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    Rotate soundstage?

    I have a large flat tv mounted in the center of one wall and due to the layout my computer is place in the center of the wall opposite from it. The receiver is located next to the tv and the room is wired for 6.1 with the speakers mounted at an angle towards the center of the room. I had...
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    One thing that I occasionally wonder about but have never really taken the time to ask/figure out, until now, concerns network data usage. Say you were using Netflix on an iPhone and you airplay that to an AppleTV connected display. Does the network then have double the traffic because it is...
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    i have used an osx laptop of some form or another for 5+ yrs. I recently purchased an ipad thinking that it would make browsing more pleasurable since I wouldnt have a warm mbp sitting in my lap all the time. I figured I could use my existing computer in a limited role as a server and to handle...
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    I cannot tet this out myself atm so I am asking someone here to try it. in a situation where you were without good wifi (ie traveling in a hotel) yet you have an appletv and an iphone / ipad. You want to use airplay to watch the iPhone/ipad content on your tv but you need to be on the same wifi...
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    Guild Wars 2

    I didn't see any threads discussing it so I am going to start one. Anyone else play in the Beta events so far? I dabbled in the first and Played a lot in the second and I am really starting to like this game. I didn't give the first guild wars a second look but my guild mates in swtor hyped this...
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    Gaming on the cheap

    Im interested in budgeting a computer specifically for games. I have my MBP to do everything else. I happen to have a c2d e6500 laying around and I am considering trying to Utilize it, if it would save me a good amount of money. Since most games are more dependent on the video, I figured I would...
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    apple tv

    There are leaked linux drivers of the broadcom mini pci-e crystalhd hd decoder card. A few have compiled the drivers aswell as a version of XBMC to utilize the decoder in an apple tv, replacing the wireless card that is already installed in the mini pci-e slot. Apparently the decoder card...
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    I have a macbook pro that I use to wireless connect to the internet in my house. I recently upgraded routers from a wrt54g with dd-wrt to dlink-855. this is the dual band router so i can have 2 seperate networks running on alternate frequencies. Ive set it all up but I have noticed now that...
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    Outage issues

    I am using charter communications here in upstate SC. 16 mbps down and I dont recall how much up. I have a router with the dd-wrt firmware on it which has the ability to monitor bandwidth. as far as I know Charter isnt throttling my torrents, I regularly max out my speeds. One problem though is...
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    about to pull the plug

    I know the general consensus is to build your own but i really feel that id be better of with a shuttle sp45h7 with a e8500 and a gtx260. I really cant find a micro atx case with the smal lsize and elegance I can get with a shuttle. I have always been a fan of the G5 series cases and the h7 just...
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    Shuttle SP45H7 biuld

    this is mainy going t be a compter for ordinary tasks with world of warcraft thrown in. I might dabble a bit with crysis or other such things though. I chose the e8400 over a quad or i7 because it...
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    Sff Build

    I am trying to build a computer that is slightly portable so I can easily take it with me when i go on trips. I have my mind set on Intel but beyond that i do not know whether to go with a 45nm dual core or go with a 65nm quad for the same price. Clock speed is largely irrevalent because I can...
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    I have a wrt54g with dd-wrt firmware installed. every now and then the internet coming through it tottaly stops and I cannot do anything to restore it. During this time it does not acwuire an adress from Dhcp of my ISP . The lights on the modem indicate everything should be working. I am also...
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    osx file sharing

    I have a Mac mini and a Macbook pro and i cant et transfer speeds faster than`~750 kb/s when I should be getting alot faster. I am using a wireless g connection from the router to my macbook pro so im not expecting 100 mbs but id be happy with 50. I should be getting 5 and a half times faster...
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    maya problem

    I am using a macbook pro and a logitech g7 . In osx the trck camera hotkey ( alt/option + middle mouse button) does not work properly and instead zooms in/out when i try to push the wheel down. is there some way I can edit the hotkeys so i can use a different button to pan the camer. Also, while...
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    bittorrent router

    I was thinking alot about the bittorrent router from ASUS. I use bit torrent very heavily and I am lucky enough to have an ISP that does not harass or hinder me. I no longer have a full desktop computer and instead I rely on a macbook pro. the "seedbox"-like features of the asus router are very...
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    I wish to pursue a career is business information systems security. I dont really know where to start though. What can I do to practice without getting in trouble?
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    are apple refurbished products a good way to go? Or is it better to just buy new. for example a macbook pro 2.2ghz refurbishedd is 1699 whereas new is 1999. Do they hold up well ? I was thinking about waiting until the day after apple updates said product and then purchasing a refurb, good...
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    The xbox 360 graphics chip is suppossed to be better than the Ps3. Why then does the Ps3 have Spectacular looking games like uncharted? Shouldnt the 360 be capable of more?
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    Wireless tunneling

    The way i planto setup my computer requires a wrather long unsightltly hdmi cable running to my hdtv. I have an xbox 360 and a wirless adapter for it. Is it possible to tunnel the hdmi signal through my 802.11g to my 360 so it displays on the television? Id like to be able to "stream" whatever...
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    PS3 XBOX360 dilemma

    I am buying an vbr2 sxrd tv and I want a high-def console to go with it. the xbox cannot output any signal at 1080p that the tv can accept. I know that alot of games arent 1080p but i view the 360 as a media center aswell ( i will stream movies from my pc/ get the hd dvd/ upconvert sd dvd). I...
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    Simple lcd controllers

    I have the 5 inch lcd scfreen for the ps1/2. I have dissasembled it because i intend to enable rgb video mode. the only bad thing is that the controller board is a little large and oddly shaped. where can i find a simple controller that would let me drive the lcd from a pci card or something?
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    merging .avi and converting to dvd

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    I am using my sony kds-r60xbr2 tv as a monitor. there is overscan but if i use the overscan correction of modern videocards i lose perfect 1:1 pixel mapping. Can i make the start button appear slightly more towards the center and make the maximized windows stop a few percent away from the...
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    pda screen

    a pda of mine was damage beyond repair. I was able to salvage the screen which is real nice ( dell axim x3) it has little mylar ribbon cables. Can you pointt me in the direction i need to go to learn how to drive this lcd so i can mod it into my computer case?
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    The whole Digital cable recording issue

    What about taking the video signal from the interface that outputs to the tv?
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    I was having trouble a few days ago getting into the game. I decided to make a pure warrior for the hell of it yesterday. I usually Clear the vilverin ayleid ruin right after i exit the swers. I was used to a 20-40 hit fight on my breton/atranoch character but i chose a redgaurd and the warrior...
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    oblivion trouble

    I bought Oblivion and I cant seem to get into it. I make a character and end up getting bored in the first 5 lvls of developement. I dont understand the combat system and i do not like the way you have to buy spells instead of just being awarded them as you lvl. the lvl system is also not very...
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    Using my main pc

    until biuld a stamdalone i want to use my current computer to simply record and play tv and movies. i have digital cable, how would i be able to capture it?
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    no back bbutton

    I have a logitech mx1000 and the "back" thumb button is not functioning at all. i had a refular wireless one before but i got a bluetooth one with a new keyboard and now i cant use the thumb button like i was used to. the other mouse is plugged in aswell and the thumb button does not function...
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    merging .avi and converting to dvd

    I have a dozen and a half xvid .avi files. i want to put them on one dvd so that i can watch them on my dvd player. I tried converting them but i cant convert them together. I tried to merge them using virtualdub but the resolution on some of them are 608*336 and some are 624*352. Is there a way...
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    Opteron 170

    i have an ulltra-d and an opteron 170. i booted it straight to 2500 mhz and it is currently priming. then i wanted to pile on stuff to see if i could make it fail( Im bored) so i ran super pi 32m and bf2 in addition to the prime. It did not fail... this is with the stock cooler and stock...
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    Ati tool

    . My ati tool looks like this. It is different then i recall seeing in other screenshots. the reading are a bit odd aswell. when i try to change anything it tells me that the bideo car dis not enabled to display in windows. I tried my best to follow the direction but I am pretty sure that my...
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    Need a quixk answer

    i have 520 available to spend this morning and i was looking at the x1900xt. Last night i recently saw a 250gb sata2 16mb cache Hdd. I currently just use a 74gb raptor hdd. I dont really need the space because i havent been able to use even half of the harddrive i have, I guess i just dont hold...
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    Not RAIDing?

    I have 2 36 gb raptor hard drives that were freshly Rmaed so they are the new revision. I am constructing a new computer and i would like to allocate money elsewhere from the storage. ( I have had an old 80gb Ide drive for years and never filled it) Ive heard that raid 0 shows no real advantages...
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    I was at newegg today browsing and I saw that a saphire x1800xt *512 mb* is only 300 dollars! thats a hell of a value if you ask me. I remember seeing the same card at 350 a week ago and talking about using that ati promotion code to get 50 dollars of but now you can just buy it normally. This...
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    opteron cooling

    I just received an opteron 170 ccbwe 0530tpmw = ) I would like to know of the most aestheticly and audibly pleasing way to cool it so that i can get a sustained 3ghz out of it. an added bonus is if i could cool a graphics aswell but it isnt required. Ive looked at phase change and chilling etc...
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    coolermaster atc-110

    I know where they have a stock of several new for $150. this is great news because these cases were discontinued. for those of you that dont know the atc-110 is regarded as the best case ever made. i would have to agre eas i just love the look
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    girlfriends computer

    My girlfriend was having computer problem when she added a new videocard (gforce fx 5700 le) {meh it was a gift } anyway it seemed to go away when she bought a new powersupply, It worked for a short period of time with the new powersupply.. then all of the sudden it started to spaz out. it will...
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    Artifacts when cold?

    I just bought a 6800 gt. I hooked it into my koolance and it keeps the card at 40 idle and 47 load.however when i play Bfv for a long time my card shows artifacts. i cannot figure out why as i have not overclocked it and the driver utility reads only 47c .i then noticed that the temperature...