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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets Again!!!

    At the moment, Yamaha YH-3 from the 70's (I think).
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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets!!!

    There's a lot of RFI/EMI noise in my case so internal/onboard sound cards gets raped and makes too much buzzing noises. An external sound card/headset would rid my problems.
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    Question about Tritton amp

    I believe you get all the necessary cables in the box. You can also order the cables needed directly from tritton's website.
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    Sega Saturn style controller for your PC and VIP access to PlaySEGA for 3 months $20!

    I wouldn't be surprised if these controllers are the same ones they currently sell on ebay. If they are, then they are perfect reproductions of the original saturn pad.
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    Recommendations for budget receiver + remote and speaker setup?

    I've been watching the 254 auctions for a good 2 months so far because I was interested in getting one. Last month when harman was offering the receiver for 280 buy it now or make an offer, you were able to get the receiver for $220 shipped. They sold a few dozen at that price. They don't do...
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    RadioShack 40pk AA bat. $10.00

    Are the Fry's ones rebranded Energizers too?
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    Should I pick up a pair of Bose Around-Ear headphones? Convince me otherwise?

    I personally like the Audio Technica ES-7 as a better alternative to the Bose OE. Better fun sounding headphone than the Bose and a much better build quality too. They're also freakin gorgeous.
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    Need some good cheap 2.5MM headphones, anyone know of some?

    Just did some testing with my samsung a900. It appears that the 1st pole on the jack ( the tip) is the mic out. 2nd and 3rd are left and right, and the 4th is ground. If the phone is a 3 pole jack then it'll be mic, Right, then Ground. Whatever it may be, it appears you won't be able to get...
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    Need some good cheap 2.5MM headphones, anyone know of some?

    What brand of phone do you have? Some brands like nokia go against the standard and put the left, right, and mic on different positions on the jack, that essentially makes your left or right earphone into a mic input. Also if the jack is recessed too far into the phone then some adapters just...
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    GUNNAR Optiks Digital Performance Eyewear @ [H]

    Wow, first time coming into gen hardware looking for usb hubs and stumbled on this sticky. I don't really have the extra spending funds for Rx versions of these so I'd like to know how I would be able to order something that has similar functions to the gunnars from a site like zennioptical...
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    keyboard input creates a clicking sound when speakers are at very high volumes

    In that case, yup, it even happened with the optical. As far as the audigy2 goes, I only use that when I'm using speakers and I don't notice the pops. I have to use an external when I use headphones since my headphones pick up the sound much easier. I bought an external as a last resort and...
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    keyboard input creates a clicking sound when speakers are at very high volumes

    I have an Audigy2 and it picks up my wireless mouse wheel like crazy. As far as the anti-static bag, never tried, just heard that it could help. Another computer of mine that I was running spdif out from the onboard was even worse. It was so bad that it would make static noises not just on...
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    keyboard input creates a clicking sound when speakers are at very high volumes

    Those pops you hear are from electrical interference that your sound card picks up. This happenes mostly with onboard sound cards and even pci sound cards are sensitive to the electrical noises too. You can either try shielding some cables inside your case, buy a higher quality sound card, or...
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    Monster Beats by Dre.

    I went to best buy once and they had the dr.dre kiosk. The kiosk has an extra input jack so you could plug in your own headphones so you could A/B test it against the dre's. If I've ever learned anything from a monster kiosk it's to never trust it, period. Probably has the jack connected with...
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    Microcenter: Windows 7 Upgrade Home Premium $39.99 / Professional $89.99 - Ends 6/28

    If only microcenter wasn't exactly $10 ($13 now) worth of gas to drive there and back I would have gotten it from them. I decided to pick it up from amazon with the whole free shipping and no tax.
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    Logitech Illuminated Keyboard - $40 AR FS @ Newegg

    Can anyone tell me how their 0 key on the number pad is? I want to know if it's just me that's having the problem or not. If it's a defect on my keyboard then I'll go bother logitech about it.
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    Logitech Illuminated Keyboard - $40 AR FS @ Newegg

    I got this keyboard back when amazon had it in their big gold box deal thing. Great keyboard except for the damn 0 key on the numpad. If I press the key on the very left or very right edge then the key press won't register and if i hit it about 1/3 of the way in from the left then it'll register...
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    Easy audio output switch?

    Just use STADS. The apps being used (ie, firefox, chrome) will have to be restarted for the audio to switch to the other device if they were already active during the sound card switch.
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    Subwoofer cable on the cheap?

    So I'm going to buy a sub in the near future, I just want to see what cable I can use to shave off a few bucks.
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    Good Budget Subwoofer?

    Just checked out ebay and deepdiscount auctions the AA subs too with free shipping. Ending prices are about $102-$145 depending on the color. They take best offer prices of $140, might be able to go even lower too...
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    Quick Polk Monitor 40 Question

    The 2 sets of posts are for Bi-wiring, one for the tweeter and the other is for the woofer. You don't have to do this so they included a gold shorting plate as seen in the picture. So if you want to bi-wire then you'll have to take the shorting plate off.
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    Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard $49.99 shipped @ Amazon Gold Box Deal

    Been wanting this keyboard since it was released but in no way was going to pay $80 for it. This is going to be replacing the $25 Eclipse II from woot. Never really used the light in it because I never really liked the red, blue, or violet backlights.
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    Western Digital 1TB WD10EADS - $90 FS Newegg

    Is this the same drive?
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    Total $ invested in audio.

    From Jan '08 - Jan '09 jvc harx 900 - $58 beyer dt770 pro80 - $95 / sold for $80 akg k240 studio - $10 fostex t20v1 - $9 sennheiser hd202 - $8 koss ksc75 x5 - $6 shure se210 - $65 jvc hafx 300 - $35 / sold for $30 jvc mallows x2 $5 asus xonar u1 - $29 sonic impact t-amp v2 - $35...
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    Going to try and explain the best I can..

    So if the problem occurs when you plug speakers into your ipod and computer then the problem is likely with your speakers. If you can still return them and get another set then go with that. If the 30 days are up to return it from where you bought it, then try to see if you can get an RMA...
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    Going to try and explain the best I can..

    Try plugging in another source like an mp3 or cd player and see if you still have the same problems. That way you can find out what the source of the problem is.
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    orthodynamic headphones are a cheap alternative to STAX.

    From what I've read about the new T50's is that they sound different/worse than the originals that were made in the late 70's and early 80's. The original T50's weren't sold to the public, so they weren't mass produced either. You'd be very lucky to find a pair but they won't come cheap. I...
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    orthodynamic headphones are a cheap alternative to STAX.

    I found a set of Fostex T20v1 orthos at a flea market for $9 in pristine condition about a week ago. I bought it on a whim without actually knowing what they were because they have almost no markings. I found out what I got myself into after about an hour on google. In the end, I'm actually...
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    Lost Odyssey = Hard & Boring Odyssey?

    Ghost house was the area where I stopped too. I personally like to grind but there's no reason to grind in this game. I didn't like the idea of not having numerical exp. Grinding in this game became too much of a chore because the enemy ai didn't feel varied at all. As far as I remember, I never...
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    Socket A Boards - still in service?

    A7N8X-VM w/ barton 2600+ as my main (7 years and still going strong) and an x2 3800+ as a backup... something is wrong right there... It'll be sad when I finally upgrade to a quad phenom in 2 weeks to replace my barton. It was a good ride but the barton just can't keep up with high def content...
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    D-link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Wireless Gaming Router for $116.80 shipped ($100 off)

    Sigh... I was going to order this as soon as I got home :( I really wanted something that could take either tomato or dd-wrt that has gigabit ports. Guess I'll just get a 655 at Frys since it's only 79.99 over there.
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    HOT: Today Papa John's $4 Large 1 topping Carryout Only

    Tried looking for a papa murphies nearby but couldn't find any within a reasonable distance. This did get me in the mood for pizza tonight so I'll be picking up an XL pastrami pizza locally for me and a few friends.
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    12/24 only at Fry's B&M: Patriot 4GB (2x2GB) 800 MHz Memory $35 w/ no rebate

    Oops, haha. I was coming off a 3hr session of cod4 when I posted that. Tired and blurry vision :) I was thinking about picking up the ram and holding onto to it for a week or two till I could get a cpu and motherboard that supports ddr2 and get out of the s939 era. In reality though, I...
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    12/24 only at Fry's B&M: Patriot 4GB (2x2GB) 800 MHz Memory $35 w/ no rebate

    Here's the frys link for anyone that just wants to order it online;jsessionid=l-IG7TuSuzhIA+iAlF4acg**.node3?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG
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    Best Canals for Around $100

    They'll send you SE110's since thats the E2c's replacement.
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    15% off order (Max $50 savings) at using Paypal as payment Starts 12/15

    Niiiiice. Got myself a wd6400aals Live Cashback + 15% + tax = $76.06 shipped :)
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    Thinking about getting the Astro A40s or two other Sennheisers

    Buy the mixamp separately and pair it with another pair of headphones.
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    An external sound card solution

    (drowsy sleep typing ahead) I've been using the asus u1 for a few months now and I love it. I use it purely for headphones and it does a good job with that, it even powered my dt770 pro80's pretty well. Right now I have it set up as u1>cmoy>rx900. Cmoy is for the added soundstage instead of...
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    JVC harx700 - a poor mans ath-a900!!

    Did try the rx900's w/o the "acoustic lens"?