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    Looking for a quiet cooler that doesn't take up half the case

    Hoping someone can help me with a suggestion, I'm building a quiet pc, and the last part I'm stuck on is the CPU cooler. I have a scythe mugen 2 on the way, but the more I read about it and see that it basically makes the 4th ram slot unusable and the 3rd iffy at best (especially when you're...
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    Anyone have a Fractal Design R2/3 and a Scythe Mugen 2?

    I've got this combination coming, along with some ram that have tall heatsinks (g.skill ripjaw x). All the research I put into picking parts and after I order the one thing I realize that I think might trip me up is that the ram might not fit with the ram heatsink. I've read that the fan can...
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    Anyone have a Asus p8p67 and a Scythe Mugen 2?

    If so, how's the clearance for ram? I've been reading some people say it's fine, others say it blocks one or more slots on this board.
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    Will this quiet build run too hot?

    Have a quiet system all built out, now I'm worried if it will run too hot. Case: fractal design r3 CPU: I5 2500k GPU: XFX 6870 (new twin fan design not the one with the reference cooler) CPU Heatsink: Scythe Mugen 2 Motherboard: Asus p8p67 pro Ram: 2 x 4gb G Skill Ripjaws PSU: Antec tp-650 HD...
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    Any stores have the evga 7900gt in stock?

    At least, any placethat isn't charging a big premium for it? ZZF has it for $350, mwave also, and Monarch has it for $330 but may not ship for up to a week.
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    SB Live "24-Bit", does it have front audio panel plug on it?

    This card Doesn't mention it anywhere in the specs, but I'm assuming it has the connection on it to plug my P180's front panel into it.
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    Laptops with best battery life?

    Looking to buy a laptop under $1,000. Would like one that gets at least 3 hours of life while using wireless, obviously the longer the better. My only big requirement other than that would be a widescreen (hooked on it, no going back now :) ). Saw that OD and CC both have this HP laptop on...
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    Got a Sony HS95p tonight......eyes hurting a bit

    Any ideas whats causing this? Normally, I'm not the type to have problems like this, but my eyes seem to be straining quite a bit. I've got a fairly bright halogen lamp in the room too, so its not like its the only source of bright light in the area. Is this just a case of my eyes having to...