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    Pulling the triger on a GTX760

    So I have a fried GTX470 from evga and I am buying a new card . I will get a GTX760 , but I need help to pick between 2 cards. the Asus with its Cu II cooling , and a brand named Galaxy . they both look the same but the galaxy is about 30$ less in cash . so does Asus worth the extra...
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    Pulling the triger on a GTX760

    So I have a fried GTX470 from evga and I am buying a new card . I will get a GTX760 , but I need help to pick between 2 cards. the Asus with its Cu II cooling , and a brand named Galaxy . they both look the same but the galaxy is about 30$ less in cash . so does Asus worth the extra...
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    Changing GTX 470

    So it have been a while since I upgraded my VGA card. so I am looking for something to replace my GTX470 , need a card with low power consumption , same size or even smaller, low heat emission ,and a mid range price. my mother board supports sli .and I have a 3570K processor up to 4.2...
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    changing my 4890 toxic to ??

    i own an 4890 toxic card and i need to change it : some issues with the card latly so i have 2 options 1- change it with a 192 bit eddition of GTX 460 " from evga sc eddition " and pay nothing 2 - get a GTX 465 SC also from evga and pay about 40$ and are they both faster than my card...
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    wrong section please delete me

    wrong section please delete me
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    4890 toxic BSOD

    Dear latly i have had a lot of BSOD's when i am playing games like starCraft2 and even flash online games. and i also had one or 2 BSOD's while watching Videos i suspect the VGA i have a 750 H.E.C power supply with 76 AMP on the 12V rails. and i don't suspect the PSU because i don't think...
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    save me , a virus struck my HDD and now seems empty

    so a friend of mine came to me with a partition of his hdd as deleted so after trying to recover it via a recovery software. it seems like an autorun virus struck my PC and my secondery HDD says that all the partitions of my hdd are now empty and the pc hangs after 2 mins of the OS openeing ...
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    XFX Egypt sucks badly

    So yesterday i was at the Computer mall and i saw a show for the new 280GTX so i was there trying to ask some questions " specs , prices , ETC" and they were very Rude , Stupid and ignorent. that said some of my friends were with me and they swore that they will never touch another XFX...
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    stop asking stupid questions

    every where is the vga card forums now every one is asking will the new gen smoke the 8800 ultra will ATI smoke the GTX . what kind of a question in that , look at the 7800GTX and the 8800GTX. it didn't just smoke it , it tottaly killed it. hell yeah the new GTX or what ever...
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    where the heck is ATI

    Doesn't they realize the sales numbers of the 8800GT doesn't they reialize that a 8800GT buyer is non ATI user may be forever can't they see how many from ATI camp jumped to Nvidia. i mean every single one who buyed a 8800GT won't buy the new ATI card. i mean i thought there was a...
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    do i sell my 8800GTS sc for a 8800GT

    i have got an Evga 8800GTS 320 SC at 600/1450/900 do i sell it for a 8800GT. or isn't it worth ir i know that the 8800GTS will take a very bad hit, so do i sell now and save what can be saved.
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    E6550 vs E6750

    I have an E6550 @ 2.8 will with 667 rams and P35 mobo. the easy over cloking was 2.8 processor and 800 rams now i have the opertunity to get an E6750 which in the same exact conditions will easily get to 3.2 and it will cost me about 35-40$. i wanna keep the 1:1 thing...
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    Got a new gigabyte cooler

    well , i bought it used . it was for like 25$ so it was ok the problem is it came with no speed bracket. so i can't change the speed of the fan :( is there any software that can do that ? it is a G-Power pro fan. thank you.
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    Haawwwwwt OCZ / Vista Upgrade Edition
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    Everst VS. core temp

    my proocessor core temp is 20 - 21 in the 0.95 core temp 35-36 in the 0.95.4 Betra core temp and 20-21 in the Everst software. so what is right how do i know my right temprature ?????? and if everest is lying about my processor temp can i trust in for other temps help...
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    what is that , mine is set to an automatic 100 MHZ in the bios. a Friend of mine says that it increases the volt going to the PCI-E slot thus increaseing its ablity to over clock is that true. he told me if the sata and the pci-e are on the same bridge that is dangerous for the HDD...
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    I can't take the buzzing any more

    Somthing in my case is doing a little whistle sound. light constant electric buzzzzzzz. it is driving me crazy i think it is the VGA card Bec when i shut the monitor for a second, it goes . does anyone have any Idea what is that, it happenes on the Desktop. and every thing is...
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    sorry guys no 9800 GTX for now

    there will be no high end cards in november. source ;
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    Does the slot fan blow or suck?

    Does the slot fan blow or suck? and what is the best part of a 8800GTS to do so. under the fan or on the heat sink. an image will really really really help
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    wow , just wow . a vga card fan
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    Pushing the FSB

    i have 2*1 GB superTalant rams with FSB 667 i have a P36 DS3R Gigabyte mobo. and on the bios setting i have it run on turbo mode. which increases the Memory and Cpu FSB . the memory have gone from 333.3 to 386. is that safe. i made no voltage increase or anything.
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    8800GTS playback issues

    when i play vedios on any player on my pc " media player , real player" or anything. with any extention the top right corner pixles , you know kinda slow and big squares. anyways , is that a driver issue , a codec issue or a card issue. it playes games fine though.
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    which processor coller is better.

    Is the thermal take big typhoon better that a gigabyte G-Power.
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    MOBO on fire , will it melt.

    I got my self an 8800 GTS SC instead of my 7900GS KO and boy is it hot , nad i mean that in a bad way. the core is on 70 after 30 mins idle. the the mobo which had a temp of 5-7 c on the old card actually got to 63 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can it get worse . and is that...
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    8800GTS slower than 7900GS

    WHat ? my new 8800GTS 320 superclocked is way slower in most games " after changing drivers" and in 3Dmark it only got about 900 more points. is it bad or is my MOBO and Processor wayyyy bottle necking it. ant it also runs at 63 core IDLE ????????? is that normal.
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    a cheap gaming MB

    So i was thinking of changing my MSI 945 MOBO since it doesn't support core 2 suo or atleast that is what the manual says " it says it supports FSB 1066 " but nothing about core2duo so anyways i am getting my self a 8800GTS SC and i was wondering which is better an XFX 650 MOBO...
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    the 2 options

    Hi , i am a budget gamer , keep that in mind while you read this. i have a 7900GS card. a 3.0 MGH 1mb cahe processor. " bottle necks every thing" a 945GM2 MSI mother board. 2 GB of super talant 667 DDR2 rams. i have 2 routes i can take. no.1 i can buy a 8800GTS 320 Super clocked...
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    help needed .

    Pros only. my 7900GS 3dmark 2005 is 6633. i have 2GB super talant rams 667 with 4-4-4-12 timing. and a 531+ prescott 3.0 MHZ 1 mB cache 775 LGA processor. fsb 800 and the 7900GS was over clocked to 550 core 750 memory. what is holding the card back and giving me that shitty...
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    is it dangerous??

    I have over clocked my super talant 667 5-5-5-13 rams. to 4-4-4-12 , is that conna affect its life time. is that a lot of over clocking or is it just a mild one.
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    hotttttttt 7900 GS for 110$ i think that is a very very nice price.
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    evga 7900gs is a bit slow

    i don't know i read all the Evga 7900GS reviews and every one says i can play ........ maxed and i can't and my screen max res is only 1280*1024. and i have 2 GB of super talant rams and an MSI 945 GM2 MB and a 531+ prescott 3.0 1 mb cache prosseor. what is wrong ?
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    Post your temps.

    I am really worried about my temps so i am posting them processor 44-51. " prescott 531+" HDD 44-50 " which i am really worried about " 250GB sata WD" GPU 42-48 " Evga 7900 GS 550 core 700 ram" post yours:cool:
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    the good card point.

    I know we all like the 8800 GTX and ultra weather we can affort it or not, and Nvidia new tech in the 8600GTS and all the new gaming world stuff. my Question is a bloke like me have a 17" CRT which Res. limits is up to 1280*1024. and i have a 7900GS why do i need more ? i mean after i...
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    How do i overclock my rams ?

    I bought the 1*2 GB super talant rams and they run at 667 speed. and that is the max my MOBO can handle i think " MSI 945GM2" can i over clock them ? or modify thier timing ?
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    Pepsi in my card.

    My cat dropped a can of pepsi over the case . and the case is vented from the top. anyways , some of it dropped over the Vga card and the PSU and the MB. i got a clean tissue and sucjed it all and then cleaned the remains with wet tissues. after that my card turned from 42 idle...
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    do i change my processor ?

    I have a 7900GS and 2*1 GB super talat rams at 667. and a 945 MSI MB with a 250 GB sata Western HDD. and a 500 Watt Psu. the question is i have a 3.0 MHZ HT 1 MB cache with fsb 800 processor. and my Mobo supports dual core , so is it worth moving to a 3.2 4 MB cahce dual core processor ?
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    Best drivers for 7900gs

    Well the title pretty much explains it. i need very good drivers for my 7900GS.
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    Bottle neck too.

    i have a 3.0 ghz HT processor along with an MSI 945 GM2 MB." up to 4GB of rams." with SUPER TALENT 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 DDR2 667 and a 320 dual rail 24 Amp at 12V. psu. and i am gonna get me a 7900gs will it be bottlenecked ?
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    Sun monitor errors ?

    I bought a used 19" sun microsystems monitor, it was fantastic. but latly it flikers every now and then " like it is turned off for like a second and a warning light which is on the monitor it self flikers" and then every thing gets back to normal. what should i do i can't find any...
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    Help with DDR2 kind decide.

    i know the title looks wierd, but i have an MSI 945GM2 mobo. at it says it supports up to 667 ram speed , so what is the best ram kit (2*1GB) rams i can get for around 100-110$ and will it take 5400 or just 5300 ? rams " no idea what the difference is i found that on new egg. please...