thanks to apple ¬_¬. I...
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    Constant click-click from Corsair PSU Fan

    Corsair PSUs Tick when there is low load, maybe your PC wasn't pulling enough. Although if it's not doen it before, then not sure.
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    9800GTX scores 14,000 in 3DMark 06

    Wow, thats pretty crap. My GTX and Q6600 got a higher 3D06.. Ah well good job i didn't wait for the 9 series, which appears to be a pile of shit atm.
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    q6600+ TRUE 120 extreme... normal temps?

    Meh my mate had been running his Q6600 overclocked to 3.6GHz, on some crap ass watercooling, after a few hours of UT3, his Temps were 80-90*C, it's still fine. God knows what it would have been at 100% load. I don't see 70*C damaging it much, mines hit 92*C before, i turned my pump off... sorta...
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    How to monitor NB temps?

    Well i just grabbed. HWManager from CPUID. And under some of the temperatures i have the exact same as reported by PCProbe for the few seconds before it crashes, they are also pretty much as i would expect when in Windows compared to BIOS. My NB is watercooled with Asus' built in waterblock...
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    How to monitor NB temps?

    Right tryign some new settings with my OC to see if i can push anything more from my Q6600. I have PCProbe installed, but i did something somewhere and now i'll load it and it crashes reading all voltages except Vcore as 4.06v. I never trusted it anyway, always had way inaccurate CPU temps...