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    SimCity V (2013) - screens/artwork and information

    Your joking right? SimCity is NOT played on some other server running it. It has Always-On DRM meaning you cant play offline. I can guarantee you it is running on your actual PC not something in the cloud. That is also the reason people are so pissed, they have the files, they have the hardware...
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    Megaupload Shutdown Boosted Digital Movie Revenues

    Eh... Some crucial info is missing, like funded by and they refer to digital but some could be from physical sales moving to digital etc. Also 2 studios seems to be a bit of a small sample size if you ask me.
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    Razer Mouse Requires Always-On Internet Connection?

    In case this was missed, if/when they stop the legacy drivers you will have to use the always on ones that (may) spy on you.
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    Apple Files Anti-Theft Patent

    Hahahah that's a good one. I cant imagine how they would detect this so called "theft-like movement". Now with that iTicket, what if you forgot to turn your phone off on a plane? Or a subway? Since Maps has no clue where you are....
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    Kansas City Residents Slow to Sign Up for Google Fiber

    You don't need the $300 upfront, its either $300 upfront OR $25 a month for 1 year. Its true that Troost is the dividing line and your right, they have rims and this and that but, the ones that truly are struggling to pay their bills don't care about the internet at home due to a likely...
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    Roflmao, PSUs are nothing, that PSU that zapped you must have had issues, since as said that's a heatsink. I don't even know how many CRTs and PSUs I have opened and fooled with. One psu needed a fan, it later blew its cheap as heck caps in it so then I replaced the caps in it. Matter of fact, I...
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    Tested: Google Search Gets B+, Siri Gets a D

    Errr........ IDK who is smoking what but android has had voice actions for awhile so why didn't they compare the two? Only difference is android doesn't talk back. In response to previous reply, they seemed to have chosen not to compare the two which would be about as close to apples to apples...
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    RIAA: Google Doesn't Do Enough To Fight Piracy

    Too true, gee I wonder why Google LIMITS the number of requests? Maybe because that means SOMEONE (or multiple people) has to review them and/or the process is not fully automated and Google doesn't want to spend millions policing links that SHOULDNT be their problem, if its a problem take it up...
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    Watercooled desk

    I need wood... and tools..... lots and lots of tools.... :D I've wanted to make my own desk for quite awhile now, just need to be able to..... I need to learn sketchup though then maybe I can get something started. Anyways OT, looks decent so far, any reason the rad is so far away? (or at least...
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850rpm fans - $14.81ea + $6 flat rate shipping

    >.> I just spent the same on 6 deltas that are 25mm and have better pressure so I would love to hear how these are still better than the Delta FFB1212EH. I am gonna use a fan controller to slow em down and at the speed I will have em I should only need 3 and it should be around 2x an AP-15s...
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    Cant Enable SLI >.<

    IIRC, the only fix for my 275s was the SLI Patch worked great on my M4A79XTD EVO and my P8P67 PRO Try it and it should take care of the issues, you can find it here: SLI Patch
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    Why do you hate Apple? (intelligent discussion)

    ....... Why is your library so MASSIVE? I have just about all of the music I like in mine and its tiny, only a few thousand.
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    Why do you hate Apple? (intelligent discussion)

    Hmm, don't seem to have any "responsiveness" issues and I use it almost exclusively for music, WMP w/ Mega Codec Pack for ALL video. iTunes due to the iPod but less complicated than having multiple players for crap.
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    Asus P8P67 1x PCI-E slot won't work

    The bottom x16 slot is electrically x4 and x1 lane wise by default. In the UEFI if you enable it you can make it full x4 but you lose eSata, front panel USB 3.0 and something else that I cant recall so, IMHO not worth it.
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    Why do you hate Apple? (intelligent discussion)

    I had to use them in a graphics design class and it sucked because they were OLD. Most were Power Mac G4s, some were Power Mac G5s and only 1 row (1 row = ~10 PCs) was newer. They were Mac Pros, which were 2x Dual core Xeons (luckily I worked on one of these) but they were so horribly slow due...
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    Asus P8P67 1x PCI-E slot won't work

    Yes, both are at x8 with the audio card in the 3rd slot.
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    Is it ok to clip my PSU?

    Hahahaha I did this not long ago. Was great fun. Caps are nothing, dont be an idiot while working on it and you won't have a problem. I chopped my second set of molex off since I only need like 3 molex and each set had 4 and 1 set was long enough to reach everything. I took heatshrink to each...
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    Amazon Air Conditions Centers After Criticism

    And this is a big deal why? because amazon hired people who cant tell when to drink more water/gatorade etc? Most warehouses are not cooled for the reasons stated, too expensive for too little return. I mean come on, where do you think most of the air is going in a huge warehouse with bays...
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    I7 2600k 4.8 ghz 1.4v extremly bad temps

    Can't even do that now with what has been seen so far with SB chips. Some OC well some don't same batch or not. Just like some run hot and some don't.
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    I7 2600k 4.8 ghz 1.4v extremly bad temps

    Yep, the stock HAF X fans are good but don't bring in the cool air like they should, that's why I modded my side and front fan for 17v and that dropped temps several degrees. If you are not stressing it at 100% for long periods I wouldn't really worry about it. You can also add a 120mm to the...
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    I have successfully replaced the fan in my Corsair TX750

    I have just modded my psu fans, typically I just wire them to 12v in the PSU, so much easier.
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    I7 2600k 4.8 ghz 1.4v extremly bad temps

    That seems to be not too horrible but yes it seems slightly high. More than likely your CPU fans are not getting the cool air they need to properly do their job to the maximum. My vcore was slightly higher and my temps were lower on my megahalems (its not higher now and its under water but to...
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    2600k will not overclock ???

    It was turning off EIST that did it. The reason being a 2600k even OCed doesn't need to be at max all the time. Sitting idle here at 1600mhz and my cpu jumps to 4.8 when needed.
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    Craiglist deal of the day

    Whats sad is some people know they are way overpricing their hardware. I saw a i7 PC on CL for $3000, looked it up and it was worth half that brand new, so it wasn't even worth that used, its just crazy. I mean a P4 ~2+ ghz for $200?
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    Would you replace this PSU?

    Well, from the tests performed on it it couldn't produce 750w on the 12v rails when it was hot, so at load it could be getting warm and not supplying enough juice. Either way I would try another PSU and see how it goes, if it works then problem solved.
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    Where are the 9xx FX motherboards?!

    By quad SLI its probably a twisted joke in that you need to SLI two 590s.
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    Upgrade PSU for Crossfire Setup.

    Any modular Corsair, Antec, XFX or high quality PSU will do fine. I believe the Sparkle PSUs (Purple fans) are good as well (The 1200w unit JonnyGuru tested beat the Corsair 1200w unit) perhaps a bit expensive (dont recall exact prices) if they are modular that might be a good choice. It all...
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    Memory speed vs AMD memory controller

    The memory controller supposedly will only run at a max of 1333 (I believe, at least that's how I understand it from my reading on it) but ram can run faster. I am not entirely sure if that's true or if it will run at 1600 with the ram or what exactly.
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    Would you replace this PSU?

    Well it depends, if he is pulling high amps on the 12v line it could easily be the problem. The rails are rated at 14a but if components are not spread across the rails you could be causing it to overheat at load.
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    Decent, affordable SSD?

    I would recommend a Microcenter rebranded Adata, they are nice, not too expensive and are 64gb (for ~$100) I updated mine with Corsair Force firmware and it worked just fine, its a nice little drive.
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    Ditching for or adding a Bulldozer? Anyone?

    If it is a good/great folder I may pick one up for BigAdv folding, just have to find out how it is first.
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    I hear a noise coming from my case fans...

    It is most likely what Tsumi said, the fans probably don't like that voltage or perhaps being turned down at all.
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    Best processor for encoding?

    I would go Sandy Bridge, either 2600k or wait and see what happens with bulldozer and socket 2011. 2600k's are just EPIC. I have one running at 4.8Ghz (@66C) folding Bigadv and hitting nearly 50k PPD depending on WU, now if I could get my ram faster...
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    Why I am Dumping Firefox

    Firefox and Opera are both good in my opinion, my FF4 loads very fast with ~50 tabs and several extensions, ~15 or so, but that may be due to my SSD and the fact I have 12gb of ram. I like chrome but its not very customizable and I dont like how it does downloads.
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    I like XFX because they have pretty much the best warranty. That and their hardware is top notch.
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    Having major problems with ATI HD6850

    The 650 should be fine, provided it can put out nearly as much as its rated for. It could be your ram, are the values set correctly in the bios?
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    KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

    I would love an Antec KÜHLER. I would have to put it on my 2600k to keep it even cooler even easier. I like how it makes keeping the CPU cooler easier.
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    3 Enermax SpineRex Chassis Up for Grabs

    I like the idea of the modular HDD bays, I wish my HAF X had that.
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    How do I make my computer operate cooler?

    If you only have 1 fan you need two. The mega works much better in push/pull.
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    Full Cover GPU blocks or universal?

    Full, if you get a universal it only cools the GPU and the ram wont OC as much, as well as you need another cooler for the ram and it will need airflow. The full block has more area and more copper to transfer the heat, it all depends on the block and how its built as well.