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    First Laptop - help?

    My parents and grandparents graciously offered me a laptop as a grad present, and I have $600 to work with here. (I can use more, but it;s OOP) What am I looking for? Uses: Firefox. MS Word. AIM. WMP. uTorrent. That's all I'd use it for. I still have a desktop for when I move...
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    Plexi Questions...

    Okay, so for a mod I'm working on, I plan to use painted plexi and to etch my school logo into it. This will be on the bottom of my case, and I was thinking of etching the logo into the black paint, so it will have a haze on it when I have it backlit. But I was wondering, should I etch the...
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    Building a PC For a Friend...

    Hey guys, I'm building a PC for a bud of mine, and I want to make sure everything looks alright. He games, but nothing too hardcore. Not loo0king to go over a grand including shipping. CPU: Intel e4500 Motherboard: Slightly undecided. Gigabyte P31 sufficient? RAM: 2GB Value-DDR2...
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    No Images In Browsers?

    Whelp, I'm attempting to fix my grandfather's PC at the moment, and I'm at a loss. The internet won't load images. IE6 or Firefox, every page has a white background and any other images are white as well. If I navigate to the URL of an image, it will load, but not on a page. By no means am I a...
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    [Warm?] Guitar Hero:III $42.90 (XboX 360)

    GoGamer GH3 - $42.90 Not a bad price at all if you already have a guitar.
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    *Warm?* DFI P965-S - $110

    I saw this when looking for a new proc... I don't know if that's hot or not, but it's around $25 cheaper than I have seen it yet. :D
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    First Intel...e4300

    I bought my first Intel CPU the other day, I bought an e4300 retail from the Egg. This happens to be the first Intel processor I've ever used, and is also going to be the first one that I'll get to fudge around overclocking. Right now it's going to be paired with a Biostar Tforce965PT board...
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    8600 or 7950?

    Well, I've been out of the hardware loop for quite some time, and I am going to be picking up a new graphics card. As of right now, the main components of my PC are: X2 3600+ Brisbane at 2.6Ghz 2GB Low-Latency DDR2-800 Seasonic M12 SS-500HM 17" LCD (1280x1024) 7800GT However, I'd like...
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    About to Pull Trigger - Anything Better for the Price?

    Stepping up from onboard sound and a pair of Sony walkman headphones! I need something new because I currently game on speakers, and speakers + parents room at 1 AM is a no-go! So, what do you guys think about this combo? Anything I can get that's nicer for around $120?
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    Arcadey-type Flight Sim?

    Well, I've thrown my cars at LOMAC, and I wasn't a huge fan of it. So, I need some help here. Does anybody know of a good flight game for the PC? I don't want to bother with a real sim, so I'm looking for something kind of .... arcadish .... for now. I saw a trailer for "Over G Fighters" on...
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    FX5200. Problem. Help.

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    Stuck Pixel(s), Went Away with...Speakers?

    Well, on my 17" Acer, I had a stuck pixel about 1" off center, and it was stuck in a really annoying blue color. I figured I could live with one. Well, it brought some pals that come and go with time, and those are really annoying. I couldn't get rid of them all to save my life. But, just...
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    [WARM] 3800+ X2's for $130 Shipped!

    I know they aren't as good as the Conroes, but damn are these nice prices for the AM2 chips. 65W Windsor 89W Windsor Woot! Nice for someone looking to get into cheap dual cores.
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    [WARM] 1800+ X2's for $130 Shipped!

    I know they aren't as good as the Conroes, but damn are these nice prices. 65W Windsor 89W Windsor Woot! Nice for someone looking to get into cheap dual cores.
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    Which 3800+ X2?

    Okay, well I was looking forward to grabbing an e6300 and a new board, but thats not in my budget right now. So, I'm just gonna grab a 3800+ X2 in the AM2 flavor. But, I'm a tad confused. The egg has a 65W version and a version that isn't 65W, I'm going to guess 89W? Well, which one of the...
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    I think I may....hit up the Dark side?

    Yup, I just may. I'm not 100% on this though. It's like parting with a long lost puppy. So, for Christmas, I decided that instead of a new monitor, I'll go for a new processor. Well, I'm a bit up in the air. On one hand, I can go for a Brisbane (4000+ most likely) and keep my MSI K9N. On...
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    New Monitor, your thoughts?

    Well, for Christmas I'm gonig to be picking up a new monitor. I don't want to break the $300 price tag, but if I must, I guess it's do-able. Well, after lurking for awhile, it seems as if I should opt for a 20.1" widescreen monitor :D. I will be coming off of a 17" CRT from HP, that's a good...
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    Is Ther a Way To Remove Bandwidth Cap In FireFox?

    Just kinda wondering. Right now, I can't get more thank 150kb/s through FireFox, no matter what I have going. I mean, with one file downloading I can get a full 150, but when I throw a second into the mix, they shift so that I get 50kb/s on one, and 100kb/s on another. And if I throw in a...
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    Man, is there a guide somewhere...

    That can explain to me what the hell all these things are in my settings? I just got a 7800GT, and after going through some of the settings in the CP, I have to admit I'm lost. So, is there a guide, or maybe a list of all of these settings and what they do? I'd appreciate any and all help.
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    Experience with Newegg Open Boxes...

    Well, after killing my MSI (for reasons ot be shared with no one, lol) I saw the K9N for $50 shipped open box at the Egg. I am highly considering one, but let me hear your guys' experiences buying open box! Good and bad!
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    New PC, List Some Good Games!

    My computer should be here Wednesday, specs in sig. Anyway, I need some games to play! I really haven't...ever...played games on the PC, besides NFS and BF2. I think that this current rig will be able to handle more than those two. So.... Give me some suggestions on games to get. Single or...
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    Can my Poor Little Antec Handle This?

    Antec TruePower 430: 12v: 26 5v: 36 3.3v: 28 Do you guys think that my PSU can handle the following PC? Well, at least until I can afford another one in a few weeks? eVGA 7800GT 3200+ Orleans 2x512MB PC6400 80GB HDD DVD Burner[
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    Buying New Monitor, your Thoughts... or I have no clue here, help guys please! I intend to game on it, if that helps.
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    A Question About NV5 Silencers....

    Well, I Picked up an eVGA 7800GT, but for $15 more, I have the option of adding the attached NV5 Silencer. I'm wondering, is this worth it? Will it greatly reduce my temps? Any info is appreciated.
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    Help with File Sharing

    Help! I can't get file sharing to work properly. Both computers on XP Pro. I can't see he files fro mthe other PC, and it can't see mine! This is my first time trying this, and I am ready to give you any information you need. Thanks!
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    Looking for a chart, or image.....

    ...that can show you the differences in size between monitors. Like, that can illustrate the differences in screen size, and viewable area between monitors... I've seen them before, but I'm shootin blanks ATM...
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    Oh no, a noobie! (Please help)

    Okay, in a few hours my second PC will arrive that I just bought for the rest of my family so they can have their own. Well, I also intend to buy a Dynex router, until I can go wireless. If I can afford a D-link, I will get it... Anyway, how hard is it to set-up a basic wired network...
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    Awesome BF2 Mod...

    For all you plane and chopper guys :). Want a place to practice with other pilots, with no fear of your K : D ratio sucking, and ruining your score? Then download the Wake Airshow Mod!. This is an exciting map, featuring many carriers and many planes. Each carrier is home to four...
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    What is happening with my modem?

    I'm not going to call that it's a hacker or anything because I'm positive it isn't.... But just recently, my modem's been flipping out. Resetting, dropping connection, hell, it'll even drop my connection, go back up and die flat out again. Does anyone have any idea what's up? It's a...
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    Headphone Help on the Cheap!

    This and this... or One of these... Not looking for studio quality sound, just decent sound. Take your pick, if you have more suggestions, PLEASE attempt to keep them around that range...
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    BF2 Question, Help Please!

    Reason I ask is that I REALLY need to learn how to fly those two choppers, as Ghost Town is my poison of choice. But, when I do single player, no choppers there. When I create a local server, no choppers there. Multiplayer empty server, no choppers there. Is there a mod or something that...
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    A Morrowind Question!

    No Oblivion for me, but I do have Morrowind! Anyway, I'm working my way through the fighters guild, fun fun. But I've noticed some things, and have a few questions. 1) Can I buy a house? I REALLY need somewhere to store these items! I had to whack some bitc# on a quest, so can I use her...
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    FireFox dropping my settings!

    I just rebooted, and this happened to FireFox: Lost ALL of my bookmarks (Holy shit there were alot of them). Lost the Google search bar. Does anyone know whats up or how I can fix it?
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    BF2 information!

    What are your favorite servers to play on in BF2? Also, what are your favorite maps, kits, vehicles? UserName: BlackKoala Server: =RvE= Barracks #1 | #2 | #3 (Yes we have three servers.) Map: Ghost Town Kit: Engineer Vehicle: LAV-25
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    So I got Vista from that beta thingy floating around....

    And it is sitting on my desktop right now. One problem though... It is a WinRAR link. I click it and the only file that appears to be there is a 'README.TXT' file. I'm about due for a reformat, and wanna throw a shot in the direction of Vista, but I can't due to having a 2.58GB file and the...
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    So one has $1,500 to build a computer...

    For a buddy of mine. Needs everything. Monitor, case, the whole nine yards. Please bare with me, this is the first $500+ PC I've touched, so any and all help is needed! Please help guys!
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    Do people really need 60+ FPS?

    To game? I've picked up BF2 on my Geforce 6150, and, well, yeah. I've never seen the light of 40FPS. But, one thing I did notice... I can game perfectly fine at around 25FPS. Sure, I get dips into the single digits (smoke), but thats the only time i feels weird. So, I guess my question...
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    Getting started in prgramming....

    Okay, a buddy of mine needed to sell some hosting, so I paid for a few months of it. Well, I figured I can actually use this, but a few things must be learned first. I mainly want to use this to host images and e-mails. I figure I can also try to get a page thingy or something, so when I go...
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    Fixing MX510?

    Okay, I bought an MX510 from a member here, but theres a very annoying problem. About 75% of the time, the left click button is messed up. It will not fucntion. I will have to hold it down for a few seconds or I will have to click the same thing 7 or 8 times. Has this happened to anyone...
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    So, EVGA = No go...?

    ...If I am going to eVGA for stepup? Okay, here the 24th I am going to order a 7600GT. I was planning on EVGA, only because of their step-up program. Within three months, I'm sure I could get the cash for a 7900GT/X. But, here's the thing. I've been hearing bad things about eVGA and their...