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    Pirate Bay Founder Builds A Perpetual Piracy Machine

    not millions but a roomfull of people, I could.
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    Adobe Sees Record Revenue After Switch To Cloud Subscriptions

    They've already hacked the will be just fine.
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    The End Of Work?

    You guys are missing the silver lining in all of this. Automatons means we can now think about terraforming distant worlds. That's where all the poor people will eventually end up working in the future anyway.
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    Lumia 640 down to $39.99 on Microsoft Store

    I bought 2 phones for 64$ for backup purposes. I have to say this phone has been a very pleasant surprise. And it works on T-mo lte bands.
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    Amazing GTA V Image Quality Mod

    Gah...editing...Toddyhancer gta v mod test
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    Amazing GTA V Image Quality Mod

    Same dude has a working version of a GTV mod as well. Looks fantastic.
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    E-Paper Sneakers Display Custom Art And Animations

    I can see this maybe on a very small part of the sneaker, maybe the back heel logo or something like that. Anything else is just a pipe dream.
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    Samsung 850 EVO SSD 500GB - $143.07 with promo code - Newegg

    bit on this, good deal and no tax if you're not in CA.
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    Surface Book Owners Thread

    the 512gb samsung 950 pro sells for 348. That is considerably less than 1$/gb
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    Blizzard Sues Bot Maker For Copyright Infringement

    Bots exist because there is a market for them ingame. I don't know of anyone willing to spend days on end grinding mats or items . Winning at this game is predicated on amassing as much wealth as possible by sinking vast amounts of time grinding. Blizzard though, with its ah and loot system...
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    NE: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB + AC: Syndicate = $141.79

    the Crucial MX100 and Mx200 ssd models have powerloss protection. They are affordable and perform decently. A good place as any to start.
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    Official World of Warcraft Movie Trailer

    This is what the movie should have been like, that trailer for Legion is perfect.
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    Some renderings 2015

    Cool stuff, a bit sparse with the textural work, but clean designs. With a few minor changes, it could pass for objects from the new Fallout 4 game.:)
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    Metroid Live-Action Short: The Sky Calls

    If they had only cast a real blonde, then this movie would have been good. That fake ass wig makes me laugh.
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    Can a smartphone replace a laptop?

    Well, everything except the rdp sessions can be done already on current and even older gen flagship smartphones. I can edit docs/excel spreadsheets and type emails( not very fast though) on my note 3. For your usage scenario , maybe a big phablet, like the The Sony Z Ultra GPE, or the samsung...
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    Dell XPS 12 / 13 / 15 with Skylake

    I've seen these in person (xps 13 and 15) and do not like their keyboards. Too mushy for my taste. The trackpad seemed to lag as well, but touch functionality was snappy. Otherwise that screen is absolutely stunning. Just make sure you really need the 4k ( dcc or 4k movie editing) because I...
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    Official World of Warcraft Movie Trailer

    This thing looks like a flop. Full cg would have been at least more enjoyable.
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    Device with pen for highlighting and writing on .pdfs

    I would recommend the thinkpad yoga 12 2nd gen as your best bet for a good laptop and note taking device. It has a touchscreen, the best keyboard of all other 2 in 1 devices, and its wacom digitizer implementation is of the EMR kind - older tech, but the best I've used (even with only having...
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    XPS 13 choppy 4K video play back

    Uhm dude, he may be working for a porn studio.
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    Surface Pro 4

    To me it looks way more polished and well built. It also does the exact same thing the sp4 does but faster - same gimmick.
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    Nintendo Unveils Its First Smartphone Game "Miitomo"

    cant edit, wanted to say I dont like miitomos lol
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    Nintendo Unveils Its First Smartphone Game "Miitomo"

    lol @ that wii fit rage.. I don't like the wiimotes either, but, I don't think gamers are necessarily the target demographic for them. Still casual users and children.
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    Surface Pro 4

    Well, for starters, it has a true quadcore cpu in there (45-watt Intel Core i7-4770HQ). Runs cooler, and achieves 95%adobe rgb on its screen. It isa bit heavier but also a more powerful system. I'm basing my statements on this review btw,
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    Surface Pro 4

    I'm not sure if this question has been asked/answered but has anyone here considered the vaio canvas z instead of the surface pro 4? It's perhaps a bit more expensive but it is a way nicer device.
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    Dell Inspiron 15" - 7000 Series / Cheapest Skylake + 960M Laptop?

    Not so far. I can't say that surprises me though, since the price would be too high, and everything else except screen quality would actually get worse: battery life, heat , more weight, etc.
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    Dell Inspiron 15" - 7000 Series / Cheapest Skylake + 960M Laptop?

    yea, I was reading the slickdeals thread on this laptop. People are saying the screen is where dell cut corners.. if that's the case then to me it isn't a good deal...
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    Dell Inspiron 15" - 7000 Series / Cheapest Skylake + 960M Laptop?

    Looks like a great bang for your buck laptop. Only issue I have is that it is almost 6 lbs.
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    $4,000 Futuristic PC Workstation

    Get a lazy boy and a laptop. save a couple of grand.
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    Dell XPS 12 / 13 / 15 with Skylake

    I guess this will be the one of the first in the wild. Some dude got his xps 15 early , posted some marks and pics. It's all in chinese however.
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    Surface Book Owners Thread

    Well, that screen res isn't helping that's for sure. I did consider getting this thing, but the fact some said it would heat up while idling made me hold off.
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    Dell XPS 12 / 13 / 15 with Skylake

    Has anyone seen any xps 15 9550 reviews around? I don't mean first look or hands on , but a real review? I like the fhd xps 15 with 256 ssd, however would like to know a bit more before I order. Also, can I purchase the 84 whr battery separately since they don't offer it with anything less than...
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    Researchers Create Blackest Material Ever Made

    don no body got time fo dis.
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    Theater Owners Are Furious About Netflix’s New Movie

    I've had both good and bad experiences in theaters. Most recent example being the Martian. Some dude had a problem with a lady talking during the previews and movie start was stopped until he left. Afterwards, movie went off without a hitch. 6/10.
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    Awesome 'Harder Better Faster Stronger' Cover

    Skillz. The timing on this is phenomenal.
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    Samsung Serif TV Preview

    This design blows.
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    Scientists Develop An Ultrathin Invisibility Cloak

    So this and heat masking tech should make anything truly invisible?
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    StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Opening Cinematic

    Do the damn starcraft movie already... This has so much potential if done right.
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    Incredible Intel Ultra-Thin All-In-One

    do not like the way the design tilts, pretty much means you have to be sitting on a chair, at a table to use it.
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    Legendary Disney Animator Draws In Virtual Reality

    Cool but I would be way more interested if they can create a pen that can draw in real space without the damn mask strapped to your face.
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    US Plans 'Unprecedented' Sanctions Against China Over Hacks

    Sanctions lol. China on the other hand, is in no position to flex its muscles abroad when internally their sitting on a huge shit bubble...