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    Today Only Monoprice: 6ft 30AWG High Speed HDMI® Cable - Black

    Fantastic price for some super cheap HDMI cables. Purchased several from the over the years and have yet to have any issues. Just bought 5 more so I have a nice stock. Today Only Monoprice: 6ft 30AWG High Speed HDMI® Cable - Black...
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    AM4 Socket Dimensions Help Needed

    Hey AMD MoBos! We over in the SFF section need help from an AM4 motherboard owner to measure the distance between the IHS surface on Ryzen CPU to the motherboard PCB. Link to OP: LP/SFF Cooler mounting adaptors for AM4 For the LGA 115x socket the "Integrated Stackup Height" (mm) From Top of...
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    Advise on a Cheap NAS Build

    Hello all, I'm trying to build a home NAS, mainly for backing up pictures as well as making occasional back-ups/restore points between windows and mac devices and am unsure what parts I should get and what software is the best to run the NAS. I will be using two 2TB 2.5" drives or two 4TB 3.5"...
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    Looking for advice on a build

    Hello all! I'm J and looking to the SFF community for some help/advice on a future SFF build I will be doing in May with SaperPL and ZombiPL's Sentry case. My GTX 560 finally died on my current PC leading to a SFF build i've been wanting to do for quite some time as a lurker here! 1. What...