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    10bpc/30bpp color on win10 + radeon

    Hi, I've been doing some testing with 10bpc color. Using an rx580 with latest drivers under win10, the monitor is operating in 10bpc mode, but the system is not. I can view a 10bit gradient (it bands the same as 8bpc) and look at the raw pixel values in the output device. 1023, 1019, 1015...
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    No-latency overclockable (up to 1080p@~270Hz) monitor controller board

    Hello fellow monitor overclockers! A couple of years ago, I created a 240Hz 1080p monitor. I never really got past getting a couple units out to a companies for development uses. Now that I'm done with school, I have had some time to clean up the design and make it suitable for production...
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    SZ68R5 Bios mods: Unlocking power limits

    Got a Shuttle SZ68R5 the other day and much to my dismay, it was power-limiting the processor down to about 3.7GHz after a few seconds. Some searching revealed that ohter users had encountred similar problems, and one had unhid some power-limit related bios options in an early (now...
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    high-speed video of a 240Hz 27" 1080p LCD

    I made this last weekend NOT frame skipping NOT motion interpolation also, definitely noticeably faster than 120Hz, was a fun experiment :D Suggest something cool to try with it.